Apple iPad mini 5 review: reasonable minimalism

In my opinion, the modern world does not need an iPad mini. The tablet appeared at a time when the existence of an iPhone with a large screen could only be dreamed of. Now, the iPhone XR is suitable for... Read more

Xiaomi Mi 9 review: geeky happiness

Almost every Xiaomi smartphone causes a strong reaction on the Internet, because it is inexpensive, and everything is cool in terms of characteristics. Especially when it comes to flagships: no one can beat Xiaomi in terms of price-quality ratio. Last... Read more

Russian data centers are running out of space, and the construction of new facilities has been halted

In the Moscow region, which contains more than 70% of the domestic data center market, free rack spaces are running out. According to iKS-Consulting statistics, if in the first quarter of 2021 there were 2860 vacant seats, then in the... Read more

"Putin must disappear": the President of the Russian Federation horrified Stephen King himself

The writer, who is called the “king of horrors”, saw a deadly threat to all people in the actions of Russian President Putin. American writer Stephen King, known for his bestsellers in the horror genre, believes that the President of... Read more

Google will remove the contact and confidential data of users from the search results if they contact

Google has announced changes to its search engine’s privacy policy to allow users to remove more personal and contact information from search results. Now users can ask Google to remove certain web pages from the search results that contain data... Read more

Elite fugitive: one of the ex-heads of Gazprom and Gazprombank came to Ukraine and asked to go to war with the Russian Federation

He fled from Russia to atone for his guilt before his Motherland with blood: the former vice-president of Gazprombank, Igor Volobuev, moved to Ukraine and wants to defend the land where he was born with arms in hand. Exclusively for... Read more

In Makarov, shells of a Mi-8 shot down in March were blown up, the remains of the crew remain on the field

In the chernozems, not far from Makarov, sappers destroyed the ammunition load of the Russian Mi-8 helicopter, which our army men hard-grounded at the beginning of a full-scale invasion. The field, which was supposed to be sown with Ukrainian wheat,... Read more

In Romania, the American BTG approached the border of Moldova: Arestovich believes that the war will go beyond the border of Ukraine

In Romania, the American BTG “Stryker Brigade” approached the border of Moldova due to escalation in the unrecognized Transnistria Meanwhile, in unrecognized Transnistria, which is controlled by Kremlin puppets, an airfield is being prepared for a possible landing of Russian... Read more

NVIDIA spent 1.8 million hours in 2021 testing its Game Ready drivers

NVIDIA has released a video in which NVIDIA Senior Product Manager Sean Pelletier talks about the progress made in developing drivers for GeForce graphics accelerators, and also shared some interesting facts about the development of Game Ready drivers. Image Source:... Read more

China has created a laser for satellite communications with a transmission rate of up to 10 Gb / s – Starlink only dreams of this

According to Chinese sources , a team of scientists from the Beijing Institute of Remote Sensing Equipment has developed a satellite laser communication system with record-breaking performance. It will allow organizing data exchange over a distance of more than 4,000... Read more

VK will buy Zen and News services from Yandex — the terms of the deal will be disclosed later

VK will become the new owner of the Yandex.Zen and Yandex.News services – this information was officially confirmed by both companies . The parties signed an agreement on the main terms of the transaction, all details of which will be... Read more

DNS returned to the top three largest online retailers in Russia

The retail network DNS, which specializes in the sale of computer, digital and household appliances, in 2021 increased sales on the Internet by 41% to 185 billion rubles, the Vedomosti resource reported . Thanks to this, DNS came in third... Read more

Monster Hunter Rise's next Sunbreak DLC will be in May

Publisher/developer Capcom has announced plans for another announcement of the massive Sunbreak expansion to its Monster Hunter Rise action role-playing game. Image Source: Capcom As it became known, the broadcast of the next episode of the Monster Hunter Digital Event... Read more

Elon Musk failed to regain his independence on Twitter

A judge has denied Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s motion to terminate his 2018 deal with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which requires the businessman to get all his Tesla-related tweets approved by a lawyer. In the foreseeable future,... Read more

Schneider Electric will sell assets in Russia to local management

In this situation, the French power engineering company Schneider Electric decided to sell its assets in Russia to local management. As a result of this procedure, it is reported that up to €300 million of the net book value will... Read more

The Russian manufacturer of storage systems and servers Yadro increased revenue in 2021 by 26% and increased the staff by 1.5 times

Russian electronics manufacturer Yadro reported on the results of 2021, which was successful for the company. Its revenue increased by 26% compared to the previous year, i.е. up to 33 billion rubles. (VAT included). According to the estimates of the... Read more

Half of Apple's top 200 suppliers ended up in quarantine zones in China

Approximately half of Apple’s 200 major suppliers have manufacturing sites in or around Shanghai, which is now a quarantine zone closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak in China, Nikkei Asia found. Image source: geralt/ It is known that more than... Read more

The Russian market of online video services for the first time predicted a fall

The domestic market of online video services for the first time in history may show a fall. This will happen due to the suspension of the advertising activity of world brands in the country and the restriction of licensing rights... Read more

Chuwi LarkBox X mini PC unveiled with Ryzen 7 3750H processor and AMD RZ608 module

Chuwi has prepared for release an updated nettop LarkBox X, built on the AMD hardware platform. The device is enclosed in a compact case with dimensions of 173 × 158 × 73 mm, and the weight is about 460 g.... Read more

Rumors: Blizzard is working on two mobile games in the Warcraft universe at once

Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier said that Blizzard is currently working on two mobile games in the Warcraft universe at once. Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment A well-known insider published the relevant information on the popular gaming forum ResetEra . According to... Read more

Yandex.Weather will provide thematic forecasts for certain classes

Yandex has expanded the capabilities of its meteorological service. From now on, Yandex.Weather can generate thematic forecasts for those users whose hobbies depend on weather conditions. Image source: Forecasts of the new format will contain information that is important... Read more

Innovation shifts to the East: almost 700,000 patents issued in China in 2021 – a new record

The head of the China National Intellectual Property Administration said that 696,000 invention patents were issued in 2021, up 30% from 2020. This “shifts innovation to the East,” stated a top industry official. Equally important, China continues to clean up... Read more

Huawei unveils Band 7 fitness bracelet with large screen, NFC support and price starting at $40

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has announced the Band 7 fitness tracker, which offers a wide range of capabilities in terms of tracking physical activity and vital signs. Image Source: Huawei The novelty is enclosed in a case with a thickness... Read more

Poco M4 5G smartphone will receive a Dimensity 700 processor and a 90Hz display

The Poco brand, created by the Chinese company Xiaomi, will soon announce the M4 5G mid-range smartphone based on the MediaTek hardware platform, according to online sources. Image Source: Poco It is known that the novelty will be based on... Read more

Huawei's revenue fell by almost 14% due to lower sales of smartphones – the company switches to other technologies

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei reported financial results in the first quarter of this year. It turned out that the company’s financial income decreased by approximately 14% compared to the same period last year, and profits fell by more than half.... Read more