If Putin wins this war, he will have beaten the West – and everything that it stands for

Is the battle in Ukraine just a “special military operation”? That remains its official Russian description. Or is it, to use the words this week of Vladimir Solovyov, the Russian state television presenter (and therefore propagandist), “a war against Europe... Read more

Friday evening news briefing: Vladimir Putin expands war goals

Meanwhile, it also emerged that Slovenia will give tanks to the Ukrainians after Germany agreed in turn to pay for the country’s new armoured vehicles. See a graphic showing the battle tank losses so far.  Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor,... Read more

Nadine Dorries mocked over ‘downstreaming movies’ and ‘tennis pitches’ comments in online video

She said she wanted to “make the internet in the UK the safest internet in the world”. Ms Dorries went on to say that DCMS was also “responsible for everything to do with sport, making sure you’ve got football pitches... Read more

Brexit trade disruption ‘better than expected’, says Europe port chief

The head of Europe’s second-biggest shipping port says any Brexit-related trade disruption has been “better than expected”. Jacques Vandermeiren, chief executive of Port of Antwerp, said that UK trade rose 6pc last year. Controls on goods coming in and out... Read more

End this Tory drift

Partygate is not the only problem haunting the Government. Voters are increasingly critical of its handling of the economy, while the latest consumer confidence figures point to widespread pessimism about the future. Too many public sector agencies are still failing... Read more

Russia seeks to capture all of southern Ukraine in major expansion of war goals

Russia now aims to occupy all of southern Ukraine as well as taking the Donbas in the east, a top Russian commander said on Friday, indicating an expansion of Moscow’s war goals. Maj Gen Rustam Minnekayev, the deputy commander of... Read more

Ukraine now has more tanks on the battlefield than Russia

Both Ukrainian and Russian forces have been relying on the older T-72 model tanks. While not the most advantaged military kit, the T-72 are versatile, and unlike many Western tanks, equipped for tough terrain and the deep-fording of rivers. The... Read more

Portugal to treat British travellers as EU citizens at borders to cut airport queues

Portugal has broken ranks to become the first EU country to defy Brexit by treating British holidaymakers the same as EU citizens at its borders. The Portuguese government has opened its e-gates to British travellers, enabling them to be fast-tracked... Read more

Joe Biden unveils plan to make every US military vehicle ‘climate friendly’

Military vehicles, along with the forces that use them and the industries that supply them, account for five per cent of the world’s carbon emissions every year, according to figures. The US military consumes more petroleum than any other institution... Read more

Emmanuel Macron hopes a change of scenery could calm angry French election race

By Mr Macron’s side was Jean Castex, his prime minister, and Huguette Tiegna, a local MP who is black and has received four death threats in recent months from “extremists”. French politics has become increasingly polarised in recent years. In... Read more

UK set to provide Poland with Challenger II tanks in Ukraine arms drive

Britain is planning to send tanks to Poland so more can be provided to Ukraine, Boris Johnson has announced as he warned Russia could still win the war. The Prime Minister said that he wanted to “backfill” supplies of Soviet-era... Read more

Tory backbenchers say party’s own adverts attacking Labour MPs over illegal migrants are safety risk

A Tory advertising campaign attacking Labour over illegal migration could be a risk to the safety of MPs, Conservative backbenchers have said. New adverts targeting Labour MPs in marginal seats, as well as Labour’s top team such as Yvette Cooper,... Read more

‘Partygate’ payback as Tory support in the Red Wall collapses

The Conservative Party is haemorrhaging support in the Red Wall in the wake of the “partygate” scandal, a new poll has shown, as Boris Johnson prepares for losses at next month’s local elections. A new poll shows the Tories now... Read more

Civil Service advertises £100k work from home jobs despite return to office push

The Telegraph can also reveal that mooted plans to cut the “London weighting” of civil service pay have been quietly shelved following discussions by senior officials. This is despite concerns that some staff are paid thousands of pounds to be... Read more

Steve Baker MP: ‘I’m sick of the Cabinet sitting there fat, dumb and happy’

Some of Baker’s views are well outside the mainstream. He believes, for example, that central banks are complicit in state-managed economic growth that amounts to “monetary socialism” and should be disbanded. As he describes how the global monetary system is... Read more

Boris Johnson braces for second fine over Downing Street ‘bring your own booze’ garden party

Boris Johnson is braced to receive a further “partygate” fine after it emerged that Scotland Yard had begun issuing sanctions to attendees of a Downing Street “bring your own booze” event. The Prime Minister has already admitted that he was... Read more

Exclusive: France and Germany evaded arms embargo to sell weapons to Russia

France and Germany armed Russia with €273 million (£230 million) of military hardware now likely being used in Ukraine, an EU analysis shared with The Telegraph has revealed. They sent equipment, which included bombs, rockets, missiles and guns, to Moscow... Read more

‘If you really want to save the planet, buy BP and Shell’

What opportunities have you spotted in the past six months?  We’ve bought a number of new companies. One is Energean, a gas producer. It is developing a huge site off the coast of Israel, which will quadruple its production and... Read more

Questor: as inflation soars to 30-year high, how has our Wealth Preserver portfolio done?

The highest rate of inflation for 30 years has the potential to destroy a lot of investors’ wealth. And things could get worse before they improve. According to the Bank of England, global inflationary pressures “will strengthen considerably” over the... Read more

Higher childcare spending piles more misery on to families

Families had to spend an extra 26pc on childcare last month as parents returned to the office, further squeezing finances and worsening the cost of living crisis.  A mass shift back to the office in March caused spending to rise... Read more

‘I lied on my CV for a job at an investment bank’

The dates don’t add up  The interview process can be nerve-wracking enough, without the added stress of trying to keep a fictitious timeline straight in your head.  “Don’t be tempted to cover up gaps in your employment history by stretching... Read more

Don’t ‘cut the green crap’ – there’s a better way to lower energy bills

In 2013, then-prime minister David Cameron declared that the Government should “cut the green crap”. That decision, of ending subsidies and cutting energy efficiency funding, now costs each household in England £150 a year, according to research by Carbon Brief.... Read more

‘I’m a struggling single mum and HMRC is chasing me for £5k I don’t owe’

Has a company treated you unfairly? Our Consumer Champion is available to help. For how to contact her click here.   Dear Katie,  I’m a single mother of two daughters, aged six and eight. I work for a charity that supports carers,... Read more

How to wipe out the £700 energy bill increase with a £242 investment

The average household is now paying nearly £700 more for gas and electricity this year after the energy price cap climbed to £1,971. Traditionally, the quickest way to cut bills was to shop around for a better deal from another... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Should my new Land Rover’s battery be going flat?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more