Government considers whistleblowing laws that could fine companies millions for attempted cover-ups

Whistleblowing legislation that could see companies fined millions of pounds for attempted cover-ups is being considered by the Government, The Telegraph has learned. A draft bill, which will be debated by MPs this week, would also outlaw non-disclosure agreements and... Read more

Quangos face the axe under Jacob Rees-Mogg’s cost-cutting plan

Quangos such as the DVLA could be shut down or merged under a cost-cutting overhaul of public bodies ordered by Jacob Rees-Mogg. Mr Rees-Mogg, the minister for government efficiency, has written to Cabinet ministers warning that the cost and number... Read more

Sajid Javid urges more men to take up bowel cancer screening after losing own father to disease

Sajid Javid has urged more men to take up bowel cancer screening after losing his own father to the disease. Mr Javid, the Health and Social Care Secretary whose father succumbed to the disease in 2012, has called on men... Read more

Feminists turning to the Tories with Labour making ‘idiots of ourselves’ on women’s issues, Rosie Duffield says

It came after Yvette Cooper and Anneliese Dodds, two of Labour’s frontbench MPs, both declined to give a definition of a woman on International Women’s Day last month. “We are basically making complete idiots of ourselves and there is no... Read more

Sir Keir Starmer demands emergency Budget to tackle cost-of-living ‘chasm’

Sir Keir said: “Labour have put forward sensible, costed, practical measures that would give immediate help to working people up and down the country. The Government should hold an emergency Budget to enact them and address the yawning chasm left... Read more

Boris Johnson tells Tories Downing Street ‘Abba party’ was work event

Another senior MP said: “I actually heard a Cabinet minister saying ‘maybe a period in opposition is what we need’.” According to the MP, the minister said: “Things are so shambolic, and who is there to take over? A period... Read more

Priti Patel: ‘Some of my critics are guilty of ignorance, stereotyping and prejudice’

  She adds: “The Prime Minister [has been] saying to me, ‘what kind of timelines are you working to?’ And rightly so.”  Ms Patel’s fears about the likely criticism of the policy when it was announced were, of course, well-founded.... Read more

Priti Patel: BBC guilty of ‘xenophobia’ over Rwanda refugee deal

Asked about the BBC’s coverage of the issue, Ms Patel said: “I was questioned by them last week, in Rwanda. They had a travelling delegation with us. And I was quite taken aback just by the tone of references to... Read more

‘Latvian blend’: How Russia bends the rules to keep its oil flowing

Shell provoked upset less than two weeks into Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as it snapped up a cargo of steeply discounted Russian oil, putting it on course for hefty profits in markets roiled by the disruption.   Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign... Read more

German government faces crisis as opposition aims to force weapons to Ukraine vote

But senior figures in the two junior coalition partners, the Greens and the Free Democrats, have demanded that the chancellor change course. The Free Democrats are likely to back heavy arms deliveries at a party conference this weekend, while the... Read more

Big Tobacco to be slapped with £700m tax to ease NHS smoking burden

Tobacco companies will be slapped with an extra annual levy of up to £700m under radical “polluter-pays” proposals put forward by the Government’s anti-smoking tsar. Javed Khan, the former chief executive of children’s charity Barnardo’s, said some of the world’s... Read more

Cold callers using energy crisis to peddle new scam

Scammers have exploited the energy crisis and targeted the elderly and vulnerable in a resurgence of loft insulation cold-calling which has robbed households of thousands of pounds. Rogue traders and fraudsters have used high-pressure gambits to dupe victims into paying... Read more

Pension fraudsters face jail after ‘mastermind’ killed himself

Two fraudsters have been sentenced to prison for fleecing pension savers out of £14m after the brains behind the scam killed himself.  The trio persuaded 245 people to transfer savings into fraudulent pension schemes, the Crown Court has ruled.  Alan... Read more

High earning NHS doctors get even more generous pensions

High-earning doctors and part-time GPs will be thousands of pounds better off for no extra work after their pensions become more generous this autumn. Part-time doctors working just three days and earning £42,000 will see take home pay increase by... Read more

‘You’re going to need a Ouija board to speak to Dad’: finance firms fail grieving families

Demands for an email from a deceased person, a mishmash of requests for paperwork and a sense that “we were the first people ever” to report a death. These are among the distressing experiences faced by ­Telegraph Money readers. A... Read more

‘A punitive pension tax is stopping me paying for my own care’

This requires £26,660 a year from private pension savings to supplement the state pension and a 65-year-old would need £958,477 to buy an inflation-linked annuity that produced that sum, according to Money Helper, a government service. Simon Bull, 51, from... Read more

The white stuff: how milk floats are ready to deliver again in new ways

“You can get about £450 scrap, which is why a lot of floats got scrapped,” says Hall. “But first we always check the state of the batteries. There’s no point in throwing them away if they still have two or... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Can I force a dealer to refund me for a dodgy car?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more

What happened when we decided to spend a year living in a tent with our two small children

Was it the right decision? “There was no point when I regretted anything. We were in it together, with the two of us working as a team.” As their designated wild year drew to a close, however, the question of... Read more

How to make the most of English asparagus

It’s that time of year again: when whatever has just come into season dictates supper. Asparagus will be around until June, overlapping briefly with its wintry counterpart, purple sprouting broccoli. I like them both, but purple sprouting is around for... Read more

What losing 40lbs did for my mind and body

My diet has, alongside the 10 to 15 hours a week I cycle or paddleboard, brought about the weight loss and change in my physical shape. Previously, I was an emotional eater, an anxiety eater – largely triggered by work... Read more

The invisible epidemic: Why trauma could be the reason for your illness

Unaddressed trauma can result in unhealthy coping mechanisms to alleviate the pain. Anything from bingeing on unhealthy food or overeating, drug abuse, or engaging in risky sexual activities. In the short term, trauma causes an intense, biological “alarm state” including... Read more

French pharmacies have a cure for everything – and it’s usually a suppository

One of the reasons for the long queues and even longer chats is because, in France, the sort of fairly basic medication that we in Britain are trusted to pick up for ourselves from supermarket shelves is only available at... Read more

Motorway speed limits should go up, not down

Sir Richard Branson’s call for the speed limit on motorways to be slashed to 60mph to beat Vladimir Putin is as wrong-headed as it is apparently hypocritical. The Virgin boss, 71, this week suggested that we could save Ukraine by... Read more

Keir Starmer should never be forgiven for backing Corbyn

The funny thing about peaceniks, with their apparently simple grasp of good and bad, is just how cunning they really are. They understand that, to most well-meaning folk, preaching pacifism can sound morally superior and it is therefore an easy... Read more