Lockdown parties: new photos hit Johnson's reputation again

May 24, 2022, 05:14 GMT The BBC News Russian Service app is available for IOS and Android . You can also subscribe to our Telegram channel. image copyrightITV News ITV News has released 4 new photos of Boris Johnson drinking... Read more

A gift for a friend of Ukraine: Boris Johnson will wear an embroidered shirt from designer Yulia Magdych

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the British Prime Minister has shown himself to be a true friend of our country. To thank Johnson for his work and solidarity, the Ukrainian embassy gave him a special gift.... Read more

“Even if he repents”: Johnson declared the impossibility of normalizing relations between the world community and Putin

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sees no sign of normalizing relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin after he attacked Ukraine and is committing genocide against Ukrainians. He stressed that the resumption of international relations is impossible, even if the Russian... Read more

Russian attack on Ukraine marks end of era: Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes that Russia’s attack on Ukraine marks the end of the post-Cold War era. He noted that after February 24, the situation in Europe has changed dramatically. The British prime minister said this at a... Read more

Britain signs historic agreement with Sweden on mutual security guarantees in case of attack

The agreement provides for the possibility of sharing intelligence and conducting joint exercises. Britain has signed an agreement with Sweden on mutual security guarantees in case of attack . A similar agreement is expected to be signed with Finland. Among... Read more

"UK will stand side by side with Ukraine for as long as necessary" – Johnson

Boris Johnson reaffirmed that the UK will help Ukraine rebuild and defend against future aggression. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson assured of unwavering support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, who strive to live freely in peace on their own... Read more

British Prime Minister remembered Ukraine in his congratulations on Victory Day (video)

Boris Johnson promised to continue to support Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson , in his congratulations on Victory in Europe Day on May 8, recalled Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine. Boris Johnson posted... Read more

Zelensky's jacket for 383 hryvnias with the light hand of Boris Johnson was sold at auction for a record amount

In London, at an auction to raise funds for the needs of Ukraine, they sold the fleece jacket of President Vladimir Zelensky, which he wore during a meeting with Boris Johnson in Kyiv. We have already analyzed in detail the... Read more

Zelensky's famous fleece jacket was sold at auction for more than three million hryvnias

A khaki fleece sweatshirt worn by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been sold at an auction in the UK. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson spoke at a Christie’s charity event held in London. Before the start of... Read more

Andriy Shevchenko and Boris Johnson attended a charity event to help Ukraine in the war with Russia

Former head coach of the Ukrainian national team Andriy Shevchenko and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson took part in a charity event in support of the Ukrainian people in the war against Russian invaders. On Friday, May 5, the Ukrainian... Read more

"They condemned Putin's deadly stupidity": Johnson urged Macron not to speak with Russia on its terms

Frat Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed with French President Emmanuel Macron on May 6 bilateral relations, aid to Ukraine and isolation of Russia. Johnson and Macron unanimously condemned “Putin’s deadly stupidity” in unleashing the war. The presidents agreed to coordinate... Read more

It's so cute: Boris Johnson painted a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

As you know, anyone can offend an artist, but we will not offend Boris Johnson. Today, May 6th, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Field End Children’s School in South Ruislip, London. There he talked with young students and took... Read more

Zelensky discussed with Johnson the provision of longer-range weapons to Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson once again had a conversation and discussed support for the defense capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During the conversation, in particular, the two leaders talked about additional military... Read more

A descendant of the king, a joker and a very amorous man: what is known about Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Great Britain

Since 2019, the chief at 10 Downing Street is a very unusual politician who will go down in history not only for his strong speeches, but also for his image. Boris Johnson is a very extraordinary figure in British politics,... Read more

Beautiful Carrie: 10 interesting facts about the wife of a friend of Ukraine – Boris Johnson

Carrie Johnson (nee Symonds) is the third wife of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the mother of his two children. We decided to collect the most interesting facts about the 34-year-old wife of a politician who supports Ukraine so... Read more

Great friend of Ukraine: Zelensky thanked Johnson for a new aid package

President Volodymyr Zelensky, commenting on Boris Johnson’s appeal to the Ukrainian parliament, thanked the British prime minister. In particular, the head of state thanked the new UK support package for Ukraine. Zelensky said this in his video message on the... Read more

The prime minister and his queen: interesting facts about Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth II

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is one of those who publicly acknowledged the West’s mistakes on the issue of preventive sanctions. However, the politician knows how to admit mistakes, and even apologize for them. We decided to look at some... Read more

Johnson told what weapons Ukraine will receive from Britain in the coming weeks

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would give Ukraine even more tanks, armored vehicles, as well as new anti-ship missiles. According to him, Ukraine will also receive modern drones and radars to determine “where the artillery is aimed at... Read more

“The myth of Putin’s inviolability has been dispelled like smoke”: Johnson told why the Ukrainians will defeat the invaders

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the Ukrainians have proven their invincibility in the fight against the Russian occupation forces. Ukraine will definitely win the war with Russia. The British Prime Minister said this during an appeal to the... Read more

UK to provide $375 million military aid to Ukraine: details

The UK also continues to accept Ukrainian refugees on its territory. Britain pledges another $375 million in military aid to Ukraine Reuters writes about it. The UK has said it will provide £300m ($375m) of military assistance to Ukraine, including... Read more

'Dedicated to ensuring Putin's failure': Johnson reveals what he talked about with Zelensky

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after a conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said that he was more than ever dedicated to strengthening Ukraine. In particular, Johnson and Zelensky discussed the provision of military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. The... Read more

Zelensky spoke with Johnson: what topics were covered

On April 30, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky held a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In particular, the parties discussed further defense support for Ukraine. In addition, Zelensky told Johnson about the situation in the blocked Mariupol.... Read more

Monday evening UK news briefing: Why France is ‘in a bad way’

Ms Le Pen said her defeat was “a victory” yet her far-Right rival Éric Zemmour, who was knocked out in the first round of the presidential election, crowed: “Alas, alas, alas, it is the eighth time that defeat has hit... Read more

Boris Johnson writes to Angela Rayner to insist ‘Basic Instinct’ claim was not in his name

The claims were also condemned by ministers. Mr Johnson’s message was retweeted by Simon Clarke, Treasury minister, and Nadine Dorries, Culture Secretary, posted the same tweet.  Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, said: “If an MP or MPs really said this then... Read more

Boris Johnson pushes for families to take up childcare support in cost-of-living crisis

Government officials are preparing to launch a new campaign to raise awareness about the tax-free childcare allowance, a scheme under which parents can claim up to £500 every three months. Research published by HMRC earlier this year found that 1.3... Read more