Four-legged army: stories of dogs that serve and bring the victory of Ukraine closer

In the war that Russia unleashed, Ukraine is being defended and our victory is being brought closer not only by the military, doctors, volunteers, rescuers, in a word, people, but also by four-legged friends. The most popular, of course, Patron, but he is far from the only one. decided to acquaint its readers with dogs that are in the service of the army, police and rescuers.


A lot has already been written about Patron and everyone knows him. The dog has already managed to fall in love with Ukrainians and become a real brand and symbol of Ukrainian rescuers. Patron even has a state award – a medal for service from the President of Ukraine, and also an Instagram page where his photos constantly appear.

The dog Patron of the Jack Russell Terrier breed serves in the State Emergency Service together with his owner Mikhail Ilyev, the head of the pyrotechnic work and underwater demining group of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service in the Chernihiv region. However, Patron is not a service dog, but a personal one. For mine clearing dogs, there are requirements and certain standards for training. From the beginning of a full-scale war, the dog was constantly with the owner – 24/7 – so she began to search for mines even more actively.

Search and rescue dachshund named Chris

In addition to Patron, who works in the team of pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service of the Chernihiv region, many more dogs work in the State Emergency Service to help the fighters. So, in the State Emergency Service they talked about the famous and titled search and rescue dachshund named Chris . The specialization of the dog is the search for victims in a man-made blockage.

Together with their rescue dog handler Sergei Lukhin, in 2019 they entered the top 100 world rankings of the best dog handlers according to the International Rescue Dog Organization (IRO). This despite the fact that in 2018 Chris completed his service career and was honorably sent to a well-deserved rest.

Now he is 14 years old and he is a dog of war. Plans for a peaceful retirement life were destroyed by his damned neighbor Russia, whose rockets have been destroying Chris’ hometown of Kharkov since February 24. It is becoming more and more difficult for him to run after his favorite ball and he has to walk carefully, because old age takes its toll and it looks like our baby has already lost his hearing.

We dream that very soon Chris will run through the streets of peaceful Kharkiv and will also enjoy a festive treat in honor of our Victory, they say in the State Emergency Service about a sister dog.

Naida diving dog

As it turned out, in the State Emergency Service there are not only pyrotechnic dogs, but also diving dogs. Naida , a new “employee” of the group of search, diving and rescue operations of the emergency rescue squad of the Special Forces of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of the Cherkasy Region.

Naida is a thoroughbred shepherd, but they took her from a shelter. From the first days of their acquaintance, she showed discipline and passion for water. So the divers decided to teach her the necessary commands, including those for water rescue.

There are several more classes of the “diving school” for Naida ahead, but already today the dog confidently and accurately fulfills commands and is ready to fully meet the swimming season and take care of the safety of vacationers.

Dog Bayraktor

A four-month-old service shepherd is very smart and masters the science of a searcher for saboteurs and marauders very quickly. Bayrakatr is in the service of police dog handlers in the Kiev region.

Vasily Bondarchuk, Bayraktar’s guide, teaches him to follow the trail correctly. Bayraktar got the most difficult specialization – search on the trail.

Bayraktar was born at the beginning of the year, and when the cynologists took the two-month-old puppy, still without a name, Russian troops were already stationed a kilometer from the Irpen dog training center. Then “Grad” flew into their premises. At first, says the head of the center Maxim Peschansky, everyone was scared. “Dogs sometimes refused to work because of these explosions, but every day, both people and dogs gained experience, got used to the shots,” cynologists say.

But baby Bayraktar exceeded expectations, he warned dog handlers about enemy attacks. Bayraktar must have naturally good hearing. 10-15 seconds before the arrival of Russian shells, dog handlers say, he began to bark loudly and was the first to run for cover, and the entire personnel followed him. Therefore, he got a formidable name – Bayraktar.

Bayraktar will start searching for saboteurs or ordinary thieves in two years.

Another Bayraktar, whom everyone affectionately calls Bai

The puppy was noticed by emergency officials during the liquidation of the consequences of shelling in the Kievsky district of Kharkov. Since then, the rescued dog has stayed with firefighters. He was given the name Bayraktar , but everyone affectionately calls him Bai.

Since that time, he has served with his new colleagues. Bayraktar does not yet have a rank and uniform, but for his service he receives a salary every day in the form of various goodies.

Officer Lord

Lord is a special forces officer. For a year and a half, together with his friend Roman, he has been serving in the special unit of the National Police in the Khmelnytsky region.

Dog from “Azovstal”

Together with the defenders of Mariupol, the city was defended by their faithful friends. It is impossible to say exactly how many dogs were at Azovstal, but there is definitely a video with one dog.

Together with the heroes, the border dog Sonya also served in Mariupol. Previously, she was looking for explosives and other dangerous things at the border, and at Azovstal she informed the fighters about the air raid alert.

Police Patrol Assistant Sofia

Scout Dog Fight

He’s three years old. In his spare time from completing assignments, Boy likes to play with a ball, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate. GUR members do not disclose more details, yet this is Ukrainian intelligence, and not anyone.

The dog who went over to the side of good

In addition to the animals in service during the war, many domestic dogs and cats were saved from the start of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine, which became heroes and symbols of the courage and inflexibility of the Ukrainian people. You can read about them in our material .

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