Perhaps Meghan just doesn’t want to visit the UK

There is much discussion in royal circles about whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are going to return for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and – crucially – whether they will be booed by the public. I, for one, would... Read more

The defence of Boris Johnson the Tory establishment doesn’t want you to read

I can think of several reasons why you might want Boris Johnson gone. Perhaps you are still sore about Brexit. Perhaps you feel he was too strict during the lockdowns, or perhaps that he was too lax. Perhaps you think... Read more

Don’t destroy the suburbs. Build new ones

“Why would I want to get to Leeds city centre faster when I don’t work there?” This was my first reaction to a report by the Centre for Cities think tank comparing Leeds unfavourably with densely-populated Marseille. I live 40... Read more

The EU’s deafening silence on Russian aggression makes war more likely

In the past few weeks Britain has sent light anti-tank weapons to Kyiv, the US javelin tank-busting missiles and stingers that can bring down aircraft, and Turkey drones like those that decimated the Armenian forces so recently. Even Poland, Latvia,... Read more

Utilising the UK’s oil and gas reserves is not inconsistent with net zero

Last week we heard the welcome news that all Covid restrictions are being lifted. Thanks to our world-leading vaccine rollout we are among the first countries in which Covid is moving from pandemic to endemic status. But just as the... Read more

Europe is divided, weak and betraying Ukraine. Thankfully, Brexit Britain is providing leadership

The massing of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border is a threat to national sovereignty, to a nascent democracy and to the international order. With Russia now in sharp relative economic and demographic decline, Vladimir Putin is attempting to revive... Read more

Trump broke the global trading system, and Biden is incapable of fixing it

Add this to the list of things that Donald Trump broke and Joe Biden hasn’t fixed: the World Trade Organisation. In 2020, the WTO’s highest court for dealing with trade disputes stopped functioning. The last of its seven judges retired... Read more

We Need to Talk About Cosby, review: tries too hard to tell a story bigger than Cosby

Bill Cosby was “America’s Dad” but also a wise and fatherly presence in the lives of the millions around the world who watched his Eighties sitcom The Cosby Show. And so the revelation in 2014 that he had, across the... Read more

Nadine Dorries backs statue celebrating Aphra Behn saying women owe writer ‘debt of gratitude’

Famed for the sexually explicit nature of her writing at a time when women were only considered attractive if they were demure, Behn “valued wit over virtue” and used her literary prowess to make a living by her pen at... Read more

Conservative members abroad with no ties to Britain could decide next Prime Minister

Of the other major parties, the Liberal Democrats do not require UK citizenship or previous residency to join Lib Dems Abroad. Overseas members have the same right to vote for leaders and policies as regular members. Labour, meanwhile, requires all... Read more

Covid vaccine deadline for NHS staff set to be pushed back

Compulsory Covid vaccines for NHS workers would be delayed for six months, under eleventh-hour plans being considered by Boris Johnson to help quell a seismic revolt among Tory MPs. On Saturday night, just two weeks before the NHS is due... Read more

Boris Johnson under pressure to scrap rise in National Insurance

In an interview with GB News to be broadcast this week, Prof Chadha said: “Higher national insurance contributions (NICs) are essentially an attack on jobs, particularly for the lower paid, those hit most by this Covid crisis. “To the extent... Read more

American banks boost EU workforces as post-Brexit scrutiny escalates

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have increased their EU workforce by almost 2,000 people since Brexit as Brussels steps up its review of bank hubs on the continent.    Banks that do not have enough decision-makers in the bloc could... Read more

Boris Johnson attempts to quell backbench Tory revolt with help of his Praetorian Guard

Another source insisted that the loyalists were working hand in hand with Mr Spencer. However, members of the 2019 intake of MPs are furious at a heavy-handed response by government whips to reports that emerged early last week of junior... Read more

Boris Johnson should not be driven from office, despite the visceral public reaction to ‘partygate’

National rage, and the findings of the Sue Gray enquiry, could make short work of Boris’s premiership. My constituents are understandably deadly serious in their fury and disgust at what seems to have gone on at No.10 – while the... Read more

NHS chief warns social media firms to ‘step up’ and take action over promotion of weight loss drugs

The NHS chief executive has warned social media firms to “step up to the mark” over the promotion of a dangerous “hourglass figure” supplement on websites like Instagram. Amanda Pritchard told The Telegraph that web giants must take “concrete action”... Read more

‘The tanks are here again’: Russians watch the troop buildup near Ukraine in real-time

The town usually comprises little more than a dozen wooden cottages, a church, two supermarkets and a few stray cats. Now, the grocery shop buzzes with soldiers in green fatigues and lines of military vehicles rumble through the unpaved streets.... Read more

Ministers ‘making fuel poverty worse’ by rejecting power link with France, major Tory donor warns

One of the Conservative party’s biggest donors has accused ministers of worsening the fuel poverty crisis and setting back their green agenda after the Government blocked his planned £1.2bn electricity link between England and France. Alexander Temerko said the refusal... Read more

Cladding compensation scheme could be extended to cover defects in other homes

Michael Gove is seeking to dramatically widen a proposed cladding compensation scheme to encompass other defects on homes built in the past 30 years as he steps up action against major developers. The Levelling Up Secretary has threatened in meetings... Read more

Muslim ex-minister Nusrat Ghani ‘sacked for disloyalty’

A vice chairman of the 1922 committee of Tory backbenchers made incendiary claims that her “Muslimness” was raised at a meeting in Downing Street that led to her sacking in a 2020 reshuffle. Following a series of allegations by other... Read more

‘In Liz we Truss’: Opportunists buy up website domain names

Opportunists are attempting to cash in on Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak domain names as Conservative leadership challenge rumours swirl. With Boris Johnson facing a potential confidence vote on his leadership, website addresses featuring wordplay on bookmakers’ favourites to take... Read more

We need to talk about conversion therapy before it is barred, say MPs

Boris Johnson is facing mounting calls to halt the fast-tracking of a ban on conversion therapy, as 30 Tory MPs warn against rushing through a new law “without debate”. In a letter to the Prime Minister, a copy of which... Read more

‘Back in the 1990s, 5pc inflation was a good thing’

In the early 1990s, Andy Fleming, 57, worked in the press office of the Central Statistical Office, now the Office for National Statistics. The last time inflation was this high, he wrote the press release. He said: “Back then a... Read more

Complaints over dodgy pension transfers double

The number of savers making a claim against dodgy pension transfer advice doubled last year but Britons were still left £104m out of pocket. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme, an industry-funded lifeboat, received 3,089 claims relating to pension transfers in... Read more

Hedge funds are betting against your investments – here’s how to beat them

DIY investors should take stock of their holdings as professionals ramp up their bets that struggling companies have further to fall. The number of “shorts” – bets made by hedge funds and large investors that a company’s share price will... Read more