A toxic Tory civil war is brewing – and it threatens to leave the party in ruins

If Sue Gray’s report is bad enough (or even if it isn’t) there are now at least 54 Tory MPs ready to call a vote of no-confidence in Boris Johnson. His attempts to shore up his position are not going... Read more

How Joe Rogan became the world’s most popular podcaster

The Joe Rogan Experience is a curious affair, taking the form of long, discursive, often rambling conversations, in which the host sounds off about whatever seems to be crossing his mind – politics, religion, psychedelics, cage-fighting. He once described it... Read more

Graeme Garden on Barry Cryer: ‘I will miss his laugh hugely. Won’t we all?’

There again. when you had a voice as great as Barry’s, why not use the phone? He’d call up to ask how I was doing. Every call would end with “By the way, have you heard?” then he’d come out... Read more

Survivors: Portraits of the Holocaust, review: unbearable at times, but a necessary insight into history

Goldberg’s experience was heartbreaking. His younger brother Herman, aged only nine, was considered too young to work as slave labour, and was permitted to stay behind in the camp. Goldberg and his mother returned one day to find that Herman... Read more

Neil Young never stood a chance against Joe Rogan

I never expected to see the words “Neil Young”, “fight” and “Joe Rogan” in the same sentence. Not least because Rogan is a trained MMA fighter and a very unwise person to step into any real ring with. But Young has... Read more

Thursday evening UK news briefing: Boris Johnson calls Afghanistan animal evacuation claims ‘total rhubarb’

On his trip, Mr Johnson dismissed the accusations he authorised the controversial evacuation of animals from Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover of Kabul as “total rhubarb”.  The Prime Minister sought to distance himself from the claims, which appear to contradict... Read more

Business warns of higher prices from National Insurance rise as top Tory MP tells Sunak to change tack

Patrick Dardis, the chief executive of Young’s, said the Chancellor and Prime Minister must “wake up and smell the coffee” amid anger from businesses over the rise. Young’s is facing well over £1m in extra National Insurance costs from April,... Read more

Boris Johnson attack on ‘insane’ EU over Northern Ireland Protocol maddens Brussels

Mr Johnson said he supported “passionately” the indignation DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson felt over the Protocol. “Frankly the EU is implementing this in an insane and pettifogging way and we need to sort it out,” he said. The UK... Read more

London retains global financial crown in new Brexit boost

London has retained its crown as the world’s top destination for financial and professional services in terms of its overall offering in another boost for the City.  The Square Mile outperformed other major financial hubs, including New York, Singapore and... Read more

Lord Fearn, Liberal MP known as ‘Mr Southport’ who used his time in Parliament to champion tourism and rail commuters – obituary

He also took up the cause of rail commuters, saying punctuality on some lines in Kent and East Anglia was so bad that if British Rail had to offer compensation, some passengers would never need to pay. The 1992 election... Read more

Kier Starmer’s corporate love-in will not deliver the growth we need

Labour is on firmer ground with economists when it says it would aim to raise overall public and private R&D investment and invest more public funds into infrastructure. But as Oxford academic Bent Flyvbjerg has documented, governments tend to prioritise... Read more

Rishi Sunak fighting hard to stop invoking Article 16, claim Boris Johnson’s allies

Boris Johnson could face his ‘Black Wednesday moment’ Former ministers from the Sir John Major era have claimed that Mr Johnson is heading for a disaster similar in scale to Britain’s exit from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) in... Read more

Prince Andrew’s ‘humiliation’ could be made public – even if he settles out of court

He will undergo intense training in preparation, not least after his disastrous performance on BBC’s Newsnight in Nov 2019. The grilling will be “humiliating” and thorough, legal experts said, covering every aspect of his private life and sexual history. Moira... Read more

Russia considers ‘serious’ offer to inspect US missile bases to defuse Ukraine crisis

Separately, plans for a “visible” European Union military training mission in Ukraine were at risk of being watered down on Thursday as some nations feared the move could escalate tensions with Russia. Germany opposed sending an EU-badged mission to help... Read more

Joe Biden has issued more oil drilling permits than Donald Trump, despite gushing climate change promises

In the Senate, meanwhile, Mr Biden has failed to persuade holdouts in his own party to vote for his landmark $1.7 trillion Build Back Better bill, which contains about $555 billion for climate provisions, including $320 billion in tax incentives... Read more

Meet Sue Gray: Now the most famous civil servant in Britain

All eyes are currently on Sue Gray in anticipation of her findings into “partygate” after Liz Truss said on Wednesday 26 January that her report would be dropping “very soon” – but who exactly is the civil servant tasked with... Read more

This could be the moment the establishment finally takes down Boris Johnson

It has been suggested that his principal private secretary Martin Reynolds, the Cambridge-educated former lawyer who sent an email to No 10 staff on May 20 2020 inviting them to “make the most of the lovely weather and have some... Read more

Dogs, cats and a guinea pig with a peerage: animal spirits run wild in the Westminster jungle

With friends like Jacob Rees-Mogg, who needs enemies? In defending his boss, the Commons Leader’s tactics have moved from scorched earth to something closer to a full-scale self-nuke. First, the procedural whizz set his sights on the constitution; threatening rebellious... Read more

My transgender reforms do not threaten women’s rights, says Nicola Sturgeon

The Scottish Government wants to remove the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria to obtain a gender recognition certificate, instead allowing people to “self declare”. It also plans to lower the age at which someone can legally change... Read more

Ministry of Defence gears up for legal battle over thousands of homes sold off by John Major

The National Audit Office (NAO) has repeatedly criticised the original deal, saying the MoD had dramatically underestimated how much the value of the homes would rise. The spending watchdog in 2018 estimated that the properties would have been worth as... Read more

Dozens who attended Downing Street parties can pay fines instead of being interviewed by police

If such explanations are not accepted, the police will then contact the ACRO Criminal Records Office, who will confirm the decision to issue the fine and will send notice by post. If the person accused of breaching the Health Protection... Read more

Boris Johnson tells allies there was no ‘ambush with cake’ at No 10 lockdown birthday party

Mr Burns stressed he was not trying to make light of the difficulties that millions of people experienced during the pandemic. He said: “One of my aunts died during the pandemic, not of Covid, and her family had to watch... Read more

Liz Truss ‘wasted £500,000 of taxpayers’ cash’ on private jet to Australia

Opposition parties seized on the revelation, with Labour accusing the Conservatives of spending “disgusting amounts of public money on their own vanity and comfort”, while the Liberal Democrats branded the private jet flight a “staggering waste” of public money. Critics... Read more

Revealed: the 330 civil service fat cats earning more than Boris Johnson

A record number of civil servants are earning more than the Prime Minister, new data have revealed. More than 330 civil servants are now paid more than Mr Johnson, who receives £161,000 in a salary that combines his role as... Read more

Boris Johnson urged to sack more No 10 staffers amid fears ‘partygate’ reset will not be enough

On Thursday, Mr Johnson denied he was holding up the report. The Cabinet Office is keen to ensure none of its contents undermine the Metropolitan Police’s new probe into the matter. MPs across the political spectrum are not expecting the... Read more