Samsung Galaxy S23 and S24 will not receive Exynos versions? No matter how!

Samsung’s ambitious plan to catch up and outperform Apple’s chipsets was revealed this week, with a team of 1,000 specialists being formed. Against this background, a rumor spread around the web that the company allegedly intends to abandon the installation of Exynos chips in the flagship Galaxy S23 and S24 series, transferring them to Snapdragon for all markets. This information was refuted by the informant @TheGalox_, stating that Samsung does not intend to stop the production of Exynos. Moreover, the company is actively working on the Exynos 2300, and at the same time on several other, more affordable solutions, among which the chip is already listed under the code name S5E8535. It is expected to be released this year and, presumably, will become the successor to the Exynos 850.

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