The cost-of-living crisis is politics at its most personal – ministers can’t afford to fail

As the furore over lockdown parties at Number 10 rages on, it is tempting to think that normal politics is in suspense, pending factual findings from Sue Gray, the senior civil servant given the unenviable task of investigating. Yet Ministers... Read more

To save his leadership, Boris Johnson must scrap the National Insurance increase

Where did it all go wrong? In a parallel universe, Boris Johnson would be surging in the polls by now, with the good news on omicron validating his decision not to put the country into full lockdown and the public... Read more

Dominic Raab: I’ll stop dangerous criminals abusing Human Rights Act ‘to line their pockets’

Dominic Raab has pledged to stop dangerous offenders from “lining their pockets” with taxpayers’ funds after a gangland killer was handed £15,000 compensation for being locked up with terror offenders. The Justice Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister said his human... Read more

John Bercow dismisses inquiry finding him guilty of bullying staff as a ‘kangaroo court’

John Bercow has denounced a parliamentary inquiry into his conduct a “kangaroo court”, as he reveals it will conclude that he bullied three House of Commons staff. The former Speaker has been found culpable on 21 counts of 35 brought... Read more

Tory MPs back legal challenge against masks in the classroom

The Government is facing a legal fight over face masks in the classroom as more than a dozen Tory MPs and peers backed a court challenge against the measure. Boris Johnson has been warned that there is “insufficient evidence” to... Read more

Keir Starmer: Boris Johnson and his politics of cynicism are poisoning the well of our democracy

Boris Johnson is “poisoning the well” of British democracy with his behaviour over allegedly illicit parties in Downing Street, Sir Keir Starmer has warned, claiming that the Prime Minister’s handling of the crisis risked a backlash akin to the fall-out... Read more

Carrie Johnson pictured breaking Covid rules hugging friend at West End club

Ms Pinder, a trained chef who co-wrote a recipe book, posted that the pair were celebrating, days after she became engaged.  Last year, she was pictured leaving through the front door of No 10 having been one of 30 guests... Read more

How Chinese spy Christine Lee ingratiated herself with UK business

Dutifully, her firm also trumpeted its support for Chinese president Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road” initiative, which has been criticised as an attempt to lure a string of developing nations into so-called debt trap diplomacy. She was at one stage... Read more

Michael Gove said to be on leadership ‘manoeuvres’ by courting Tory MPs at dinner

Michael Gove has been accused of embarking on “manoeuvres” after it emerged that he courted dozens of Tory backbenchers at a dinner hosted by the MP who ran his last leadership bid. The Levelling Up Secretary addressed up to 40... Read more

How Boris Johnson is dealing with anger from all sides as he fights to survive ‘partygate’

In one extraordinary intervention last week, Danny Kruger – Mr Johnson’s former political secretary, who is now MP for Devizes and a ministerial aide – warned that many people “have decided they cannot vote for us again while Boris Johnson... Read more

Boris Johnson must take ‘full responsibility’ for conclusions of ‘partygate’ inquiry, say ministers

As Mr Johnson faced a growing revolt by MPs and activists, Chloe Smith, the minister for disabled people, said she would be “looking extremely closely at the inquiry” conducted by Sue Gray, a senior civil servant. “I think it is... Read more

We must restore decency, honour and trust at heart of our Government

The No10 party situation is now an embarrassment to me and many of my colleagues. When you think “that’s it”, there is more, and more.  This is now becoming a matter where the integrity of all of Westminster is being... Read more

Iain Dale’s picks for who could replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister

She has had a torrid time of late in the Home Office, especially over the Channel migrant issue. It is difficult to see how she would have enough support to get to the final two but never underestimate the ‘Pritster’.... Read more

Boris Johnson could have passed tipping point of unpopularity from which prime ministers never recover

Not only was he Prime Minister “at the time of the most significant health crisis in Britain for 100 years” but, by forcing through a hard Brexit and transforming the Conservative Party, he “will have shaped British history, its economy... Read more

Tory MP: Downing Street staff partied but I couldn’t see my wife in hospital before our baby twins died

It came as further allegations surfaced that Downing Street staff were drinking so much during lockdowns that they brought in a fridge for weekly “wine-time Fridays”. Images obtained by the Daily Mirror showed pictures of a wine fridge, which could... Read more

Downing Street staff ‘brought in their own wine fridge for weekly parties’

Downing Street staff were drinking so much during lockdowns that they brought in a fridge for weekly “wine-time Fridays”, it has been alleged. Images obtained by the Daily Mirror showed pictures of a wine fridge, which could hold up to... Read more

Fraudsters uncover new technique to steal cash from families

Families looking to borrow money to cope with the burgeoning cost of living crisis have become the target of criminal gangs. Banks have warned of an alarming spike in “loan fee fraud” – just as Britons struggle with surging gas,... Read more

Market bubbles are bursting – here’s what investors should buy and sell

However, there have been many false dawns for the so-called “rotation” from growth to value. Similar moves were recorded at the beginning of 2021 and some professionals have predicted the rotation every year of the past decade. Terry Smith, star... Read more

Luxury home sales hit 15-year high as wealthy flock to the countryside

Buyers have also been drawn to the idea of a renovation project, particularly those with more time on their hands following successive lockdowns and a change in work patterns. Mr Fuller said: “People want property that has not been done... Read more

‘I’m seven and sold my digital drawing for £3,000’

The wild world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is a twisted vortex of digital money, complex computing and fast trades. It is not the obvious place to nurture creative talent in children – and yet for Emmy, seven, and Jack, five,... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Is a dashboard warning light a sign of imminent engine failure?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more

Dear Richard: ‘My adult son has turned our home into a war zone’

Dear Richard, Since graduating with a 2:1 in the summer, our 23-year-old son has returned home but has done almost nothing since. He has got into a rut of going to bed late, getting up at lunchtime, watching daytime television,... Read more

Six brilliant recipes using the humble tinned tomato

Was there ever a more versatile tin than one which contains tomatoes? They’re the base of so many dishes in cuisines from around the world and they bring brightness and vitality to food when fresh tomatoes are just a dream... Read more

I may have bought my home alone, but unexpected kindness means I’m not at all lonely

It is a new year, a new house and a new beginning. In some ways, I feel like a new person too, because although my house still has the same problems it had last year (which came up in the... Read more

I remember the days when long-term relationships were forged with a snog in the back of a taxi on the way home from a date

Sometime around this point in mid-January, the wheels come off as new year’s resolutions we vowed to keep begin to fall by the wayside. For this precise reason I’ve avoided making any hard-to-keep resolutions. Plus, life has been difficult enough... Read more