Lady in red, Nadine Dorries, tells socialist BBC it’s hurting the poor

Prior to Monday’s statement on the future of the BBC, the Commons debated Beijing’s infiltration of Parliament – and while it’s a relief to discover that Britain is still worth spying on, one has to wonder if the commies haven’t... Read more

Inside Zen School of Motoring, the ‘chilled out’ dashcam show curing Britain of road rage

Not only did the three videos go viral, they succeeded in making the roads safer too. “People have messaged me and said that it’s helped their driving and their mental state while driving, and they sometimes hear my voice in... Read more

‘If the kid lives, so do I’: what Ricky Gervais’s After Life gets right about children with cancer

Similarly, After Life has always gone for the emotional jugular. The pathos finally hits hard in the last episode, when Gervais/Tony finds some much needed humility. Meeting the kids at the hospice, he even climbs down from his atheist stance – the... Read more

Encore! What it’s like to take part in a 24-hour, non-stop classical concert

Some might say 24 hours of non-stop cutting-edge music consisting mostly of electronic hums and swoops with weird writhing shapes projected onto the wall is a recipe for torment. Some might even be reminded of the joke about the man... Read more

‘We aristocrats have always had to reinvent ourselves to survive’

Our own contribution, at Upton Cressett, has been to launch a history and literary festival, create a sanctuary for white peacocks – not going well, I should add, after Mr Fox ate the latest pair I bought my wife for... Read more

Has the younger generation already killed off the BBC?

The licence fee gives the BBC an income of around £3.75 billion, with another £1.25 billion added through sales of its shows abroad and merchandising, giving it an overall budget which is larger than that of the Foreign Office, Defra,... Read more

Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure, review: Clarkson’s Farm wannabe leaves actor looking sheepish

A television personality with no farming experience buys a farm and attempts to run it, with often comical results. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. It’s impossible to describe Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure (BBC One) as anything other... Read more

Flogging plonk and shovelling muck: how these aristocrats keep their heads above water

It is terribly difficult for the plebs among us to know what is common. The interior designer Nicky Haslam has drawn up a list and printed it on a tea towel. Entries include vodka tonic, polo, cufflinks, James Bond and... Read more

The Betrayal of Anne Frank, review: a stunning piece of historical detective work

On August 4 1944, SS officer Julius Dettman received information that Jews were hiding in a warehouse complex at Prinsengracht 263 in central Amsterdam. The IV B4 “Jew-hunting unit” that he dispatched to search the warehouse found eight Jews in... Read more

Chopper’s Politics: SNP’s Ian Blackford on Scottish Independence and why Boris Johnson must resign

While Britain is distracted by boozy parties at 10 Downing Street, the SNP’s leader in Westminster, Ian Blackford, joins the Telegraph’s associate editor, Christopher Hope to sink his teeth into one of the biggest political questions of the next few... Read more

Boris Johnson must set out a sensible post-pandemic strategy

It is a cliche that the darkest hour is just before dawn but it is the sort of bullish assertion that should appeal to Boris Johnson as he contemplates an uncertain future. The Prime Minister risks being held hostage to... Read more

Boris Johnson has to prove that there’s still a point to the Tory party

Has the Boris spell finally been broken? The Prime Minister has always been blessed with a unique political sorcery: voters have never treated this maverick in the same way as they do other lesser politicians. He has a Houdini-like talent... Read more

Sir Keir Starmer accused of hypocrisy after refusing to apologise for lockdown office drinks

He said: “The picture of me was in a constituency office up in the North East. It was, I think, three or four days before the May elections, so we were really busy. “I was with my team, going across... Read more

Scrap Covid restrictions and trust Scottish public, Nicola Sturgeon told

Mr Ross cited Scottish government figures showing the country is past the peak of omicron, with hospitalisations predicted to fall sharply next month. The number of daily positive cases reported has halved in the past week. Arguing that people had... Read more

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak to avoid soaring energy prices thanks to ‘cap’ on Downing Street bills

In Downing Street, both the Prime Minister and the Chancellor are only liable for a “benefit in kind” to cover heating and utilities at their official residences. The benefit is limited to a maximum of 10 per cent of their... Read more

Don’t dodge responsibility over No 10 parties, says minister in veiled swipe at Boris Johnson

The format the report will take remains unclear, but fears have arisen that significant swathes could be redacted to protect the identity of officials, although Number 10 has said it will be published in full. Bob Blackman, a senior Tory... Read more

Extend face mask rules and risk three-figure rebellion, Boris Johnson warned

Tory Lee Anderson, the MP for Ashfield, urged the Prime Minister to switch from legal rules to voluntary guidance, saying: “I’m of the mind, as a Conservative, that people can make their own minds up if they want to wear... Read more

Nadine Dorries: My reforms could end prosecutions for refusing to pay BBC licence fee

Former Tory Cabinet minister Sir John Redwood said that the fee should be treated as a “household bill” to take “the pressure off the magistrates courts”. Ms Dorries also took aim at the BBC for killing off local news radio... Read more

Money Makeover: ‘I’m a widow, what should I do with my £125,000 inheritance?’

Losing a partner later in life and taking control of the finances for the first time is a heavy and emotional burden to carry. Mary Hall, 77, is struggling with this task after her husband died in March last year.... Read more

Record number of landlords cut tax bill by setting up new companies

Landlords also now face a 3 percentage point stamp duty surcharge on purchases and have been stripped of other tax breaks which had allowed them to claim allowances for wear and tear in their properties. Company structures allow landlords to... Read more

‘A missing signature cost me a £15,000 insurance payout’

Sally says: I asked Zurich to help put you out of your bureaucratic misery. After investigating, the company confirmed that there had been some confusion over the requirements needed from your brother-in-law which, combined with a delay in the documentation... Read more

‘Equity release was a terrible mistake’: are controversial loans a financial saviour or debt trap?

Turning your own home into a cash machine without having to sell it can be a real boon for older homeowners – but equity release can also be an “expensive mistake” when it is used for the wrong reasons. Releasing... Read more

Estate agents only have a dozen homes each for sale

The average estate agent branch has just 12 properties for sale amid a national drought of properties being put up for sale. Competition for homes has doubled in the last year, hitting unprecedented levels, as demand from buyers has far... Read more

I transformed my buy-to-let empire and made much bigger profits

On the upside, however, a more expensive property may be larger and attract more families who tend to stay longer. This means ongoing maintenance bills tend to be lower because there is less churn. Plus, with a pricier property you... Read more

Online car auction site threatens ‘dinosaur’ rivals

Only about a tenth of buyers insist on viewing the cars before purchase, and they are typically older bidders more used to physical auctions and dealers’ showrooms. Instead, buyers have access to hundreds of photos detailing any dings or scuffs... Read more