No 10 urgently needs a coherent energy policy

When the then Labour leader Ed Miliband proposed intervening in the energy market in order to keep customer bills down, the Conservatives decried his measure as socialism. Yet only a few years later, under Theresa May, they decided that the... Read more

Vladimir Putin is boiling Nato alive and the fractious West is incapable of responding

Finally, Germany has decided to get ahead of Russian aggression – by sending 5,000 helmets to Ukraine. Geddit? The mayor of Kyiv thought it sounded like “an absolute joke” too, demanding to know: “What will they give us next? Pillows?”... Read more

Democracy itself is imperilled when the political sphere is invaded by officialdom

Yesterday the Metropolitan Police put out a very short statement. They asked for “minimal reference” in Sue Gray’s forthcoming report on alleged parties in Downing Street to matters that the police are themselves investigating. Otherwise, there was a danger, the... Read more

The artist behind Adele’s ‘baggy old pond’: why Es Devlin is the Willy Wonka of design

Was it all a squabble over a pond? If anonymous sources in the tabloids are to be believed – and that’s a big “if” – the reason why the plug was pulled on Adele’s Las Vegas shows, just one day... Read more

Scotland Yard sends letters to Downing Street party ‘suspects’ after receiving Sue Gray dossier

The developments leave Mr Johnson in limbo, unsure what will be contained in Ms Gray’s report or when it will be released, as Tory MPs weigh up whether to oust him. It came on a day of finger-pointing and confusion... Read more

Foreign Office mandarin apologises for misleading MPs in Afghanistan animal evacuation row

The Foreign Office’s top mandarin has apologised for misleading MPs in the row over the evacuation of animals from Afghanistan. Sir Philip Barton, the Foreign Office’s permanent under-secretary, had told the Foreign Affairs Committee that Nigel Casey, the Prime Minister’s... Read more

Carrie Johnson offered to bring cake to Boris Johnson’s alleged lockdown-busting birthday party

Carrie Johnson sent messages to Downing Street staff offering to bring a cake to a birthday party for the Prime Minister that she instigated during the first lockdown, the Sue Gray inquiry has been told.  The Telegraph can disclose that... Read more

‘Partygate allegations have exposed the true Boris’: Readers on the week’s biggest stories

‘Democracy is worth fighting for – but I don’t know anywhere that has one’ @Ima Claret: “I do think that liberal democracy is worth fighting for but I don’t know anywhere that has one. Why America is always held up... Read more

Should he stay or should he go? Five Tory MPs on their dilemma over Boris Johnson

MPs are much better at sensing public opinion than many give them credit for. Emails in the inbox are an ever-present reality, but chatting to residents and keeping an eye on the way this issue has entered the public consciousness... Read more

Boris Johnson lines up Sir Lynton Crosby hard man and high flying civil servant for No 10 reboot

Mr Canzini is a former director of campaigning at the Conservative Party, who has spent more than two decades in Tory politics of some description. He keeps a low profile. His Twitter name is “DCGrumpy”, with a photograph of Darth... Read more

Dr Tedros accused of sacrificing ‘legitimacy of WHO’ over decision to attend Winter Olympics

The director general of the World Health Organisation has been accused of “undermining the legitimacy and authority” of the institution, after it emerged he is set to attend the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus will be joined... Read more

Propaganda coup for Islamic State as prison siege that was declared ‘over’ sparks violently back to life

This was “coordinated” with a prison uprising, where inmates seized weapons and captured guards, Al Naba said. IS footage from inside the prison showed cheering fighters wearing red headbands, signifying they were ready to fight to the death. Other footage... Read more

Leader of Germany’s far-Right AfD quits as he is not Right-wing enough

The leader of the far-Right Alternative for Germany party (AfD) has quit his own party because it has become too extreme. Jörg Meuthen announced he was resigning as AfD leader and leaving the party altogether. The 60-year-old said he was... Read more

The runners and riders for who could replace Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has come under increasing pressure in recent days amid the mounting allegations of parties in Downing Street. Sue Gray’s report is set to be released imminently, and the Metropolitan Police confirmed on Tuesday 25 January that it would... Read more

No 10 insists National Insurance rise will go ahead – ‘no ifs, no buts’

Instead, the source said that the Prime Minister was currently planning an “emblematic” announcement to soften the blow of soaring energy bills in April when the price cap is lifted. Despite Tory backbenchers urging Mr Johnson to postpone the 1.25... Read more

Online porn ‘no way to woo a woman’, says peer crusading for age checks

Online pornography normalises sexual behaviours that are not “how to go around wooing a woman”, a peer has said as he called for compulsory age verification checks. The Earl of Erroll told the Lords that freely available adult content “normalised”... Read more

Government nudge unit ‘used grossly unethical tactics to scare public into Covid compliance’

The unit was used to encourage compliance with coronavirus regulations during the pandemic. One advert showed a close-up photo of an intensive care patient in a mask, with the caption: “Look her in the eyes and tell her you never... Read more

Graduates hit by ‘stealth tax rise’ as student loan repayment level frozen

The IFS report calculated that in the long term, the Government will foot the bill for £5.9 billion per year of unpaid student loans, which are written off after 30 years. Paul Johnson described the repayment threshold freeze as a... Read more

Skyrocketing energy bills to hit £1,900 from April

Removing VAT from energy bills, which is currently levied at five per cent, would save £90 a year for households on a default “standard variable” tariff. The move would cost the Exchequer about £2.5 billion. It comes amid a deepening... Read more

‘Climate change action is colliding with the real world – and investors are losing out’

Owning Japanese shares has been a disappointment for investors. The stock market has still not recovered from its 1989 crash. Its “old economy” financial and industrial stocks have been out of favour as investors flocked to more exciting technology businesses.... Read more

Save money on your energy bills by making these small changes

British households continue to face surging energy bills after a supply crunch sent power prices soaring, but there are steps they can take to cut the costs of the bleak winter. Traditionally, the solution to rising gas and electricity tariffs... Read more

Questor: one of our Aim stocks fell by almost 10pc on Monday. But look at what it did next

The stock market had a bad day on Monday: the FTSE 100 fell by 2.6pc. But some of the Aim‑quoted stocks in our Inheritance Tax Portfolio did far worse. Volex, the portfolio’s best performer since purchase, lost 9.6pc, while TinyBuild... Read more

‘My neighbour may be damaging our wall with building works – do I have any rights?’

Dear Property Doctors,  We live in a lower ground floor flat within a semi-detached Victorian house in London. On the exterior wall side of the house is a narrow strip of land that separates our building and the next-door house... Read more

Energy providers playing hide and seek with their deals is an immoral assault on consumers

The energy market is already incredibly opaque, even without this added layer of confusion. Why? First, the poorly-named “price cap” is not a cap at all. It only limits the rate charged for each unit of energy. The headline figure... Read more

‘Surveyor who missed asbestos left my pregnant partner and me homeless’

Sally says: I shudder to think how you and your partner must have felt when the asbestos problem came to light. Asbestos is something that many people have an innate fear of – I know I do. Official figures show that... Read more