A tartan blanket coat is a comforting classic that will never date


Blanket coat, £350, gracewears.london; boots, from £340, diemme.com; jeans, Ginnie’s own, Citizens of Humanity. Blanket coat, £899, Polo Ralph Lauren

To prove I know what I’m talking about, I am going to refer to a moment in fashion history: the Burberry blanket phenomena circa 2014. Blankets were literally the new coat. Everyone from Alexa Chung to Sarah Jessica Parker had their initialled capes on show, in a way that said “Yes, I’m THAT important to Burberry I made the blanket gifting list” … and everyone else pondered pulling their own blanket from the sofa and seeing if they could remodel it and head down the street. 

Then we noticed stray animal hairs or flecks of dried chocolate and suddenly the blanket was less Burberry, more Men Behaving Badly. So we parked that idea. Until now. When brands as small as Grace Wears or as large as Ralph Lauren sell a particular style, you know their buyers have good reason for it. They’ve done their research. These are pieces to wrap up in and I love the cosy hug they offer. But they go the distance too. Firstly, you will only ever need one for life. Secondly, we already know tartan is a classic that really doesn’t date. Finally, they are simply great to throw on when you want more of a statement than a parka, but you prefer something with more (stylish) insouciance than a formal city coat at this time of year.

If you were the person that wanted a coat for Christmas but didn’t receive one (probably because giving a coat is as difficult as giving jewellery), or if you didn’t know where to start on the coat barometer, then these two options, and indeed the other options I’ve added here would all keep you warm, and prove “just a little bit different” in the style stakes. While my husband might think they attract pigeons, I think they attract admiring glances. They are the “throw it on and look understatedly with it” (even in January) type of garment. They come in any of the following styles: vintage, Navaho, tartan, tasselled, patchwork, crochet … the list is endless. Even better would be to find a tiny brand like O Moon (omoon.co.uk) who might upcycle that favourite blanket of yours. So very 2022. Just make sure you wash out the flecks of Terry’s Chocolate Orange beforehand.

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