Cher: ‘You don’t have to be naked to look great’


Times, thankfully, have changed. Although, when I ask if she has any regrets she says, “Yes, but I’m not telling [you what they are]. Sometimes when you are going to go for looks that are amazing, you miss.” Notably, Cher has kept most of the pieces that she wore during those heady days when she was making chart-topping hits and fronting major films. “Save the things you love,” she says. “One item, a belt, a skirt can be the catalyst for a great outfit. I’ve had things for 30 years that I love and they still look great. When I put them together with something new, it can be magic.”

Again, this is very in line with the modern era, and one thing that marks Cher out is her determination to move with the times. She is famous for being very vocal on Twitter, arguing loudly with politicians she disagrees with – most notably Trump during his years as President. Over the last two years, one of her twin focuses has been CherCares – a pandemic fund that supports medical staff and people living with Covid to ensure they have the supplies support they need. The other is animal welfare, and she has worked hard to rehome abused elephants around Asia. 

As a result, fans of Cher have become more and more used to seeing her dressed down in jeans and shirt while campaigning for animal rights – from now on this look will no doubt always be accessorised with a pair of Ugg boots. Although the rhinestone-adorned, sheer jumpsuit-wearing fashion icon is lurking just below the surface

As evidenced by her answer when I ask what her fashion priorities are.“It depends on what I’m getting dressed for. Even though I don’t want to be uncomfortable, sometimes you do have to sacrifice comfort for beauty.”


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