Football player Alexander Zinchenko touched subscribers with cute family photos with his wife and little daughter

Ukrainian footballer and star of the English “Manchester City” Oleksandr Zinchenko showed his family who came to congratulate him on his victory in the match.

On Sunday, May 22, as part of the final 38th round of the championship of England (EPL), Manchester City hosted Aston Villa at home. And in a tense duel for the championship, the team in which the Ukrainian plays won.

All social networks spread around the video, as the Ukrainian defender Oleksandr Zinchenko was touched, celebrating the victory and wrapped his championship trophy in the flag of Ukraine .

On Instagram, the football player posted a family photo, which is depicted with his wife Vlada and their little daughter Eva.

“My life,” the football player briefly signed the photos.

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In the second picture, Zinchenko is depicted with baby Eva in her arms, and his wife Vlada is sitting on the other side of her husband and daughter, in the middle between them is the championship cup.

Fans reacted to the photo with touching comments:

“Truly touching. The Zinchenko family is proud of the Ukrainian people”, “How good it is, you are great. Congratulations on your victory! And soon our Ukraine will win and be free”, “AAAAAA how wonderful they are, Yevochka the Maniopka, in general,” they write followers in the comments.

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