Has Sajid Javid been captured by the NHS blob?

It is hard not to have a soft spot for Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, who comes across as a decent and principled man. He was certainly right about Dominic Cummings, refusing to bow to his attempt to control the... Read more

Putin has assembled no ordinary peace-keeping force

The arrival of a Russian-led  “peacekeeping” force in Kazakhstan might help to stabilise the country’s internal difficulties, but it looks more like another power grab by Russian President Vladimir Putin than an act of neighbourly solidarity. As US Secretary of... Read more

Donald Trump offers a grim warning about the West’s political future

A year ago, it felt as if the sunshine was dispelling memories of a bad dream. Donald Trump’s malign grip on the Republican Party seemed to have been broken. In defeat, the president had revealed himself as what he was:... Read more

Kazakhstan underlines the weakness of the West’s approach to Russia

The entrance of Russian troops into Kazakhstan, part of an operation by the forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation of ex-Soviet states, has been described euphemistically as a peacekeeping operation. The Kazakh government has been facing a wave of... Read more

Liz Truss lays down the right lines on the Northern Ireland Protocol

The Northern Ireland Protocol is a disaster, the product of an unequal treaty the Government had no choice but to sign. It is costing the Province’s economy an estimated £2.5 million a day and the border down the Irish Sea,... Read more

Inept Government decisions are the real root cause of our problems

The country is facing two profoundly serious crises, one of which is already upon us with the other scheduled to arrive within months. The first is the extraordinary collapse of staffing numbers in essential public services, most notably the NHS,... Read more

Was appeasing Hitler really such a bad idea? Thanks to Netflix, we will never know

Old statues are not the only target of the modern iconoclasts. Revisionists are now asking other questions about our history, like: was appeasement of Hitler really as bad as all that? This particular question has been popularised by a Robert... Read more

Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win is the best game show since Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Racing hearts, dry mouths, shaky hands. That wasn’t just the contestants but the hosts as well, and I’ll wager millions of viewers had the same symptoms. Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win (ITV) was the most viscerally thrilling big-money game show... Read more

George Osborne told: You’d better hope protesters don’t come for Elgin Marbles, after he backs ‘Colston four’

They opted for a jury trial, claiming the statue was itself a hate crime and it was therefore not a criminal offence to remove it. Mr Osborne’s remarks were posted as Suella Braverman, the Attorney General, was criticised for saying... Read more

The public won’t forgive food shortages

I am one of the few farmers in the House of Commons, so I have been well placed to examine the Government’s plans for the post-Brexit future of farming. The Public Accounts Committee, of which I am deputy chair, investigates... Read more

I will trigger Article 16 if the EU does not cooperate

The union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland has proved itself time and time again. But so much of the progress we have seen in Northern Ireland rests upon the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement, which secured peace and stability. I... Read more

Green payments for farmers could lead to ‘big increase’ in food prices

Separate figures compiled by the Liberal Democrats show that the proportion of households in fuel poverty is higher than the national average in the constituencies of eight Cabinet ministers, including Mr Johnson, Mr Sunak, and Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary.... Read more

Nadhim Zahawi becomes first Cabinet minister to back cutting self-isolation period to five days

Meanwhile, the former head of the UK’s vaccine taskforce has said that mass vaccination should be ended after the current booster campaign because Covid is developing into an endemic virus similar to the flu.  Dr Clive Dix, who stepped down... Read more

Venues must protect public from terror attacks under Priti Patel proposals

There is currently no legislative requirement for organisations or venues to consider or employ security measures at the vast majority of public places. Ministers have pledged to introduce Protect Duty legislation at the earliest opportunity, along with a new online... Read more

Boris Johnson to escape standards investigation over Downing Street flat makeover

Boris Johnson has been told that he will be spared a potentially damaging investigation by the parliamentary standards commissioner over the redecoration of his Downing Street flat, The Telegraph understands. A Whitehall source said No 10 was informed last week... Read more

Green tax burden set to increase more than 40 per cent over Boris Johnson’s premiership

The Taxpayers’ Alliance analysis found that the main “green taxes” in the UK cost individuals and firms £11.5 billion in the 2020-21 financial year, and are forecast to rise to £16.7 billion in 2023-24 and £18.8 billion in 2026-27. The... Read more

Liz Truss: I’ll use Article 16 if EU won’t bend on Northern Ireland Protocol

Liz Truss will insist on Sunday that Britain will overhaul the post-Brexit agreement over Northern Ireland unilaterally if she cannot reach a “negotiated solution” with the EU. Writing in The Telegraph in her first intervention as Boris Johnson’s new Brexit... Read more

The ‘irreversible’ pension mistake costing women £1bn each year

Tens of thousands of women miss out on more than £1bn every year by failing to split pensions during their divorce. The stresses and strains of the festive period push couples to breaking point each year, with the first working... Read more

What the Government’s cladding ‘reset’ means for flat owners

Homeowners trapped in flats in high-rise buildings covered in cladding could soon be spared from huge bills by an impending Government “reset”. But campaigners have warned the plans will fail to protect leaseholders from hefty costs.  Levelling Up Secretary Michael... Read more

How much inheritance tax will I pay – and how can I reduce it?

Inheritance tax is deeply unpopular and many see it as unfair. Avoiding the death duty is a priority for many people as they grow older. But while tens of thousands of people must pay the hated 40pc levy each year,... Read more

Five quick ways to reduce your income tax bill

2) Give to charity Donating to charity is tax free, if done using gift aid or directly from a worker’s wages or pension – known as “payroll giving”.  If you make a charitable donation of £80 under gift aid this... Read more

Shoppers say retailers should be forced to accept cash

The British public think shops and restaurants should be forced by law to accept cash, research has found. Six in 10 shoppers would support a move to make cash acceptance compulsory, according to a major survey conducted for Telegraph Money... Read more

‘I spent £20,000 on model trains – and they will fund my retirement’

The pastime has also benefited from a healthy dose of positive PR, with celebrities such as Rod Stewart publicly showing off his beloved model network. It was so expansive that it required seven shipping containers to relocate it to Essex... Read more

Downsizers cash in on property market boom

The thought of “downsizing” is not one that many people relish, especially when it involves saying goodbye to a beloved family home. To many, the problem is what it represents: that you don’t need so much and you are entering... Read more

Sell these ‘best buy’ funds failing to beat their rivals

Almost £5bn is invested in poorly performing funds recommended by Britain’s largest stockbrokers. Fund shops Hargreaves Lansdown, Interactive Investor and AJ Bell, which have around 2.5 million customers between them, compile “best buy” lists to help customers pick suitable funds from the thousands... Read more