Ghislaine Maxwell’s 58-page rule book for staff at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion revealed


In the master bedroom, the manual says, a gun should always be placed in the bedside table drawer.

The guide also lays out exactly how Epstein and Ms Maxwell liked their breakfast – Weetabix with banana slices, sugar and milk and Maxwell House instant coffee – and what temperature she liked her bathroom to be – 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius).

“They run the house like a five-star hotel,” Mr Alessi said during his testimony on Thursday.

He added that the demands of work meant he had to work from 5am until 9 or 10pm most days. He eventually quit in 2002, citing extreme stress and ill-health.

Ms Maxwell’s defense team wanted to stop the manual from being presented at trial. In a court filing weeks ago, they said the document “reflects a lifestyle that many jurors may find offensive.”

During jury selection, each prospective juror was asked if they held any bias towards wealthy people who had “luxurious lifestyles”. None answered yes.

Mr Alessi said he dealt with Ms Maxwell on a daily basis because all of Epstein’s orders were conveyed to him through her. He testified that he first met the heiress in 1991 and understood her to be Epstein’s girlfriend.

“From the day she came to the house, she right away took over and she mentioned to me that she was going to be the lady of the house and also, she was in charge of other homes,” he said in the Manhattan federal court.

Read the full document below:


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