From Kate and William to Queen Elizabeth II: How the British Royal Family Supports Ukraine

From the first days of the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine, the British royal family has been supporting our state and helping in every possible way. Even Queen Elizabeth II publicly demonstrates that she is also with the people of Ukraine, despite the fact that she never expresses her political position.

In early March, Queen Elizabeth, having recovered from the coronavirus, held her first official meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau . The audience was then announced in the official account of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II and Justin Trudeau / Photo: Associated Press

Then a photo from the audience was published on the blog, where between the queen and Trudeau there was a large flower arrangement of symbolic colors – blue and yellow. A subtle hint in support of Ukraine was considered not only by Ukrainian fans of Her Majesty, but also by the foreign press.

And the next time the queen appeared in public in an outfit that left no room for ambiguity. Wearing a yellow coat and hat adorned with blue flowers, Queen Elizabeth II attended the official opening of the metro line named after her.

Queen Elizabeth II / Photo: Associated Press

Queen Elizabeth II / Photo: Associated Press

Skillful subtle hints in support of Ukraine reinforce good deeds. Her Majesty has made a generous donation to the British Emergency Committee, which helps Ukrainian refugees. The charity publicly thanked the Queen for her contribution. And at Buckingham Palace, they refused to divulge details to the press, because this is a private matter.

The Queen mentioned Ukraine publicly in her message to Parliament at its official opening. Personally, then Her Majesty could not attend, the message was read by her heir, Prince Charles.

Prince Charles at the opening of Parliament / Photo: Associated Press

By the way, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla also actively support Ukraine. Back in early March, the couple visited the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in London and talked with the diaspora.

“My wife and I are deeply moved by the extraordinary courage, generosity and fortitude of the Ukrainian community in the face of terrible aggression. Our thoughts are with you at this critical time,” Prince Charles said.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla / Photo: Getty Images

Camilla was so touched that she could not hold back her tears and joined the fundraising for Ukrainian refugees, organized by the Daily Mail newspaper.

On International Women’s Day, Duchess Camilla invited the wife of the Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK, Inna Prystaiko , to a meeting to talk about the horrors women face in Ukraine.

And recently, Charles and Camilla met with the Ukrainian community in Canada. As a sign of solidarity, the couple fastened blue and yellow ribbons to their clothes. The Ukrainians then presented the prince and his wife with legendary stamps about the Russian ship. Honored guests were received in traditional clothes and with bread and salt.

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge were the first to violate the neutrality of the royal family. On Twitter, back on February 26, they supported President Zelensky and the people of Ukraine in a brave battle for the future. And later they brought sweets to the Ukrainian Cultural Center in London. Then Prince William admitted that even their little children – Prince George and Princess Charlotte anxiously ask about the war in Ukraine.

Kate and William / Photo: Getty Images

“We think of you all the time and we really care about what’s going on,” Prince William said.

And these are not just words, in April the Dukes of Cambridge visited the Emergency Committee to find out for themselves what other support refugees need. And we talked via video link with workers who provide assistance directly to Ukraine.

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