Three months of war: what lands Ukraine has already heroically recaptured from Putin and what will happen next

On February 24, 2022, at about 5 am, the lives of millions of Ukrainians changed – an independent country in which peaceful life reigned was subjected to a full-scale attack by an aggressor country led by dictator Vladimir Putin. Three... Read more

Spying in favor of the enemy: how Russian special services recruited children with the help of games in a smartphone

The security service exposed the Russian intelligence services for using smartphone games to recruit Ukrainian children. This is a mobile application. In it, participants must look for the so-called “boxes” with virtual prizes. Then they can be exchanged for electronic... Read more

Without precipitation and up to 27 ° heat: weather forecast in Ukraine for Wednesday, May 25

On Wednesday, May 25, it will be mostly dry and warm in Ukraine. The weather will be partly cloudy. It is reported by Ukrgidromettsentr . So, according to weather forecasts, on May 25 it will be mostly rainless in the... Read more

Because of the war, almost fifty enterprises moved to the Carpathian region: 25 began to produce products

Since the beginning of the war, 47 enterprises have moved to the Ivano-Frankivsk region from “hot spots”. Enterprises took advantage of business relocation programs. In the Carpathian region, 25 enterprises have already begun their work and production. This was announced... Read more

In Rivne, two people died during a fire in the central market: photo, video

In Rivne, as a result of a fire in the market, two people died, two more were saved. Today, May 24, at 08:44 a fire broke out in a warehouse on the territory of the food market, on Peresopnitskaya Street,... Read more

"Russia learns from its own mistakes": expert of the Army Research Center on the accumulation of Russian troops in the Donbas

Russia has concentrated several times more equipment and personnel in the Donbass than Ukraine. This is because Russia is learning from previous mistakes. This opinion was expressed by the expert of the Center for the Study of the Army, Conversion... Read more

In which areas did average wages increase in Ukraine in May?

Despite the ongoing war, the country’s economy continues to work effectively, as evidenced by the growth in wages for workers in some industries. What is the situation with wages in Ukraine, in which sectors there has been an increase over... Read more

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine created its own monastery in the Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine created its own monastery called “Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra”. This decision was made “in order to overcome the consequences of the non-canonical subordination of this monastery to the authorities of the Moscow Patriarchate.” This is... Read more

A Russian plunged a blade into the heart of a Ukrainian, imagining himself a character from The Lord of the Rings: audio

The Russian military boasted to his wife how brutally he killed a Ukrainian, sticking a blade right in his heart. The occupant admitted that he had long dreamed of killing a man in this way and cutting his tendon. The... Read more

"There is no such thing as "LPR-DPR" being for Russia, everyone is an enemy": the occupier complains about huge losses and non-payment of the promised money

The Russian occupiers will not receive the promised salaries for participating in the “special operation”. They receive payments in dollars and far from the amounts for which they agreed to go to war. Therefore, some of them refuse to go... Read more

Ukrainian teachers will receive 43,000 laptops from Google

Ukrainian teachers will receive 43,000 laptops from Google. Such technical support will help them to effectively continue distance learning. This was announced on May 24 by the Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov. “Recently, together with the MES, we managed... Read more

Blindfolded and hands taken out in an unknown direction: the invaders kidnapped the leaders of the village council in Zaporozhye

In the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporozhye region, the invaders abducted two men. They turned out to be the head of the Kirillovsky village council and his deputy. It is reported by the Zaporozhye OVA. “Today, May 24, the... Read more

"The city has turned into a cemetery": about 200 decomposing bodies were found in the rubble in Mariupol

In Mariupol, almost destroyed by the occupiers of the terrorist state of Russia, the bodies of the dead residents continue to be found. During the dismantling of the rubble of a high-rise building near the suburban gas station-2 on Mira... Read more

The judge from Kropyvnytskyi punished a fan of the "Russian world" from Kharkov with the song "Our Father – Bandera"

A settler from Kharkov, who fled the war to Kropyvnytskyi, got caught up in agitation for the “Russian world”. The agitator was detained by law enforcement officers, then the Kharkiv resident was tried, and the judge issued an unusual punishment... Read more

Vaccination against coronavirus in Ukraine continues: how many vaccination points are working now

Despite the war, a vaccination campaign against coronavirus infection is underway in Ukraine. There are currently 2,500 coronavirus vaccination points and 134 vaccination centers in Ukraine. This was announced by the chief state sanitary doctor of Ukraine Igor Kuzin on... Read more

Isolated cases of botulism and intestinal infections: sanitary doctor about infectious diseases in Ukraine

The Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine spoke about the priority areas of work on vaccination and the spread of infectious diseases. While there is no unusual epidemiological situation in Ukraine, those outbreaks that are registered are quickly localized, but... Read more

What are the chances of the spread of monkeypox in Ukraine and whether there will be restrictions for people returning from the EU: the response of the Ministry of Health

As of May 24, there are no confirmed cases of monkeypox in Ukraine. The Ukrainian healthcare system is now in the stages of preparedness and monitoring of the spread of monkeypox. However, the Ministry of Health does not expect this... Read more

"Conversation" because of the refusal to trade for rubles: in the Zaporozhye region, Russians threaten entrepreneurs

The invaders do not stop introducing their “orders” in the occupied settlements of the Zaporozhye region. In the temporarily occupied Vasilievka, Russian troops threaten entrepreneurs and incline them to cooperate. In addition, the invaders threaten them. This was reported in... Read more

The invaders were looking for the "king of the village": Bessmertny spoke about the death of the family of the elder Motyzhin

Ukrainian politician and ex-Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Roman Bessmertny talked with the Sukhenko family, who were shot by infidels in Motyzhin, Kyiv region. He was one of the last people to see alive the man of the village headman... Read more

What to say to the invaders in order to survive: the Immortal spoke about the month in the occupation and cried on the air

Ukrainian politician and diplomat Roman Bessmertny, who lived for a month in the occupied village of Motyzhin in the Kyiv region, calls the army of the aggressor country savages and barbarians. According to him, the occupiers are people living outside... Read more

Military mobile hospital, saving the lives of fighters in the east, received a humanitarian aid

The military mobile hospital providing assistance to military personnel in the Eastern direction received a humanitarian cargo. The cargo consisted of medicines, disinfectant solutions, dressings, medical consumables, means for temporarily stopping bleeding, food, sleeping bags and mattresses. This was announced... Read more

In Dnipro, a man opened fire from a gun on a high-rise building

In Dnipro, a 32-year-old man opened fire from a hunting rifle in the direction of a five-story building along Batumskaya Street. This was reported in the National police of the Dnepropetrovsk region. The incident happened on the evening of May... Read more

Since the beginning of the large-scale war, Ukrzaliznytsia has transported more than 100,000 tons of humanitarian aid: video

From the first days of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ukrzaliznytsia began transporting humanitarian goods. Thus, since the beginning of the war, “UZ” has already transported more than 100 thousand tons of ” humanitarian aid ” in passenger, freight wagons... Read more

“I decided to prove myself on the battlefield”: a businessman who bought the Dnepr hotel for $ 1.1 billion is fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Oleksandr Kokhanovsky, the “godfather” of Ukrainian eSports and a businessman, is fighting in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Recently, a man returned from the front line and plans to master the profession of “sniper”. He spoke about... Read more

A villager almost surrendered to the invaders: Bessmertny told how the Russians did not recognize him and managed to survive

The Ukrainian politician and one of the authors of the Constitution, Roman Bessmertny, lived for a month in the Russian-occupied village of Motyzhin, Kyiv region, but the invaders considered him an ordinary resident. The occupiers contacted the politician more than... Read more