More than 1,200 bodies of civilians killed by invaders have already been found in the Kyiv region

Most of them were killed with small arms.

In the Kiev region, 1297 bodies of dead civilians at the hands of Russian invaders have already been discovered.

This was announced by the head of the police of the Kiev region Andrey Nebitov.

“Now 1,297 bodies have already been recorded, found on the territory of the Kyiv region, the bodies of people who were actually killed during the war, and most of them – more than 600 people – were killed precisely from small arms,” Nebitov said.

He stressed that the invaders deliberately destroyed the Ukrainians.

According to him, in the Kyiv region, civilians tortured by Russians are still detected almost daily.

Recall that the SBU published a photo of 8 occupiers who killed people in the Kyiv region, including the family of headman Motyzhin.

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