The best affordable home updates the interior experts swear by


Having plants will not only bring the outside in, but it’s said to be a mental health boost. According to Healthline, being around plants reduces anxiety and can also improve memory and attention span by 20 per cent. At a time where we spend most of our days at home for both work and play, that’s an added bonus. 

While you can pop to your local garden centre to find the right plant, online services offer sets to get you going on your journey. The Little Botanical has the My Home Bundle (from £55.25), a collection of best selling low maintenance plants. Plant Savers also offers an affordable selection with donations going to charity too.

And, if you’re looking for a way to have a frequent influx of greenery then houseplant shop Plant Pet Club offers subscription boxes. The Plant Pets Original subscription (£33 a month) includes an easy to look after plant with a complementing designer pot – or if you’d prefer not to receive a pot alongside it, there’s the option of two ‘naked’ plants. There’s also flexibility in the frequency of deliveries if you’d prefer to get a new plant as little as up to every six months.

For those who’d prefer not to have a plant to look after but are desperate for the look there’s faux options available. Wilko does an artificial succulent in a ceramic pot (£7.50) that will have you wondering whether it’s actually the real thing. Amaranthine Blooms also has single stems of artificial flowers including a white short magnolia branch (£14) if you’re looking to create a permanent flower display.

3. Add bold pattern to walls, floors and furniture

Try decorating your walls in a large wall pattern such as The Lawn Collection’s Quint Botanical Wallpaper (£66 per yard/3 feet). “Large-patterned wallpaper has negative space within the pattern which really helps to broaden the feel of the room. The large-sweeping florals of Quint Botanical draw your eye across the space, expanding it and making it feel bigger and brighter,” says founder Jess Murphy.


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