Blizzard considers the word "Azov" Nazi and blocks its use in their games

Blizzard has banned the use of the word “Azov” in its games, as it considers it to be associated with Nazism and war crimes. The player Artyom told about this on the Ukrainian Gik page. Help On one of not... Read more

Blizzard will stop selling loot boxes in Overwatch on August 30th. Players will continue to receive free cosmetic items until the release of Overwatch 2

In a blog post , Blizzard announced the end of the sale of loot boxes in Overwatch on August 30th. This date coincides with the end of the recently launched Anniversary Remix Vol. 3. Help Players will still be able... Read more

Bloomberg: Blizzard canceled World of Warcraft mobile spin-off after three years of development and disbanded a team of 100+ developers

Blizzard and NetEase have canceled the World of Warcraft mobile game, Bloomberg reports citing its own sources. Help The project, codenamed Netptune, was in the works for three years and was conceived as a mobile MMORPG spin-off before disagreements over... Read more

Diablo Immortal brings Blizzard $49 million in first month revenue – Appmagic analysts

Diablo Immortal earned Blizzard $49 million in its first month of release, with over 10 million downloads total, according to Appmagic. Help It is also noted that Diablo Immortal has already been dubbed “the biggest launch in the history of... Read more

Blizzard: Diablo Immortal is 'biggest launch in franchise history' with over 10 million installs

Despite the fact that many users are extremely negative about the new Diablo Immortal game and brought down its Metacritic rating (0.5 at the time of preparation of the material), Blizzard herself says that the project was very successful. According... Read more

Diablo Immortal turned out to be unplayable on some Samsung smartphones with Exynos processors

Last week, Blizzard released a new game, Diablo Immortal. It was released on Android, iOS and PC platforms. And soon after the release, messages from Samsung smartphone owners began to appear on Reddit and various forums, where they complained about... Read more

Diablo Immortal's Metacritic rating is less than 1 from users

After a long hiatus, Blizzard has finally released a new game, the shareware mobile Diablo Immortal (also available for PC ). Unfortunately, not all users can try out the new project, as the novelty turned out to be unplayable on... Read more

Diablo Immortal became available ahead of time: how to play in Russia?

Blizzard unexpectedly rolled out Diablo Immortal RPG for iOS and Android smartphones a day early. Initially, the release was scheduled for June 2, but the game is already available in the app stores. It is expected that in Russia it... Read more

20 minutes of Diablo Immortal gameplay on PC and smartphone. Blizzard spoke more about the lore, characters and class changes in the game

The official release of Diablo Immortal is expected in about a week – June 2. However, the Gameinformer resource demonstrated the gameplay to interested gamers even before the release, and also talked to the developers. Help The gameplay video is... Read more

Warcraft Arclight Rumble Announcement – Blizzard, Don't Worry

This week, Blizzard introduced a new mobile game, Warcraft Arclight Rumble. This is an action strategy game in the Warcraft universe in which you have to collect miniatures of famous characters and send them into battle. There are game modes... Read more

First mobile Warcraft game to be announced on May 3rd

Amid positive reviews for Diablo Immortal, which will finally release on June 2 for iOS and Android, Blizzard is thinking about releasing a mobile version of another of its popular games. Already on May 3, the company will hold an... Read more