Anish Kapoor leaves art rivals seeing red over ‘world’s blackest black’

It is not a paint, but a material made of carbon nanotubes – Kapoor’s particular version is sprayable – that allows for no shadows or demarcations. According to its creators, if a watch were coated in Vantablack, it would appear... Read more

Life After Life, review: a Groundhog Day period drama that makes you care about its characters

It’s BBC period drama time. Adopt the brace position. What crimes against historical accuracy are we about to witness? Which 21st-century preoccupations will be shoehorned into the script? Will Olivia Colman be in it? With great relief, I can tell... Read more

Boris Johnson: BBC more critical of Rwanda migrant plan than Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine invasion

On the same morning, the Archbishop of York joined the Archbishop of Canterbury in criticising the plan to send migrants to Rwanda. In his Easter Sunday sermon at York Minster, Stephen Cottrell said he had found it “so depressing and... Read more

Boris Johnson flies to India ahead of ‘dishonesty’ vote

Yet his intervention proved an outlier as most Tory MPs who spoke in the debate gave support to Mr Johnson, many citing the Ukraine war as the reason he should remain in place. On Wednesday, Labour will table a motion... Read more

How much Boris Johnson was fined and what the law says about Covid fixed penalty notices

Meanwhile, the leaving party for two No 10 employees in Jan 2021 broke the rule banning individuals from meeting people socially with anyone outside of their household.  How much will the Prime Minister have to pay? Fines for breaching Covid... Read more

Boris must’ve wished he was anywhere but facing ‘partygate’ fury … apparently Rwanda is nice

Boris Johnson is one of Britain’s most accomplished apologisers (the Tories once sent him to Liverpool to say sorry to an entire city). Now, having been persuaded by the police that he did indeed break the law, he was forced... Read more

Boris Johnson is not out of the woods

The decision of the Commons Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, to allow a vote on whether the Prime Minister’s breach of lockdown regulations should be referred to the Committee of Privileges is another first in an episode of unprecedented events. Just... Read more

Veil ban in schools sees Muslim girls get better grades and more mixed marriages

Banning the veil in schools led to Muslim girls getting better grades and more of them marrying outside their religion, a French study has found. State schools in France were asked to ban “ostentatious religious signs” – including Islamic veils –   in... Read more

Saying sorry won’t be enough to save Boris Johnson from the voters’ wrath

What exactly is a “full-throated apology”, to which we were treated by Boris Johnson in the Commons? It is clearly better than a mealy-mouthed version uttered from behind one’s hand with no obvious admission of culpability. It is preferable to... Read more

US mask ruling causes confusion as Joe Biden’s flagship Covid policy falls apart

The latest ruling comes months after the Supreme Court voted down Mr Biden’s plans to make large companies require that all their staff are vaccinated or masked and tested weekly.  The President’s popularity has plummeted to the joint lowest level... Read more

Russia seizes Ukrainian village to claim first ‘victory’ in battle for the Donbas

The General Staff of the Ukrainian armed forces said in an evening statement that the Russian attacks near Izyum were unsuccessful and that a counter-attack had recaptured Maryinka, forcing the Russians to retreat. A major Russian assault was also reported... Read more

Theresa May: I cannot support Priti Patel’s Rwanda migrants policy

Writing for The Telegraph, Mr Timothy, who also served as chief of staff to Mrs May in Downing Street, said: “The problem with the new asylum policy is not that it is an inhumane departure from civilised standards.” Andrew Mitchell,... Read more

Civil servants working from home, beware – Jacob Rees-Mogg is making spot checks on offices

Multiple government “crises” have been blamed on civil servants working from home and leaving ministers “without support”. “It was notable that the departments where we’ve had so many difficulties – the Home Office is a good example – had horribly... Read more

Boris Johnson will not ‘publicly lecture’ India on Ukraine as he chases trade deal

The Prime Minister has announced the UK will stop importing Russian oil by the end of the year and will phase out Russian gas imports. Mr Johnson has even recently visited the Middle East to convince Gulf states to increase... Read more

Boris Johnson ‘no longer worthy’ to be Prime Minister after ‘partygate’ fine, says Mark Harper

Mr Johnson said he had taken “significant steps to change the way things work in Number 10” after the departures of five key advisers in early February. Insisting he did not want to “minimise the importance of this fine”, he... Read more

Questor: simplifying can pay off – but what about spending cash on your own shares?

Comment: Share buybacks With nearly £33bn of share buybacks already announced by 29 of its members, the FTSE 100 is comfortably on track to surpass 2018’s record of £34.9bn in buybacks. The programmes already announced equate to 1.6pc of the... Read more

Savers enjoy biggest rate rise in more than a decade

However, Isa rates still lag behind pre-pandemic levels and savers risk their money being eroded by inflation, despite three successive interest rate rises by the Bank of England.  The average notice Isa, which requires advance warning before funds are withdrawn,... Read more

Five blunders caused by civil servants working from home

4. Passport delays have forced holidaymakers to abandon trips Holidaymakers have had to cancel trips abroad because of delays in the processing of passport applications.  Anyone who applies to renew their passport has been advised to allow up to 10... Read more

‘I’ve been parking on my neighbour’s land for 20 years. Can I keep doing it?’

Dear Property Doctors, We have used an area which we don’t own for the last 21 years to park our cars. It has been used as a car park for over 40 years, and we can obtain sworn statements to... Read more

Attacks on Rishi Sunak’s wife are based on ignorance – she is fully entitled to non-dom tax breaks

When you enter political life you become a target for criticism. In particular, no one becomes chancellor expecting to be popular. Rishi Sunak has acknowledged that.  After a good start, his popularity has fallen dramatically. In my last article I... Read more

The town where 15pc of homes changed hands in a year

“We enjoy watching the river traffic go by, as well as the many pubs, restaurants and coffee shops,” said Mr Pegley, 74. “We are looking forward to summer here.” Canford Cliffs, the affluent suburb of Poole in Dorset, saw the... Read more

Should we really be nannying our boomerang kids?

Lisa Markwell: ‘By now I’d hoped for M&S dinners for two’ Perhaps it was having my umpteenth lukewarm shower, or perhaps it was wanting to find the mozzarella I’d bought for dinner still in the fridge and not half eaten... Read more

Posh condiments are on the rise, but are they better than Heinz and HP?

British food is bland. It’s a common put-down and, if we’re honest, has kernels of truth. But while grey meat and over-boiled vegetables are mostly history, there’s one thing we’ve always done well in this country – something that certainly... Read more

The House of Lords is beyond wokeification

Oh, to be a fly on the wall as my noble and learned friends at the House of Lords reconvene after the Easter break next Monday. The fly would have to be gender-neutral, in keeping with a new guide issued... Read more

Tick-box Britain has failed Ukrainian refugees

We already know, as the war in eastern Ukraine intensifies, that Britain has led the world in providing military and humanitarian aid, sanctions and global leadership. But it is time to reckon with the fact that these achievements have been... Read more