Green extremists must be shunned

If the public had any sympathy left for radical environmental activists who use disruptive tactics in the ludicrous belief that they will somehow save the planet, it surely evaporated this week. On the same day that energy bills soared due... Read more

Ukraine has inspired the West by example to relearn the lessons of Thatcher and Reagan

Forty years ago today, Margaret Thatcher learnt what happens when you fail to deter potential aggressors. Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. Our tiny garrison of Royal Marines surrendered and was made to lie on the ground. Britain was humiliated. The... Read more

Open House: The Great Sex Experiment, review: a flagrant nookie-fest dressed up as science

Never trust any TV programme that opens with a question. In the case of Open House: The Great Sex Experiment (Channel 4), the introductory voiceover asked: “Is it possible to open up your relationship without harming it?” And I can... Read more

Britain is heading for a salad crisis – make these six supermarket swaps now

“The only way around it is if I reduce my gas use to the minimum possible, but by doing that I’m only going to cause more problems with the plants and my production is going to be a lot lower,”... Read more

How control freak Vladimir Putin is repeating Adolf Hitler’s mistakes

With the Wehrmacht slicing into Ukraine as part of Operation Barbarossa, an enormous salient of Soviet forces had formed around Kyiv, threatening the flank of German forces headed to Moscow.  At the same time, said Sir Richard J Evans, the... Read more

Liberated villagers weep with joy as Ukrainian soldiers push back humiliated Russian forces

Ukrainian civilians have also accused drunken Russian forces of marauding and abducting people. In Trostyanets – a settlement in the eastern Sumy region –  the bodies of two missing civilians were found with gunshot wounds on March 30. “As Russian... Read more

Germany hits back at Britain over claim it is ‘over-eager’ for early peace deal

Berlin has, however, rejected claims that it is going soft on the Kremlin, insisting it has delivered the second-largest arms shipments to Kyiv. Steffen Hebestreit, a spokesman for the German chancellor, said: “First of all, I would like to convey... Read more

Vladimir Putin ‘running out’ of missiles – because parts are made in Ukraine

Viral videos have emerged of Ukrainian farmers towing away tanks that have run out of fuel or been abandoned by Russian troops. It is understood that Russia will also be unable to restock with Kh-55 cruise missiles, which are launched... Read more

Turkish ‘fraudster’ who gave money to Prince Andrew is living in apartment owned by the Queen

Mr Turk moved from South Kensington to Mayfair after his estranged wife, Nurhüda Cevahir, left him and moved to Dubai, according to court documents. A witness statement filed on behalf of Jonathan Tickner, head of fraud and commercial disputes at... Read more

Exclusive: Claims Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie received money from Turkish ‘fraudster’ linked to Prince Andrew

Mrs Isbilen has told the High Court she now believes the payment was connected to Mr Turk’s appearance at the event. Mr Tickner wrote to the Duke of York in March last year, but he “declined” to respond to questions... Read more

‘Historic’ moment as support for people with Down’s Syndrome written into law

Councils and hospitals will be issued with specific guidance on supporting people with Down’s syndrome under a historic new law. On Thursday, the UK became the first country in the world to pass legislation aimed at improving services for people... Read more

Boris Johnson faced backlash from 60 Tory MPs over plans to scrap conversion therapy ban

Sixty Conservative MPs including ministers contacted Boris Johnson and his whips to protest against the move to scrap a ban on conversion therapy, according to those who led the pushback. Mike Freer, the minister for equalities, is understood to have... Read more

Nadhim Zahawi: Children aren’t snowflakes, so let them read books with the ‘N-word’

‘You can’t deny the past’ Widespread reviews by councils of statues with links to the UK’s imperial past made him “deeply uncomfortable”. He said: “You don’t become a better nation, a more cohesive community by denying the past, removing the... Read more

‘Partygate’ fines handed to attendees of Downing Street private secretary’s leaving do

Scotland Yard announced it had launched a criminal investigation into the partygate allegations on January 25, but detectives have made slow progress in issuing the first fines. It had been suggested that one of the reasons for the delay was... Read more

Thousands more turbines could be built to treble onshore wind power

The current rules require local authorities to name areas for potential wind farm use – which only a small minority have done – and empowers local opponents to slow proposals. The new plans also place an emphasis on expanding onshore... Read more

‘Everyone thinks inflation is bad for bonds – they’re wrong’

Who is the fund for? With a product like LifeStrategy 80pc Equity you don’t need to tweak and move positions. It is designed to be a core long-term holding to see you through different market conditions. Typically, investors use it... Read more

Landlords spared £8k tax bills for taking in Ukrainian refugees

The tax trap threatened to catch out those who had transferred their property portfolios into professional companies to make their business more efficient, in the wake of harsher tax rules imposed in recent years. Landlords were not even able to... Read more

Council tax rebate: who will benefit and when will it be paid?

Nearly five million families in homes that were expensive in the early 1990s will miss out on the Government’s funding, even if their homes are not particularly pricey today.  Households in areas where prices have surged since 1991, on the... Read more

Questor: inflation shows little sign of falling but commodities, gold and property should hold up

The Bank of England’s assertion that this period of high inflation would prove transitory is being severely tested. The consumer prices index rose by 6.2pc in the year to February 2022, compared with 5.5pc in January. Inflation has now been... Read more

‘Am I crackers for investing £600k into risky stocks for fun?’

Rob Burgeman, investment manager at Brewin Dolphin, said: Portfolios invested in shares can be like gardens. They need regular pruning, and highly successful plants can quickly dominate their overall appearance.  Mrs Craggs’ portfolio is dominated by Empyrean Energy, which accounts... Read more

‘A charming conwoman slowly seduced me and stole £35,000’

Has a company treated you unfairly? Our Consumer Champion is available to help. For how to contact her click here.   Dear Katie,  Last year, I met a woman online called Alexis and we became great friends. Alexis told me she was... Read more

Dad was right, the younger generation needs a dose of reality

The fact is, young people have no real experience of managing prolonged periods of inflation or out-of-control energy bills. Nor do we have any memory of high interest rates. In 1975 the Bank Rate was 11.5pc; now it’s 0.75pc. My... Read more

‘Bailiffs are threatening me because of my neighbours’ bills. Do I have to pay?’

Dear Property Doctors, When purchasing our property, as with others on the development, we agreed to estimated management fees as part of the deal. It was confirmed that all properties would pay equal fees. Five years on, we have finally... Read more

Middle class families face £4,600 cost of living crunch

About 2.5 million more people have been plunged into “fuel stress”, experts have warned. Overall five million people will be forced to spend a tenth of their incomes on energy bills as a result, the Resolution Foundation think tank said.... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Which EV should I buy to replace my unreliable Jaguar I-pace?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more