Britain’s appalling cancer survival rates must be the focus of the next public health drive

Cancer is brutal and it’s relentless. There are no waves or peaks, just thousands of deaths every week, many of which are unnecessary and entirely avoidable. Survival rates in the UK are poor considering our wealth. The list of countries performing... Read more

Ukraine exposes just how weak the humiliated West has become

As a Russian invasion of Ukraine looms, it isn’t just the fate of one nation that hangs in the balance. It’s that of the entire West. After communism’s defeat in the Cold War, the American scholar Francis Fukuyama notoriously predicted... Read more

The Responder, review: Martin Freeman’s police patrol is one long, brutal night of the soul

The first thing to say about The Responder (BBC One) is that it’s not a police drama. It’s a drama about a police officer, and the two should not be confused. The second thing to say is that the opening... Read more

Adele’s career was note-perfect – until Vegas

There have been reports of explosive arguments between Adele and acclaimed designer Esmerelda “Es” Devlin, who has previously created productions for Beyoncé, Kanye West, U2 and the Pet Shop Boys. A source has claimed that “there was no real clarity... Read more

Save us, beg the GCHQ-trained Afghan spies still in hiding from the Taliban

The Home Office says the second programme, the Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme (ACRS), “will prioritise those people who have assisted the UK…who face a particular risk from the Taliban, for example because of their stand for democracy and human rights,... Read more

Lord Agnew’s parting shot at No 10: ‘It could cut tax by 1p if it took Covid fraud seriously’

Downing Street could cut 1p off income tax if it tackled Covid fraud properly, Lord Agnew of Oulton said on Monday as he dramatically quit the Government. The peer called Downing Street’s handling of Covid business loan fraud “schoolboy” as... Read more

BeLikeJosephine: How little girl who played by the rules set a better example than our political elite

A day earlier, Josephine had written a letter to the Prime Minister on her seventh birthday to tell him she had cancelled her party.The schoolgirl, from Stubbington, Hampshire, said: “I am staying at home because you asked us to.” She... Read more

Monday morning UK news briefing: No 10 police quizzed by Sue Gray

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson has ordered a Cabinet Office investigation into claims that the Chief Whip cited an MP’s Muslim faith when she was sacked from the front bench. Mark Spencer took the highly unusual step of outing himself as the... Read more

EU’s veiled threat as it warns UK must maintain ‘political goodwill’ for Northern Ireland deal

Northern Ireland will hold elections for the Stormont Assembly on May 5. Officials on both sides have fears the ballot could become a de facto referendum on the protocol if a deal is not reached in February or March.  Mr... Read more

Peter Pike, Labour MP for Burnley who worked hard behind the scenes – obituary

Despite his birth in Hertfordshire, Pike’s roots were in the town he came to represent. Evacuated to his grandmother’s in Burnley after his seventh birthday was disrupted by a V1 cutting out overhead, he became a lifelong Burnley supporter, and... Read more

Lord Agnew: the ‘virtual unknown’ who is well known among Tory leadership contenders

As he resigned, Lord Agnew insisted: “It is worth saying that none of this related to far more dramatic political events being played out across Westminster. This is not an attack on the Prime Minister and I am sorry for... Read more

From Chequers to checkers: David Cameron’s ‘ticket tout’ look is the talk of Twitter

David Cameron faced mockery for wearing a tartan fleece and a baseball cap, prompting a string of memes and the Culture Secretary to compare him to a ticket tout. The former prime minister made the apparently controversial sartorial statement on... Read more

Sajid Javid set to face questions over Nusrat Ghani ‘Muslimness’ sacking

On Monday night, an ally of Mr Johnson’s claimed that Ms Ghani “just wasn’t up to the job” of being a junior transport minister and “wouldn’t have gone if she was vaguely competent”. Mr Javid quit as Chancellor in the... Read more

Boris Johnson orders inquiry into Nusrat Ghani’s Islamophobia claims

Boris Johnson has ordered a Cabinet Office investigation into Nusrat Ghani’s Islamophobia claims and insisted he is taking the issue “extremely seriously” after a row engulfed the Conservative Party over the weekend.  Ms Ghani had accused Boris Johnson of failing... Read more

Joe Biden’s ineptitude has killed off the bull market

Political leaders can’t usually create bull markets, but they can create bear ones – and this is Biden’s bust.  It is unlikely that Joe Biden is going to start tweeting about how great the stock market is doing under his... Read more

Money Makeover: ‘Can I retire next year and live off my buy-to-let properties?’

While investing is the best way to protect your wealth from being eroded by inflation, it is not for the faint-hearted. The US stock market, the world’s largest, has had a rocky start to the year, with the benchmark S&P... Read more

‘Thames Water has demanded £700 and ignores me when I say it should be £20’

Sally says: I contacted Thames Water and asked it to pull the plug on these repeated mailings and get your bills sorted out once and for all. The firm quickly apologised for the mistake and deleted the £707 direct debit... Read more

‘I’m at war with my siblings – can I force the sale of my mum’s house?’

As a joint owner of property, the law is clear that you and your brother who wants to sell are entitled under section 14 of the Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (often referred to as “Tolata”)... Read more

Investors face tough year as dividends to fall 7pc in 2022

Laura Foll, of fund manager Janus Henderson, said income from Shell would be the highlight for investors. “Shell reset its quarterly dividend higher in mid-2021 and said it would grow dividends 4pc annually from this new level. This increase, along... Read more

Dear Richard: ‘I’m attracted to a work colleague but she’s older than (and senior to) me’

Dear Richard, There’s a woman at work I would really like to get to know better but I don’t know the best way to approach her. We don’t work closely together but she is at a higher level than me;... Read more

Americans can be as snobby about class as Brits – we just hide it better

Downton Abbey has a whole new accent. In his new series The Gilded Age, Downton creator Julian Fellowes tackles 1880s New York, a period as aswirl with money (old and new), social-climbing and upstairs-downstairs drama as early 20th century England.... Read more

Forget being vegan, go planet-friendly ‘regen’ (and you can still eat meat)

Tisdall-Downes is at pains to stress that Regenuary is far from a dig at Veganuary or veganism. “It doesn’t have to be about one or the other. There’s nothing to stop you from embracing vegan regenerative eating.” The problem in January... Read more

A coffee shop on every corner – how Costa took over the UK

The chains then, are generally not overpriced by Inzani’s standards: at Costa a medium latte is £2.45, £2.60 at Starbucks, and £2.35 at Caffé Nero though obviously larger sizes do approach the £3 mark. One of the reasons people might... Read more

The midlife health habits that can change your life

Dr Arroll advises “habit-stacking”, where you anchor a new habit onto an existing one, making it easier to integrate into your daily routine. If you are giving the midweek mini fast a go then try stacking another new habit on... Read more

My sons and I ran 288 miles between Maggie’s centres in memory of my wife

Rob Flett, 51, is a journalist and lives in Orkney  My wife Moira has always been brilliant about getting us out and doing stuff. We went hiking in Morocco, camping, cycling, kayaking – everything. She was incredibly active herself, too,... Read more