Our Covid measures are incoherent

Two years ago today, the first news reports emerged in the West of the detection in Wuhan, China, of 44 cases of pneumonia of an unknown cause. The World Health Organisation, which had been alerted a few days earlier, said... Read more

Like it or not, we are all still living in the shadow of Sir Tony Blair

Tony Blair was, in David Cameron’s famous line, “the future once”. Yet for a man written off as a relic more than 16 years ago, Labour’s last prime minister still looms large in British public life. For the past two... Read more

Anne, review: Maxine Peake is perfect as the horrors of Hillsborough are laid bare

What made the first episode of Anne (ITV) so unbearable to watch is that we knew everything that was about to happen. When anxious mum Anne Williams (Maxine Peake) tells her 15-year-old son that he can’t go to Liverpool’s FA... Read more

Boris Johnson faces loss of more than 100 seats as ‘Red Wall’ support plunges

Boris Johnson could lose more than 100 seats at the next general election, a poll has suggested, with support for the Conservative party falling in the “Red Wall”. A survey of the 57 Labour heartland constituencies in the Midlands and... Read more

Thousands of Afghans still living out of hotel rooms five months after the fall of Kabul

Priti Patel is under mounting pressure to address the “appalling” delays in resettling Afghans in Britain, amid claims that 4,000 children are still being temporarily housed in hotels.  Five months after Kabul fell to the Taliban, the Home Secretary is... Read more

New Covid restrictions unlikely as daily cases fall, ministers signal

While total numbers of Covid patients in hospital have continued to climb, rising by 536 to 13,151, the rate of increase has slowed significantly in recent days, figures for England show. Rises of 4.2 per cent and 1.7 per cent... Read more

Hospitals looking after elderly as number of care homes in England falls

The number of care homes in England has fallen by 10 per cent since 2015. An analysis by the House of Commons Library, based on Care Quality Commission data, has shown that there were 16,938 homes across the country six... Read more

Backlash against face masks in secondary schools as Covid cases ease

Sir Iain, a former Tory leader, told The Telegraph the data showed that “we’ve got to hold our nerve”, adding: “I think this move [face masks in schools] is premature. I think we’ll see Covid spike and start to fall... Read more

Brexit: Some UK businesses may ‘give up’ importing due to new rules, says former civil servant

A former senior civil servant in charge of Brexit planning has warned some British businesses may “give up importing” as a result of new rules implemented in the new year. Philip Rycroft, who was permanent secretary at the Department for... Read more

Boris Johnson ‘missteps’ leave Scottish Tories facing council election losses, warns ex-chairman

He claimed Nicola Sturgeon’s lack of credibility over claims that she would secure an independence referendum by next year meant the constitution could not be relied upon to “turbo-charge” an election campaign. Writing in The Sunday Times, he said the... Read more

China to replace US as world’s leading empire, says hedge fund star

Despite admitting he is still hooked, the finance pioneer signalled last September that he will bow out “in a year or two”. It may come at a good time. Dalio cemented his status on Wall Street by outperforming during the... Read more

Brexit has been positive for the City, says broker FinnCap

The head of the City broker FinnCap has said Brexit has been a boost to the Square Mile as it has allowed regulators to ditch EU red tape.  Sam Smith, chief executive of the London-listed business, said more money is... Read more

Questor: what lessons can we learn from our successes and failures over the past year?

This highlights the importance of portfolio diversification. Even the most compelling investment opportunities can be blown off course by unforeseen circumstances that cause material underperformance relative to the wider stock market. Similarly, stocks can remain materially undervalued even when their... Read more

The key dates for your finances in 2022

A cost of living crisis is on the horizon. Soaring inflation and further interest rate rises in 2022 mean households are likely to see significant jumps in their monthly outgoings.  There are also a lot of legal changes scheduled for... Read more

Touker Suleyman: ‘I lost everything on a bad deal – even my home’

Are you a saver or a spender? A bit of both. I live in a nice home. I drive an electric BMW i3 car. I’m not a big spender. People who know me, since my 20s and now, know my... Read more

Landlords’ soaring profits threatened by looming tax crackdown

But investors also made up 13.4pc of vendors last year, selling 201,300 properties. This resulted in a net loss of around 17,200 homes from the buy-to-let market. The sector has been losing more investors than it could entice since 2016,... Read more

Dear Richard: ‘My partner has already taken my Christmas gift back to the shop’

Dear Richard, As I write this it’s the day after Boxing Day, and the coat I bought my wife has already made its way to the returns department of our local store. She’s exchanged it for some other things (a... Read more

Meet the man behind Devon’s Da Vinci Code

If ever you find yourself in rural Devon, somewhere roughly at the midpoint between where Exmoor ends and Dartmoor begins, cleave a path to Coldridge, a tiny village at the very top of a boggy hill.  There is no quaint... Read more

Half and smaller bottle wines to try

If you’re not doing dry January but want to cut back on wine drinking this month (or for longer), then one simple idea is to buy smaller bottles. Couples sharing a half bottle of wine – that’s 37.5cl – are... Read more

Why ginger is the ultimate winter ingredient

While shops won’t specify the variety, there are a multitude of kinds of ginger, and you may notice differences in flavour from one batch to another, a faint bitterness perhaps, or a more floral quality. Some are distinctly hotter than... Read more

Drew Barrymore’s healthy home recipes

When Hollywood stars get a little more… mature, they often add food and drink ventures to create a “portfolio” career: everyone from George Clooney selling tequila, to Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness recipes, to Stanley Tucci fronting documentaries on Italian food. Drew... Read more

Drop your midlife weight gain with this one simple exercise

There were also people on the older side – one regular is 84 – all just getting on with their own thing. Most importantly, none of them was looking at me, making the invisibility of the older woman a superpower... Read more

Potato milk and dream therapy – the health trends to watch in 2022

It’s not just potatoes – sunflower seeds are set for a revival next year. In the US, Ben & Jerry’s recently released sunflower seed ice cream, while Whole Foods has sunflower butter, and brands including Biona have leapt on the... Read more

Can meditation really transform men’s health and happiness?

Most people start with mindfulness, because it’s so simple. John Purkiss, who  first turned to meditation 25 years ago when he was “stuck in Paris with no money and a relationship ending”, says “the principle of mindfulness is unbelievably simple:... Read more

The Cotswolds will be declared full and we will run out of gin – here are my predictions for 2022

I chuckle to myself at the prophesied trends one reads about at this time of year. You know the sort of thing: in 2022, we should all paint our bathrooms magenta and the hottest holiday destination will be a small... Read more