The Government must commit to learning to live with Covid

A serious debate has started at last about what it really means to “live with Covid”. It is driven by an acceptance that we cannot continue to vaccinate and test great swathes of the population for ever. The omicron variant... Read more

Ministers have a responsibility to lead the charge back to normality

Spare a thought for Wes Streeting, the Shadow Health Secretary and rising star on the Labour benches. Before Christmas he demanded the Government introduce further Covid restrictions, insisting they were inevitable. After Christmas, when the worst fears about omicron did... Read more

The Green Planet, review: don’t look now – this is the world’s deadliest flower

Sir David Attenborough and the BBC’s Natural History Unit have brought us many spectacular sights over the years. Now, a challenge: how to make plants as exciting as animals? To have us in awe of a leaf? The answer, in... Read more

The Killer Nanny: Did She Do It? review – a sensationalist take on the Louise Woodward case

Channel 4’s fondness for crass tabloid headlines is still going strong, as The Killer Nanny: Did She Do It? attests. This was a three-part documentary about the trial of Louise Woodward, convicted of killing eight-month-old baby Matthew Eappen 25 years... Read more

Developers ‘must foot £4bn cladding bill or face exclusion from government schemes’

Making clear that others could soon join the developer, an ally of Mr Gove told The Telegraph: “We don’t claim to have all the answers to this crisis yet but this is an important step. We will be guided by... Read more

Parent group demands Nicola Sturgeon withdraw ‘inappropriate’ school sex survey

The head of Scotland’s largest parent group has demanded that Nicola Sturgeon’s Government withdraw an “inappropriate” health and wellbeing census for schools that asks 14-year-olds about their sexual experiences. Eileen Prior, chief executive of Connect, a charity that works to... Read more

Britain will ‘stand up to bullies’, Defence Secretary to announce on Falklands War anniversary

Britain will “stand up to bullies” around the world no matter the distance, the Defence Secretary will announce as he marks the 40th anniversary of the end of the Falklands War. Ben Wallace will say that the conflict in 1982... Read more

NHS told: send cancer patients to private hospitals so they can be treated

The NHS has been instructed by Sajid Javid to use private hospitals for cancer patients to prevent the surge in omicron cases delaying treatment, The Telegraph can disclose. The Health Secretary told the NHS at the weekend that it needed... Read more

Boris Johnson expected to face questions over No 10 garden parties

It comes after it emerged on Friday that a garden party had been hosted in No 10 on May 20, 2020, five days after Mr Johnson, his wife and a series of senior aides were photographed drinking in the same... Read more

Liz Truss’s threat to trigger Article 16 is ‘unhelpful’ and ‘unsurprising’, warns EU ambassador

Brussels has said it is unimpressed with Liz Truss’s latest threat to trigger Article 16 just days before talks on the Northern Ireland Protocol are due to resume.  Joao Vale de Almeida, the EU’s ambassador to the UK, said the... Read more

Jack Dromey, Labour shadow minister, former senior trade unionist and husband of Harriet Harman – obituary

The next year, he was caught up in further controversy over £630,000 in questionable donations from the property developer David Abrahams, of which he again insisted he was unaware. Harriet Harman was also caught up in the affair, as her... Read more

Jeremy Corbyn could establish own party as hopes fade of being reinstated as Labour MP

While the discussions are in their early stages, several figures in Mr Corbyn’s inner circle are said to be concerned that setting up a new party could remove enough MPs from Labour that it would dent Sir Keir Starmer’s prospects... Read more

Boris Johnson ‘attended lockdown drinks party in No 10 garden’

Boris Johnson stands accused of personally attending a drinks party in the garden of No 10 during the first lockdown. Downing Street did not immediately deny a report in the Sunday Times alleging that the Prime Minister attended the potentially... Read more

The Tories are on the brink of a war over tax

April is followed by May, of course – when, as it happens, the Conservatives face some pretty tricky local elections. Countless natural Tories, if not already exasperated by lingering lockdown measures, will be infuriated by higher taxes just as the... Read more

Just 10 sub-1pc mortgage deals remain

Katie Brain of Defaqto, another analyst, said: “We won’t be getting this type of deal back any time soon. Borrowers who are close to buying or remortgaging should lock into a mortgage deal sooner rather than later. There are still... Read more

Questor: Wood Group is one ‘falling knife’ we won’t be trying to catch. Avoid

The company’s disappointing financial performance is a key reason for its dwindling share price. Covid has caused significant disruption for the business. The pandemic contributed to a 24pc decline in revenue in the 2020 financial year as major projects were... Read more

‘I face £17,000 penalty from Santander for moving loan to new home’

Sally says: I receive many complaints about the unexpected application of early repayment mortgage charges. This financial string is attached to fixed-rate loans because the lender loses money if a deal is ended early. These extra costs can be tricky... Read more

Philippa Forrester: ‘Thatcher set me on the way to financial security’

Television presenter Philippa Forrester launched her career in the Children’s BBC “broom cupboard” continuity announcer’s booth and went on to present Tomorrow’s World, Robot Wars and Crufts.  She is the author of several books and is currently presenting a YouTube... Read more

Soaring energy bills erode last hopes of buy-to-let profits

Meera Chindooroy of the National Residential Landlords Association, a trade body, said utility bills were landlords’ second-largest cost on their properties after upkeep and maintenance, typically accounting for an eighth of expenditure. Many buy-to-let investors are calling the NRLA’s helpline... Read more

Investors trapped by punishing stockbroker exit fees

illions of pounds held in pensions have been trapped as a quarter of fund shops have refused to drop controversial exit penalties for savers. Experts have widely condemned the practice of charging fees that punish savers who want to move... Read more

The star cars of 2022: our experts bring you this year’s hottest wheels

We race into a new year full of excitement and anticipation thanks to a bumper crop of new cars winging their way to showrooms over the next 12 months. Without giving the game away, there’s something to suit all tastes... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Is it safe to leave E10 petrol in a used car?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more

I’ve said no to after school clubs – if my kids get bored, brilliant?

Ssh! Don’t tell the other mums, but I am actively dissuading my kids from after-school clubs. It’s not at all fashionable but I’m actively resisting enrolling my kids into clubs. Last week I recycled a letter inviting my youngest to... Read more

Florence Nightingale or Nurse Ratched… which one are you married to?

Dr Solomon admits her first thought when she finds out her husband is ill is, “How is this going to affect me?” And Dr Peake echoes her self-involved despair. Muted concern is about all either of them can muster.  As... Read more

Dear Richard: ‘My sister thinks my wife is flaunting how well off we are’

Dear Richard, I wanted to ask you about something that flared up before Christmas. Because of general variant/Plan B-related nervousness, we didn’t do a big family gathering, but we did manage to meet for dinner with my sister and brother-in-law... Read more