Patriotism on the wane among young Left-wing Americans, with only five per cent saying US is best

When it came to Left-wing respondents aged 18-29, a paltry five per cent believed that the US was the finest nation on the globe.

More than half of this cohort (55 per cent) said they felt that other countries were superior to the US.

There were doubts voiced by younger conservatives too, with only 19 per cent of respondents aged 18-29 saying they believed that the US was the finest country in the world, while 18 per cent said other nations were superior.

America’s military power also emerged as an issue that divided Americans by age.

Half of all respondents aged 18-29 said it would be acceptable for another country to become as militarily powerful as the US, a view held by only 24 per cent of those aged over 65. 10,000 people participated in the survey.

The responses reflected the climate in which people grew up, explained Christopher Galdieri, Associate Professor at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire.

“Think about the world you grew up in if you are under 20, starting with 9/11. You’ve grown up in an era of constant crisis, you’ve never experienced peace and prosperity.

“You weren’t around in the 1980s and 1990s when things were pretty good on those fronts.  And you’ve grown up in an era when things like school shootings have become commonplace.

“Now if you are on the Left, the most popular politicians you have are folks like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying we don’t have universal health care like in Europe.  

“In the 1980s the response to that was, ‘but we’re so much more prosperous, we’re so much freer.’ That’s a harder sell today.

“And if you are on the Right, you may have bought into the big lie that the election was stolen and had that turn you off on the idea of America as a unique nation.”

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