All Star Musicals, review: a mixed bag of performances hampered by ITV tackiness

Ever idly wondered how a rugby player might look dressed up as PT Barnum? Or if a weatherman can rap like a Founding Father? Probably not, but welcome to All Star Musicals (ITV) – because what the world needed was... Read more

Thatcher & Reagan: A Very Special Relationship, review: a touching insight into a unique bond

What was it about the handsome Hollywood film star Ronald Reagan that Margaret Thatcher liked so much? Of course, they were close political allies with an ideological affinity. But Thatcher was also attracted to male glamour, according to her biographer... Read more

Tory MP David Warburton, suspended over sex and drugs allegations, admitted to hospital with stress

A Conservative MP suspended following allegations that he sexually assaulted women and abused cocaine has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital with stress. David Warburton, the MP for Somerset and Frome, had the Conservative whip suspended and is being investigated... Read more

Grant Shapps says onshore wind farms an ‘eyesore’ in Cabinet split over expansion

The plans are unpopular with others in the Cabinet, and Mr Shapps told Sky News: “I don’t favour a vast increase in onshore wind farms, for pretty obvious reasons – they sit on the hills there and can create something... Read more

Anglesey backed as location for first in new wave of nuclear power plants

Interest in the possibility of turning Wylfa into a site for new nuclear power stations since its current plant was decommissioned has existed for years. But such is the support for the new US project that Mr Hart will visit... Read more

Why Britain is doing better than the EU

To be clear, the Chancellor could, and probably should, have gone further in his Spring Statement. The measures announced last month will undo just one-sixth of the tax rises he has previously announced, and still left £30bn of fiscal headroom... Read more

Sunak calls in top City lawyers to help slash post-Brexit red tape

Rishi Sunak has called in top City lawyers to explore overhauling an EU-era rulebook to make it easier for foreign firms to do business in the Square Mile post-Brexit.  The Treasury has brought in lawyers from Hogan Lovells to advise... Read more

Germany-style energy rationing ‘will not happen in UK’ despite Labour calls

Labour has appeared to call for a German-style energy rationing plan to avoid shortages if Russia cuts off gas supplies to Europe. Jonathan Reynolds, the shadow business secretary, suggested he supported a scheme like that announced by German ministers last... Read more

Tory MP David Warburton’s cocaine and sex assault allegations referred to MI6

“It’s important that when the process is ongoing, we don’t immediately cast aspersions on the motives of alleged victims,” she said. “One of my main concerns about this is that there are three women who have come forward with allegations... Read more

The nannying Tories face oblivion if they refuse to get their priorities straight

The same day the gas bill doubled, it snowed. Oh, and restaurants were mandated to list calorie counts on menus. After 12 years in office, the Tories have gone from trying to fix the state to trying to fix us,... Read more

Exclusive: Government’s former ethics chief Helen MacNamara fined over ‘raucous’ karaoke party during lockdown

Police launched a criminal investigation into the ‘partygate’ allegations in January and have been looking at gatherings on eight separate dates between 20 May 2020 and 16 April 2021. The Telegraph previously revealed how at the event on the eve... Read more

Landlords hit by higher costs as banks cash in

Private landlords face rises of hundreds of pounds in their mortgage payments each year as they bear the brunt of higher interest charges from banks.  Mortgage brokers have reported a “significant increase” in buy-to-let mortgage costs since the Bank of... Read more

Questor: Upstart has been a thorough disappointment but deserves more time to come good

It has also made progress in expanding the size of its total addressable market by moving into car loans. That market offers significant opportunities for growth because it is more than seven times larger than the personal loan market, on... Read more

Chef Nathan Outlaw: ‘Fine dining was too ‘hush hush’ – we make more money now the restaurant’s relaxed’

Nathan Outlaw, 43, is the chef who found fame in 2004 when he won his first Michelin star. His Restaurant Nathan Outlaw had four AA Rosettes and two Michelin stars; it topped the Good Food Guide’s Top 50 Restaurants 2018.... Read more

Consumers reject energy smart meters that charge you more at peak times

British households are unwilling to install smart meters that charge different prices for their heating at different times of the day, despite rising costs. A Yougov survey for the Energy and Utilities Alliance, a trade body, found 55pc of households... Read more

‘Thieves used a hotel masterkey to steal my £3k laptop but Crowne Plaza won’t pay up’

Has a company treated you unfairly? Our Consumer Champion is available to help. For how to contact her click here.   Dear Katie,  In December I checked into the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Reading, where I was staying on business. Having attended... Read more

Parents throwing away £4,000 of their children’s savings

Parents are throwing away £4,000 of their children’s future wealth by saving in cash Junior Isas that pay low interest rates rather than investing in the stock market. Even the top cash savings accounts will cost youngsters thousands of pounds... Read more

The 10 essential questions you need to ask before buying a car this year

The bad news from oil industry experts is that prices could continue rising, possibly passing £2 per litre for petrol, with diesel going even higher. Dr Amrita Sen from Energy Aspects told the Commons Treasury Committee: “If you do it... Read more

Why have I caught Covid five times?

Perhaps the booster hadn’t had time to kick in yet, although experts say the vaccine doesn’t actually seem to do much to prevent you from catching the virus – it’s more about preventing serious illness.  And then last week I got... Read more

Why high-intensity exercise can help ease midlife pain

At the age of 58, cycling convert Marco Baggioli is relishing the high-intensity thrills of time-trial racing – a challenging sport that sees him cycle at speeds of 40-50kph. His vigorous workouts certainly hurt during the sessions themselves, but they... Read more

40 years on from the Falklands: ‘The deadliest day could have been avoided – it still haunts me now’

It has been 40 years, but Michael ‘Iddy’ Iddon can still taste the smoke pouring from Sir Galahad. Almost every night, as he lies in bed, the burning carcass of the Royal Navy ship looms into view, and the nightmares... Read more

The West is beating Russia at its own game

In modern warfare, winning the propaganda war can be just as important as achieving military success on the battleground in terms of shaping the ultimate outcome of a conflict. Which is why it has been so heartening to see our... Read more

Britain now has a moral duty to ditch the Northern Ireland Protocol

The Northern Ireland Protocol has smashed like a wrecking ball through the intricate politics of Ulster. The assembly election campaign is now in full swing there but, as things stand, there is no chance of power-sharing being restored. Not one... Read more

‘We need help’ – one grandmother’s heartbreaking plea for urgent support

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the desperate state of mental health provision in this country and asked you to write in with your experiences of accessing help via the NHS. You responded with heartbreaking honesty, and I am still... Read more

Six things we all brag about (and the ones we shouldn’t)

You may have seen that Donald Trump has been bragging, big time (or bigly, as he might say) about scoring a hole in one on his Florida golf course. “Trump brags” doesn’t exactly count as news. Trump was the Bragger-in-Chief... Read more