An unprecedented act of censure for the PM

For a Prime Minister to be fined for breaking the law is almost certainly unprecedented. It is always possible that past occupants of No 10 failed to wear a seat belt or exceeded the speed limit but none has been... Read more

The NHS model has failed. Until we accept that, nothing will change

The NHS is irreparably broken. Everybody knows it. Indeed it is hard to go to any gathering without hearing tales of woe about cancelled operations, lengthening waiting lists, GP shortages and late ambulances. Horror stories that would once have elicited... Read more

Derry Girls, series 3 episode 1 review: sweetly nostalgic Nineties sitcom is Channel 4’s pride and joy

This review contains spoilers Listen to the current outpouring of grief over the privatisation of Channel 4 and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a broadcaster of wall-to-wall quality, rather than the one responsible for Naked Attraction and Katie... Read more

Julia, review: Sarah Lancashire cooks up a storm in this tasteful new drama

Everyone likes comfort food and Julia, HBO’s new eight-part drama (showing here on Sky Atlantic) about the American celebrity chef Julia Child, sticks to flavours we all know and love. In Britain, our knowledge of Julia Child comes mostly from... Read more

Boris Johnson fined over ‘partygate’: What happens now and does he have a criminal record?

Meanwhile, the leaving party for two No 10 employees in Jan 2021 broke the rule banning individuals from meeting people socially with anyone outside of their household.  How much will the Prime Minister have to pay? Fines for breaching Covid... Read more

Abortions set to be banned in Oklahoma within months as part of Republican crackdown

Abortions could be banned in Oklahoma within months after the state’s governor signed a law making the procedure punishable by up to 10 years in prison. The legislation, signed into law by Republican governor Kevin Stitt on Tuesday, makes it... Read more

How the ‘partygate’ scandal unfolded

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak apologised and paid fines on Tuesday after attending the Prime Minister’s birthday party in Downing Street during lockdown. Mr Johnson rejected calls to resign while Mr Sunak also suggested he would continue as Chancellor, adding:... Read more

Timeline: The lockdown parties attended by Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and Carrie Johnson

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have been told they will be fined as part of a police probe into allegations of lockdown parties held at Downing Street. The Prime Minister’s wife, Carrie Johnson, has also been notified that she will... Read more

The war in Ukraine might just have dealt Boris Johnson a very lucky hand

No, Boris Johnson is not the first PM to break the law, he’s the first PM to be caught breaking the law, which casts serious doubt on his ability to do the job. When news broke that he and Rishi... Read more

Boris Johnson thought he was safely out of the woods – but he couldn’t escape a ‘partygate’ fine

The next day, after weeks of pressure, the Met, which had stuck to the line that it did not retrospectively investigate historic breaches of Covid rules, finally caved in and opened Operation Hillman, its own investigation into “partygate”. It said... Read more

Boris Johnson’s ‘partygate’ fine will see him punished at the ballot box

One former Downing Street insider suggested on Tuesday night that the Prime Minister could call Mr Sunak’s bluff by suddenly announcing to the House that he had decided to scrap the health and social care levy, a move guaranteed to... Read more

Watch: Everything Boris Johnson said about his lockdown party fine

Boris Johnson has paid a fine for attending his birthday bash in Downing Street and offered a “full apology” for the lockdown-busting event. The Prime Minister said it “did not occur” to him that the gathering in the Cabinet Room... Read more

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak ‘took us all for mugs’, say relatives of Covid victims

Matt Fowler, a co-founder of Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice, said: “It’s a reality that is unbelievably painful for bereaved families like mine to face as we try and move forward with our lives.” Nazir Afzal, a former chief prosecutor,... Read more

Final Sue Gray report ‘will not make comfortable reading for Boris Johnson’

Tuesday’s announcement of a fresh tranche of fines came as Scotland Yard faced mounting pressure to wrap up its “partygate” investigation ahead of the local elections in May. The Metropolitan Police launched a criminal inquiry into illegal Downing Street gatherings... Read more

Boris Johnson says people have ‘right to expect better’ after ‘partygate’ fine

Andrew Bridgen, who like Mr Ross withdrew his letter of no confidence in Mr Johnson, said he was “disappointed that so many in Number 10, including the Prime Minister, were found to have breached rules they set”. He said now... Read more

Banks launch five-year mortgage rate war as markets bet interest rates will drop

It suggests that some players in the market fear that the economy is slowing. This will force the Bank of England to stop putting rates up or risk doing serious damage. Experts also said fierce competition among lenders and banks’... Read more

Questor: Pressure Technologies has halved in size but growth is now back on the agenda

Environmental campaigners will gnash their teeth but higher hydrocarbon prices and the prospect of limited or sanctioned Russian supply are prompting fresh spending on drilling and production.  This cash is flowing from the major oil firms down through to equipment... Read more

Cashing in your pension? Beware of these retirement pitfalls

Also check to see if the terms and conditions restrict the type of annuity you can take. The guaranteed annuity rate might just provide you with a level, non-increasing income for you only which ceases on your death. If you... Read more

Scottish Mortgage is no longer Britain’s favourite investment

Meanwhile, 35 to 44 year-olds’ largest position was holding the electric car-maker Tesla. The stock has similarly suffered, losing a tenth of its value in the first quarter, but has returned a dizzying 1,578pc in five years.  Older investors between... Read more

Older drivers stung by higher car insurance premiums

Over-50s have seen their car insurance costs rise faster than any other group, after the City watchdog reformed how much insurers can charge new customers. Average motor premiums have risen by 6.2pc for the over-50s in the last three months,... Read more

Where to find the best value-for-money holiday homes in Britain

As well as its relatively low prices, Filey has a glorious five-mile stretch of sand. And, unlike nearby Scarborough, the former fishing village hasn’t yet been scarred by tourism. Laura Campbell, of estate agency Finest Properties, said: “Filey is a... Read more

BMW i4 eDrive40 review: the electric car better than the Tesla Model 3 – and for a good reason

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Freelander: the car that made Land Rover what it is today

The original idea was to create a more car-like replacement for the long-running Defender but, perhaps revealing an early grasp of environmental challenges, a lightweight and more C02-efficient vehicle was chosen instead. The clever part was making sure that it... Read more

Delia’s right – menfolk really are taking over the kitchen

The difficulties of the pandemic have helped slowly bring the curtain down on my long acting career. To be honest, taking over the nightly meal preparation was something of a pleasure. Some years ago, I was one of the contestants... Read more

What’s really causing your headache – and how to treat it

If you woke up with a headache this morning, you are far from alone. A new study in the Journal of Headache and Pain has illustrated the sheer prevalence of headaches, finding that around one in six people worldwide will... Read more