Netflix releases trailer for Knives Out 2 starring Daniel Craig and David Bautista

Netflix has released the first trailer for Glass Onion: A Knifes Out Mystery / Knives Out 2. It takes place in the same universe as Knives Out, the award-winning 2019 detective film. Help The new film is notable for both... Read more

Free landing page for sales from WayForPay: a simple constructor, analytics and your own domain

The WayForPay payment service has introduced Landing Pages, a new tool that allows you to create your own landing page for free. There you can sell goods, information products (experience and information that may be useful), services and accept online... Read more

"This superpower is not a gift, but a curse." New trailer for the DC movie comic Black Adam / Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson

Warner Bros. has published a new trailer for “Black Adam” / Black Adam – the future DC movie comics with Dwayne Johnson in the title role. Help It has a lot of material from the previous ( June ) trailer... Read more

GeForce RTX 4000 on the way – NVIDIA scheduled the presentation of GeForce Beyond on September 20

NVIDIA once again hinted at the imminent presentation of next-generation graphics adapters by announcing GeForce Beyond – Jensen Huang’s speech at the GTC 2022 event. The head of the company will talk about the new GeForce on September 20th. The... Read more

Truly popular benchmarks that reflect the real performance of a computer

We learn to distinguish between real and theoretical computer performance using popular tests as an example. How benchmarks work, simulating typical PC usage conditions. And why is the ultra-light Macbook Air M1 up to two times faster than your gaming... Read more

Elon Musk is negotiating with Apple to connect Starlink to the iPhone 14

Yesterday, Apple introduced the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. One of the most important innovations in them was the satellite communications for emergency communications. Elon Musk revealed on Twitter that SpaceX had “promising talks” with Apple about connecting to... Read more

YouTube launched a separate video player without ads and recommendations – purely for educational projects

YouTube has introduced several new features for creators and organizations that use the platform to distribute educational content. Among them is a built-in video player for educational projects, its key feature is the complete absence of any advertising, as well... Read more

Microsoft and HBO introduced the Xbox Series S in the style of "Dragon's House"

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Toyota Land Cruiser 300 test drive: powerful petrol V6 and Premium version

Following the material about the first presentation of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 and the analysis of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 GR Sport version , another article about the flagship Toyota SUV is coming out . And all because... Read more

AMD Launches Improved FSR 2.1 Upscaling and Announces 11 More FSR 2-Enabled Games

AMD announced the availability of FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 2.1, an improved version of its second-generation upscaling technology. The developers have updated the algorithm – they promise higher detail, increased stability and a reduction in unwanted phenomena such as the... Read more

Instructions: how to keep in touch with loved ones for free when there is no mobile connection and instant messengers do not work

“Call Your Own” is a social project from the Unitalk platform for free calls to relatives and friends. People can contact each other even if there is no mobile connection. In the partner material with Unitalk, we tell who will... Read more

Instagram Rolls Out Reposts – Limited Testing Coming Soon

Instagram is preparing to allow users to repost content created by others. The Meta-owned company plans to start testing the feature with a limited number of users soon. Help Instagram Reposts Tab on profiles?! What’s dis Adam? — Matt... Read more

"Quantum Leap" / Quantum Leap is back – the trailer for the restart of the cult series about time travel, released at the turn of the 80-90s

IGN has released the first full trailer for the upcoming reboot of the cult sci-fi series Quantum Leap, which aired at the turn of the 80s and 90s. Help The events of the sequel will unfold 30 years after Dr.... Read more

NASA and Boeing will re-attempt to launch the SLS rocket with the Artemis 1 mission to the Moon later this month

After repeated delays, NASA has announced new tentative dates for the launch of the Artemis I mission. The launch could take place on September 23 or 27. For any of these dates to be possible, there is still a lot... Read more

We collect on a drone for attack aircraft of the Nikolaev region. It will help find and destroy the enemy

Publications, Highload and continue to talk about initiatives to help Ukrainians during the war. Help We were approached by the military who defend Ukraine in the Mykolaiv direction with a request to help raise funds for equipment that... Read more

Google is working on a Clear Calling noise reduction feature for phone calls on Android

The beta version of the Android 13 operating system (Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1) has a new feature called Clear Calling. It is designed to remove extraneous background noise during telephone conversations. Help Clear Calling reportedly works “on most mobile... Read more

Apple has increased the price of the iPhone 14 in all key markets except the US and China

Apple has raised the price of the iPhone 14 series over the iPhone 13 in key markets. However, in the US and China, the price of a smartphone has remained the same. The following prices are currently posted: Help Great... Read more

Intel Reveals Arc A770, A750, and A580 Desktop Graphics Specifications: Up to 32 Xe Cores, Up to 16GB of Memory, and Power Consumption Up to 225W

Intel has finally lifted the veil of secrecy over its line of discrete graphics cards for desktop PCs. According to the chip maker, only four models are expected to be released in the desktop segment ( the Arc A380 model... Read more

13th Gen Intel Core Processors (Raptor Lake-S) Official Specs – Igor'sLAB Leaked

The full specs of the upcoming Intel Core processor series have now been confirmed by Igor’sLAB thanks to a leak. The lab notes that they expected to see more processors of the K and KF series, in accordance with previous... Read more

Crypto scammers gathered tens of thousands of viewers for a fake Apple presentation

The scammers launched a fake Apple presentation shortly after the real one. An old interview with Tim Cook was used to fill it. Thanks to the many relevant keywords in the title and description, the stream attracted tens of thousands... Read more