Road protests must be punished by law

The defeats inflicted on the Police Bill in the House of Lords were not so much a setback for the legislation as its complete evisceration. Into the early hours of Tuesday, peers voted 14 times against government measures or to... Read more

The NHS and the BBC must accept reform or they don’t deserve to survive

As a junior reporter many moons ago, a visit to the magistrates court in pursuit of a story was a routine assignment avoided if possible. Most of the cases were low grade: drunk-driving, petty thefts, a burglary that wasn’t sent... Read more

Activision Blizzard boss scores $400m payday after Microsoft pounces on Call of Duty maker

The takeover follows a concerted effort by Activision to clean up its image. The company has reportedly ousted more than 30 staff and disciplined 40 others since the summer in an effort to clean up its image amid allegations over... Read more

Joss Whedon forgot the first rule of the ‘damage control’ interview – just shut up

He shared some regrets around how he spoke to Carpenter after learning she was pregnant. “I was not mannerly,” he said. But he refuted her claims. “Most of my experiences with Charisma were delightful and charming. She struggled sometimes with... Read more

Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile, review: tantrums over teddies and little else

Broadcasters have schedules to fill, as we all know, but what was the point of Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile? If you have followed the Ghislaine Maxwell case with interest, then there was nothing new to see here. And... Read more

Covid contract awarded to friends of Dominic Cummings was lawful after all, court rules

The Government has won its Court of Appeal bid to overturn a ruling that a contract given to a company whose founders were friends of Dominic Cummings was unlawful. Last year, the High Court ruled that the Cabinet Office’s decision... Read more

Labour unhappy with No 10’s choice of NHS boss… because he used private healthcare

Asked when he last used it, Mr Meddings said: “I had what turned out to be an unprovoked DVT late last year. I started within the health service. I went to my GP, and my GP referred me to scans... Read more

Jeremy Hunt: My ambition to be Prime Minister has not completely vanished

In what has been viewed as one of the first indications of a potential leadership campaign, he told The House magazine: “I think the issues around ‘partygate’ are substantive issues. “They are important issues and we’re now waiting for the... Read more

Brussels backs down on clearing clampdown in post-Brexit boost for the City

Brussels has extended London’s lucrative clearing rights until 2025 in a significant backdown by the European Union and a post-Brexit boost for the City of London. Mairead McGuinness, the financial services commissioner, said the European Commission will allow banks and... Read more

UK told to prepare for ‘crisis mode’, as weapons flown to Ukraine to defend Russian invasion

An MoD spokesman said: “Germany has not denied access to its airspace as the UK did not submit a request, there has been no dispute between the UK and Germany on this issue.” British diplomatic sources in Berlin said the... Read more

Rishi Sunak refuses to give Boris Johnson full backing as talk of no confidence vote grows

However, some MPs from the 2019 intake expressed scepticism. One told The Telegraph: “I think there’s a lot of b—— being put out there about 2019 MPs. I think a lot of colleagues are holding firm rather than going wobbly.... Read more

The case against cultural repatriation

The West has taken a very strange and unfortunate turn in recent years. Instead of seeking meaningful – even joyous – survival as the leaders of the free world, we have turned in on ourselves. We should be shoring up... Read more

Wise up Boris, the cost of living crisis is already here

Instead, as it flails around in its desperation to change the subject from Partygate (good luck) and throw “red meat” to the electorate, the Government’s attempts to combat the cost of living crisis have become increasingly muddled. It has, for... Read more

Scotland to lift most Covid restrictions from Monday, says Nicola Sturgeon

Although the number of people in hospital has increased by 67 in the past week, she said that rise was “significantly smaller” than the total recorded in the previous seven days and new admissions were falling. But the First Minister... Read more

Sajid Javid declares ‘war on cancer’ as 6m people wait for diagnosis and treatment

“It’s time we launched a war on cancer and I’m working on a new vision to radically improve the outcome of cancer patients across the United Kingdom, and I’ll have more to say on this in due course.” It came... Read more

Government will draw up new laws to tackle Insulate Britain after Lords defeats

The rejected measures – including banning orders for repeat protesters – had been introduced in the Lords by the Government as amendments to its own proposed legislation. They would have allowed police to stop and search anyone, without suspicion, for... Read more

Ministers award £300,000 takeover intelligence contract to firm part-owned by Tory MP

A data intelligence firm partly owned by an influential Tory backbencher has won a government contract to monitor foreign takeovers of British companies, under new laws to curb Chinese and Russian influence. Tom Tugendhat, the chairman of the foreign affairs... Read more

‘Wildly incorrect’ Covid modelling bounced Boris Johnson into second lockdown, MPs told

Boris Johnson was bounced into the second coronavirus lockdown after a “terrifying” and “wildly incorrect” model warning of 4,000 deaths a day was leaked to the press, MPs have heard. Speaking at a debate at Westminster Hall on the use... Read more

How smart was Dominic Cummings’s latest move?

Unencumbered by such base hindrances as loyalty or the need to get another job, Cummings, who has family wealth to fall back on, is prepared to do what it takes to bring down Johnson, no matter the cost to his... Read more

Retirees need more help managing pensions, MPs warn

Retirees need more help with their pensions to stop them making bad decisions and the Government should step up its role in the space, an influential group of MPs has said. Savers should be automatically signed up for a meeting... Read more

‘AIG cancelled my health check cover’

Dear Sally, I have held a Ladyscreen policy (originally from American Express but now AIG) since May 2002, which gives me cover for checks against certain female cancers. I always paid my premium annually by Amex card. In November 2020... Read more

Cyber attack leaves self-employed with no money to pay bills

Thousands of freelancers have been left without wage packets, unable to pay bills or even buy food, after two large payroll firms were hacked.  Self-employed workers have been left without their normal incomes for days after umbrella payroll firms Parasol... Read more

Questor: this small Scottish housebuilder appears to have solid foundations. Buy

Springfield’s geographic positioning makes it particularly interesting for three reasons. First, Scottish house prices are motoring. The latest survey from Halifax (for last month) shows that prices rose by 9.7pc year on year. However, the average selling price is £192,988,... Read more

Savers wrongly overtaxed £3,250 on pension withdrawals

Sir Steve Webb, a former pensions minister and now partner at consultancy LCP, said it was a “disgrace” that ordinary savers who wanted to access their pension savings were routinely overtaxed and forced to claim back the excess.  “This ‘money... Read more

Government scheme to save cash on the high street accused of sinking without trace

A Government scheme to restore access to notes and coins in cashless communities has been dubbed a failure after it emerged few shoppers have heard of it. Thousands of shops have allowed customers to ask for cashback without buying anything... Read more