Five of the best used electric family cars for sale in the UK in 2021


It’s with a caveat that we recommend the early Tesla Model S as a family chariot, because its reliability and quality record is far from exemplary – especially on early cars. 

However, we include it here for two compelling reasons: firstly, almost nothing else for the money gets the same sort of range – even the cheapest 60 versions should get around 190 miles on a charge, while the 85 model, which we’d recommend stretching to, should go around 270 miles before it runs out of juice.

Secondly, owning a Model S gets you access to Tesla’s excellent Supercharger network, which makes charging away from home a doddle. And cars built before 2017 will have free, unlimited supercharging for life, making them extremely cost-effective to run. 

Away from the quality issues, the Model S is a good car, with acres of space, lots of grip and famously rapid performance. If you’re prepared to put up with a few occasional glitches, then, the Model S can still make a smart used buy. 

Price to pay: from £30,000
We found: 2014 Model S E 85, 27,000 miles, full service history, £32,995
Watch out for: Electronic issues, water leaks, plastic trim coming off or breaking, clonking suspension.

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