There are other options: Meghan Markle is looking for a replacement for Netflix

Streaming service Netflix has turned down Meghan Markle’s ‘Pearl’ project, but the Duchess of Sussex is hopeful that she will find another company to take on her project.

It was supposed to be a serial cartoon that tells about the adventures of a brave 12-year-old girl named Pearl. It is reported that the image of the central character of the animated series was inspired by a real historical figure. An interesting point is that the meaning of the name Megan is translated as “pearl”. And it seems that the cartoon was supposed to be about the life of a young girl Meghan Markle.

Duchess Meghan/Associated Press

Los Angeles insiders say Meghan, 40, and her team at production company Archewell don’t see the cancellation of the Netflix deal as the end of the road and are trying to find a new company to bring the project to fruition.

The Duchess of Sussex and Executive Producer David Furnish will pitch the concept to other TV channels and streamers, including Apple and Amazon.

“They are determined not to let all the work and creative effort put into an idea just disappear. Netflix has a standard deal with them, typical of Hollywood, allowing them to promote their rejected projects to other media. This is a common practice in Hollywood television circles “, says the insider.

The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry / Associated Press

“Apple and Harry already have ties after he appeared on a mental health series. Disney, whose Plus streaming service is huge, also has a relationship with Markle after she narrated a wildlife documentary. Amazon has a sizable budget. and major players such as NBC Universal and HBO would be interested in doing a deal with the Sussexes. The interest in them from Hollywood and producers cannot be underestimated.

Megan and Harry / Getty Images

David Furnish also has connections with many film studios and television companies. And time will tell if they, together with Megan, will be able to implement this project.

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