We will help British farmers fill British fridges

In recent weeks, we have all been moved by the incredible courage of President Zelensky along with the extraordinary bravery of the Ukrainian army, and, above all, by the fortitude and resilience of the Ukrainian people.  Despite the many harrowing... Read more

Businesses and public bodies need to move on from Covid

Pandemic and lockdown were a personal tragedy for millions, from which we were rescued by science – and though public policy must remain vigilant and flexible, we do have a vaccine strategy in place to help us live with Covid.... Read more

All-singing, all-dancing return for Britain’s Got Talent – but that final act was a cynical shame

The heavily hyped comeback of Britain’s Got Talent (ITV) ended with a bang, a press of the golden buzzer and a hail of glitter confetti. Yet this rousing climax felt cynically contrived and against the supposed spirit of the show.... Read more

Letters: The practicalities of flying boatloads of failed Channel migrants to Rwanda

SIR – Due to a late change of plans, I was forced into booking a last-minute ticket from London to Barcelona for April 9. On entering my requirements into the BA app, I was greeted with a fare of £659... Read more

Robot fruit pickers could be deployed to stop Britons going hungry

The strategy, due to be announced in the coming months, is also expected to promote “alternative proteins”, including beans, pulses and lab-grown meat. The strategy follows an independent review by Henry Dimbleby, a restaurateur and entrepreneur, who warned that “eating... Read more

Labour’s hypocrisy on immigration knows no bounds

A key phrase in the Government’s new plan to stop people climbing into barely inflated dinghies and making the perilous trip across the Channel appeared to be lost on most of the left this week. The hand-wringing Twitterarti appeared to... Read more

Rishi Sunak told he needs more experienced ‘grey beard’ advisers to save his political career

A former Cabinet minister suggested that Mr Sunak hire new communications advisers with “grizzled experience” to handle any future “pratfalls”. The ex-minister suggested he poach Craig Woodhouse, Nadine Dorries’ director of communications at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.... Read more

Russia bans Boris Johnson and twelve others from entering country

The Russian Foreign Ministry has banned Prime Minister Boris Johnson and twelve other senior British politicians from entering Russia in retaliation for sanctions amid the Ukraine war. Mr Johnson is on a list of banned individuals along with Priti Patel,... Read more

Sue Gray told she cannot publish full ‘partygate’ report until every fine handed out

Wrangling over the dossier’s release came as Sir Keir Starmer called on Conservative MPs to oust Boris Johnson over the fine the Prime Minister received for attending his own birthday gathering in June 2020. Mr Johnson is set to make... Read more

Public support for Russian sanctions dwindles as cost of living crisis takes its toll

The figures suggest the public’s concern for the war in Ukraine may now be outweighed by financial worries. A third of respondents said they would be happy to pay more for food if it would help Ukraine in its fight... Read more

Park could be renamed after Diane Abbott in Labour council slavery review

Other suggestions proposed by about 300 pupils aged five to 13 as part of the project to address “injustice, prejudice and racism” were “BAME Park”, “Multi-faith Park” and “Diversity Fields”. “Rainbow Park”, “Freedom Peace and Harmony Park” and the “Peace... Read more

Chris Bryant: MPs have not behaved this badly since the expenses scandal

The Commons standards committee is currently drawing up a new code of conduct for MPs following concerns that the previous rules were out of date. Among other issues, it will deal with the question of MPs’ second jobs, in the... Read more

Rwanda refugee plan is ungodly, says Justin Welby

The Telegraph understands that at least one other country has contacted the Government to explore a similar deal to the one with Rwanda, which involves Britain giving economic support in exchange for handling refugees. Under the plans, refugees who are... Read more

Investors hold back from putting more money into stocks

However, Sarah Coles, of Hargreaves Lansdown, warned against staying outside of the stock market for too long. “You may struggle to find the ideal moment to restart and will miss out on market gains in the interim.” Investors parking money... Read more

Chocolate eggs, lamb, even hot cross buns: how Easter is costing us more this year

Experts warned that rises would only worsen, Sarah Coles of brokers Hargreaves Lansdown, said: “These price rises aren’t over yet.  “The conflict in Ukraine has pushed up the price of food globally, but it has also accelerated the rising cost... Read more

‘My 26-year-old son had to move back home to get by – now I give him pocket money’

Catherine Crane, 53, from Cardiff, said her 26-year-old son and his wife have been living with her and her husband for 18 months. Mrs Crane said the couple moved home in October 2020 during the pandemic, cutting short their travels... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘How much can I haggle off the price of a new car?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more

‘I wish I’d asked him, are you suicidal?’ Clare Milford Haven on finding hope after her son’s death

James Wentworth-Stanley’s descent into suicidal thoughts was so rapid it is breathtaking. There were just 11 days between the catalyst – the operation on 4 December – and his death. In this time, exacerbated by the geographical distance between the... Read more

Mark Hix’s three-course shellfish feast for Bank Holiday weekend

A plate of roasted shellfish is a great thing to put on the table in front of guests, and has a real wow factor. Sure, they’ll need to get their hands dirty, but it’s all worthwhile and you can have... Read more

How I developed late-onset sex appeal at 60

I went to a 40th birthday dinner a few weeks ago. It was fun. I was in a room full of people I didn’t know, apart from the birthday girl, and that in itself was quite liberating. I sat next... Read more

Cats have a soft side? I wouldn’t be so sure

It turns out cats aren’t the sociopaths we thought they were. Having treated their owners with contempt since 7500BC, researchers have discovered that kitties do actually know our names, as well as recognising their feline friends.Authors of the Kyoto University... Read more

The Russian Army can’t afford to lose more soldiers

Sometimes history is closer than it seems. Russian soldiers who have been wounded, captured or lost friends and colleagues in Ukraine have learned that very painful lesson over the last six weeks. The losses that the Russian Army has suffered... Read more

Diversity is the new national religion. Woe betide any agnostics

All ages and cultures have their religions. Today Christians around the world celebrate the story of the risen Christ. But whether you are a believing Christian, a cultural Christian or a believer in something or nothing else entirely, one thing... Read more

Johnson and Sunak are turning into Blair and Brown

It is no secret, but all is not well between the prime minister and his chancellor. This time last week Rishi Sunak appeared to be the one who was in trouble following revelations about his wife’s tax affairs. By this... Read more

Ignore the hysteria: the Rwanda plan is a bold and necessary step forwards

I have long advocated the need to stop human smuggling across the English Channel. What began as a trickle three years ago is in danger of becoming an armada this year: already, more than 5,000 people have made the journey... Read more