As Boris Johnson clings on to his dignity, momentum of Tory rebellion may be dwindling

The Prime Minister hit back: “I don’t know what he’s talking about… I take full responsibility for everything done in this pandemic and throughout the pandemic.” After the sensational session ended, Mr Johnson announced to MPs that Plan B measures... Read more

Boris Johnson: I won’t quit if rebels force a no confidence vote

The Prime Minister addressed the defection, declaring: “The Conservative Party won Bury South for the first time in a generation under this prime minister on an agenda of uniting and levelling up and delivering for the people of Bury South.... Read more

Brussels backs down on clearing in post-Brexit boost for the City

Brussels has extended London’s lucrative clearing rights until 2025 in a significant backdown by the European Union and a post-Brexit boost for the City of London. Mairead McGuinness, the financial services commissioner, said the European Commission will allow banks and... Read more

Boris Johnson’s wins outweigh his mistakes – and we need a steadying hand

As I watched Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, it brought back memories of the last days of Margaret Thatcher, when her own MPs, not the nation, called time on her.  Of course, there were reasons: she had been leader of... Read more

Super Moustache! Venezuelan government mocked over cartoon in which Nicolas Maduro takes on US

Mr Borges, a former congressman, responded to the episode by tweeting photos of Venezuelans searching through rubbish for scraps of food. He added: “Here’s the truth; the Super Destroyer of Venezuela. Maduro is misery and corruption.” A subsequent episode, released... Read more

Eric Zemmour: British plan to use Navy to block Channel migrants is a ‘very good idea’

His Calais visit coincided with Mr Macron’s speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg to mark the start of France’s six-month rotating EU presidency. Mr Macron reiterated his view that Britain’s migration system favours clandestine migration and does not allow... Read more

Jane Hartley, Joe Biden’s new pick for UK ambassador, ‘not seasoned enough’

Ms Hartley started her career working for the Democratic National Convention before briefly serving as an official in the Jimmy Carter administration in the 1970s, but spent much of the next few decades in the private sector, working leading two... Read more

Ukraine crisis: Emmanuel Macron calls for EU security pact with Russia in blow to Western alliance

In the city of Mariupol, just 12 miles from the front line in eastern Ukraine, the mood was wary but calm as people swam in the sea and held barbecues to mark epiphany. “I’m calmer than soldiers on the frontline.... Read more

Letters: Dominic Cummings brings heat but no light to the No 10 drinks row

  DVLA efficiency SIR – Unlike Colin Drummond (Letters, January 18), when I renewed my driving licence online a couple of weeks ago, I had an immediate confirmation from the DVLA that my application had been received. A couple of... Read more

The real threat to the Tories is the mass impoverishment of Middle England

Do the Tories really care about people like us? It’s in part because millions of voters are beginning to doubt the answer to this question that Boris Johnson is in so much trouble. The Prime Minister’s traumatic fight against the... Read more

Boris has cost the Tories their reputation for competence

If you asked voters at least up to the 2015 general election what they thought of the Conservative Party, it is highly likely that one of the responses would have been that it is able to get things done. If... Read more

We need a small-state Tory at the helm

No phrase in British politics is more calculated to harm than that uttered by Leo Amery to Neville Chamberlain in the Norway debate of 1940: “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I... Read more

Boris Johnson wanted to emulate Winston Churchill – instead, he’s become doomed Neville Chamberlain

In a devastating point-by-point demolition of Chamberlain’s handling of the war, Amery told him: “We are fighting today for our life, for our liberty, for our all – we cannot go on being led as we are.” He ended his... Read more

Home Office ‘burying bad news’ with plan to scrap daily Channel migrants data

The Home Office said it was considering the advice from the OSR and would publish its plans “in due course”, but would continue to publish daily data “in the immediate term”. Tory MPs warned that any attempt to ditch daily... Read more

Ditch Covid tests for vaccinated travellers entering UK, Theresa May urges Boris Johnson

UK travel is more restricted, complicated and costly than elsewhere By Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 committee The saying goes that the darkest hour is always before the dawn. During the pandemic, the UK’s aviation and travel... Read more

High Covid death rates skewed by people who died from other causes, admits Sajid Javid

The ONS has warned that the new year bank holiday will have pushed some deaths, which would usually be registered in the first week of January, into the second week. However Susan Hopkins, the chief medical adviser at the UK... Read more

Leadership contenders: As Liz Truss flew to Australia, Rishi Sunak sat by Boris Johnson’s side

Meanwhile, Mr Sunak’s recent meetings with backbench Tory MPs have been more focused on energy prices and the cost of living crisis. “But no doubt it helps him to meet new MPs,” remarked one frontbencher. A former minister added: “It’s... Read more

Facemasks no longer required in classrooms despite union protests, as Covid curbs binned

Facemasks will no longer be required in the classroom from Thursday, despite protests from teachers’ unions.  The move, announced by the Prime Minister on Wednesday, comes alongside the immediate lifting of guidance advising people to work from home if possible.... Read more

Five more Conservative MPs considering defecting to Labour

Mr Wakeford’s defection is the culmination of months of work by Labour figures, codenamed “Operation Domino”, to entice him to Sir Keir Starmer’s benches. On Wednesday night, friends said his decision had “not come as a surprise” because he was... Read more

Questor: we’ll stand by our aversion to ‘transformational’ deals and avoid Rentokil

It’s fair to say that we timed our purchase of Rentokil better than its sale. We tipped its shares at 293.3p in September 2017 and had we held on until now, with the shares at 512.6p, we would have banked... Read more

Savers to lose £400 with inflation 20 times higher than interest rates

Even top-paying accounts with eye-catching short-term bonuses fail to come close. £20,000 with Family Building Society’s Premier Saver, the best deal paying 0.72pc, will see the saver lose £888 over 12 months. Savvy savers who have traditionally moved their money... Read more

Families to be frozen out of mortgages as cost of living crisis hits

Michelle Leyland, of broker South Yorkshire Money, said lenders had already begun tweaking their affordability criteria to mirror rising bills.  She added: “Lending this year will no doubt be a bumpy ride as banks gauge the impact of rising living... Read more

Three bond funds to buy as interest rates and inflation rise

“Almost all asset-backed securities are ‘floating rate’ instruments which means the coupon they pay rise in-line with interest rates. As a result they are less affected by interest rate risk and tend to be far less volatile in environments when... Read more

‘I invested my partner’s Isa in tech stocks and lost £10,000 – should I tell her?’

Dear Moral Money, I became interested in investing at the start of the pandemic and made a lot of money buying fast-growing companies which boomed as the world became more digital. My Moderna, Peloton, Zoom and Ocado shares all more... Read more

Workers must demand 8.7pc pay rise to maintain current income

Workers must demand their pay rises by 8.7pc just to keep up with spiralling inflation and upcoming tax increases, after prices grew at their fastest rate in three decades. The consumer prices index climbed to 5.4pc last month, figures released... Read more