Sue Gray’s report must be published in full

Rarely, if ever, in British political history has the fate of a prime minister rested on the assessment of  a civil servant working for the government that he leads. By placing his future in the hands of Sue Gray, a... Read more

If Europe betrays Ukraine, it betrays itself

Ukraine’s tragedy is to be trapped between two imaginations, the Russian and the European. One has arms and spirit, the other does not (to paraphrase Stalin, Ursula von der Leyen lacks divisions). Germany has declined to send weapons to defend... Read more

The Good Karma Hospital, series 4, review: a sun-kissed Casualty in the subcontinent

Did you know that Netflix has a stock of fireplace videos? You choose from the classic or birchwood editions, then have the image and sound of a cosy fire crackling away on your TV screen. Amazon Prime Video offers an... Read more

The Caribbean with Andi and Miquita, review: much more than a formulaic celebrity travelogue

It’s been a rough few years for the celebrity travelogue. With the pandemic bringing international travel to a halt, television personalities who might previously have criss-crossed the globe for our viewing pleasure were forced to instead slum it in the... Read more

Trigger Point, episode 1, review: ITV has a blast with new identikit Line of Duty

Line of Duty is back! Oh, hang on. My mistake. Yes, Trigger Point (ITV) opens urgently with Vicky McClure speeding along in a police convoy, a voice on the radio asking: “Do we have confirmation of target?” and spouting mysterious... Read more

Labour plotting ‘eye-watering tax increases’ as Tories warn £30bn plans will cripple incomes

It’s not just about spending more; this country needs every pound to be allocated with purpose By Ruth Kelly, the secretary of state for education between 2004-06 “It’s the economy stupid!” The phrase belongs to James Carville, a strategist for... Read more

Liz Truss tells EU: Stop ‘re-running past arguments’ and resolve Northern Ireland Protocol row

And before EU-UK relations can be reset, Mr Sefcovic will demand reassurances from Ms Truss that she will not renege on the terms of any deal on the province. “We need to rebuild trust and this is done through respecting... Read more

Patients to receive new cancer drugs faster under Brexit rules shake-up

Patients will receive new cancer drugs more quickly following post-Brexit changes to the regulatory oversight of pharmaceuticals. The change of policy has already slashed approval times by as much as a month. The MHRA, Britain’s regulator, has approved seven cancer treatments... Read more

While Boris hangs on, poison is spreading through the Tory party

We are all familiar with the final stages of American gangster movies. Facing prosecution and prison, the accomplices and henchmen eventually talk. With nothing left to lose, their testimonies help to bring down the once imperious and untouchable kingpin. Tories... Read more

Number 10 police questioned by Sue Gray over Downing Street parties

He is expected to launch a clear-out of key Number 10 figures ensnared by the row, overhauling his top team of advisers and officials, in response to the probe. Officers ‘only too willing’ to co-operate Officers deployed to guard Downing... Read more

Sue Gray to examine Boris Johnson’s official diary as part of ‘partygate’ probe

Although the Deputy Prime Minister said there would be “full transparency”, he refused to confirm that the probe’s findings would be published in its entirety. Asked if the public will be permitted to see the report in totality, Mr Raab... Read more

Clashes between Islamic State and US-backed Kurdish forces leave more than 200 people dead

Over four days, 175 IS members have been killed, Siamand Ali, an SDF spokesperson, told The Telegraph, adding that 27 of his force’s soldiers had been killed. At least seven civilians have been killed, according to the London-based war monitor... Read more

Putin will never have another chance like this to overthrow the European strategic order

Stock markets have slipped – due to fears of central bank tightening, and peak tech earnings – but they remain stretched by any historic measure. Either investors are not paying attention to Ukraine, or they think that Mr Putin is... Read more

Don’t worry about the debt – Rishi Sunak can still afford to scrap his tax rises

Moreover, the pace at which the debt ratio should be reduced is not set in stone. As things stand, the OBR forecasts the current budget deficit (that is, excluding investment spending) to be down to zero and the debt ratio... Read more

Children to get Covid vaccine passports in time for half-term holidays

However, Steve Brine, a former health minister, branded the process “cumbersome” and called on the Government to “urgently find a way” for teenagers to be treated with “fairness and parity” when seeking to travel abroad. The Prime Minister has also... Read more

‘Several thousand’ NHS staff still set to lose jobs even if vaccine mandate delayed, warns health service chief

Delaying mandatory Covid vaccines for NHS staff would fail to stop “several thousand” people losing their jobs, a health service leader has said. All frontline healthcare workers in England will need to be double-jabbed by April 1 in order to... Read more

Ukrainians baffled by ‘Putin’s choice of puppet’ to lead after invasion

Viktor, a bus network manager, has a vague idea of who Mr Murayev is, but thinks he is too small-time to be a valuable candidate. “This is real, Moscow wants their own candidate, but this guy specifically, it’s impossible,” he... Read more

Cabinet ministers demand ‘proper’ investigation into Nusrat Ghani Islamophobia claims

A series of senior Tory backbenchers voiced their support for her, including Tom Tugendhat and Steve Baker. Caroline Nokes, chair of the Commons women and equalities committee, said her treatment had been “appalling”, adding: “Her faith has never made me... Read more

Rishi Sunak tried to distance himself from National Insurance hike, calling it ‘the Prime Minister’s tax’

The issue of the tax hike has been raised in particular by Red Wall Tory MPs who are concerned that they will be punished for the rise by voters at the next election. Negotiations between Boris Johnson and Mr Sunak... Read more

Questor: Diageo’s share price slump provides an opportune moment to ‘buy on the dip’

In addition, the company’s acquisition strategy should further improve its range of premium spirits. And, thanks to new products in the zero-alcohol and ready-to-drink segments, the firm is in a strong position to react to evolving consumer trends. Meanwhile, it is well... Read more

Why now is the time to invest in Scottish Mortgage

Investors should buy the dip in Scottish Mortgage, which now trades at a rare discount to the value of its portfolio. Analysts have advised savers to “drip feed” money into the £16.5bn investment trust, following a 27pc drop in its... Read more

The new golden neighbourhoods with house prices higher than London

St Albans, the Hertfordshire city where a typical home costs £569,300, has also boasted higher average prices than London every year since 2007. Long waiting lists mean properties sell without even hitting the open market. Buyers are attracted by the... Read more

The Police’s Andy Summers: ‘I made $1m a night – and played 150 times’

Andy Summers, 79, is the guitarist who found fame in 1977 with The Police, which became a ­multimillion-record-selling rock band. He has made 13 solo records, worked with many musicians and exhibited his photography. Today he lives in Santa Monica,... Read more

‘I lost £10,000 to scammers and Santander refused to help’

Sally says: You first contacted me in July 2021, after Santander rejected your claim for reimbursement. I asked the bank if it would look at your case again. My ­reasoning was that the fraudsters had been so persuasive that it... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Is it a good idea to share my home electric car charger?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more