We’re ready and willing to take in Ukrainian refugees – so where are they?

We have a log cabin with two bedrooms, underfloor heating – and all mod cons. We registered our willingness to take refugees the day after the website for the Government scheme first went live. That was in March. Weeks ago.... Read more

France’s future hangs in the balance

The received wisdom is that in the electoral runoff in France on April 24 between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, the president will win. The French, it is argued, will not entrust the republic to a hard-Right populist and... Read more

The West has gambled everything to defeat Putin – and it’s paying off

Vladimir Putin shocked the world when he audaciously gambled everything on taking Ukraine. But the West has in turn stunned its own detractors with its striking capacity to take risks. In recent weeks, the latter has defied Putin’s threats of... Read more

Worlds Collide: The Manchester Bombing, review: a powerful search for the truth behind an atrocity

On 22 May, 2017, 22 people were killed and over 1,000 injured when Salman Abedi detonated a homemade bomb in the foyer of Manchester Arena, shortly after an Ariana Grande concert. Many of them were children and young people, some... Read more

Shehbaz Sharif says ‘evil has been defeated’ after becoming Pakistan’s new prime minister

Mr Sharif used his speech to say Mr Khan’s allegations were a “lie, drama and fraud”, but he would hold a special session of parliament attended by military and intelligence chiefs and top diplomats to investigate. “The nation should know... Read more

Northern Ireland could be forced to follow EU rules on Covid tests

The DUP, which walked out of the power-sharing government in protest at the protocol, argues that it is driving a wedge between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. Britain and the EU are also in protocol negotiations over... Read more

British scheme to take in Ukrainians needs enhanced ‘matching’ element

Ukrainian refugees should be able to pick British homes from a public list, a Tory councillor who flew to Poland on a matching mission has urged the Government. Toby Illingworth, chairman of Wealden Conservatives, has just returned from the Polish... Read more

Rishi Sunak should publish tax returns in full, say senior Tories

Senior Tories said the publication of tax returns – a convention for US presidential candidates – would help restore public confidence. It would follow a precedent set by David Cameron, who published his returns after a controversy over his shareholdings,... Read more

Retirees to lose three years’ income as state pension fails to keep pace with inflation

The full new state pension will cover just a quarter of the required income in retirement, as it rises to £9,628 from Apr 11. Sir Steve Webb, a former pensions minister and now of LCP, said: “The very low state... Read more

‘I let my spare room at a 40pc discount in exchange for help in the kitchen’

Prices are rising fast. Between February and March the average rent in England rose by 4pc to £1,006 per property, according to Goodlord, a lettings website. Fierce competition for properties meant Ms Lee had to raise her £600 monthly budget... Read more

The best ways to add value and space to your home on a budget this spring

Retired midwife Margaret Biddle and her husband, John Hughes, went a lot further than this, using savings and money borrowed from family to retrofit their 1970s bungalow near the north Wales coast.  The works, designed by Paul Testa, of Sheffield-based... Read more

‘Boots vitamins contained mystery pill and I’m scared it’s something sinister’

Dear Reader, It was only a few years ago that you were out shopping in your home town when Sergei Skripal and his daughter were struck down there by a deadly nerve agent planted by Russian agents. You were shaken... Read more

Landlords snap up homes as rents bounce back

Almost three quarters of London-based landlords bought their buy-to-lets outside the capital in the first three months of this year, compared with less than a quarter a decade ago. In the North East, which offers the highest gross yields in the... Read more

‘My neighbour won’t cut down dangerous trees that could flatten my house. What can I do?’

Finding out who your neighbour’s insurer is would be really useful, as you could approach them directly with your evidence. If your neighbour won’t take heed of you, he may listen to his insurers, especially if they seek to put... Read more

Money Makeover: ‘Should I sell my home and use buy-to-lets to fund retirement?’

Elena Todorova, director of mortgage broker SPF Private Clients Ms Lovatt-Fraser has to make a fairly quick decision about her home. If she does nothing her mortgage will move on to a variable rate in July, which will be significantly higher.... Read more

BMW i4 eDrive40 review: the electric car more popular than the Tesla Model 3 – and for a good reason

The BMW is significantly down on power versus the Tesla, however; 335bhp plays 434bhp. That said, with a 0-62mph time of 5.7 seconds, the i4 in this form could hardly be called slow; indeed, it’s plenty fast enough to allow... Read more

It is time for the NHS to recover the lost art of convalescence

In his new book, Recovery: The Lost Art of Convalescence, Edinburgh GP and writer Gavin Francis recalls local hospitals, sanatoriums and asylums where patients were once admitted for rest and recuperation, that have now been closed or redeveloped for other... Read more

The breakthrough year for prostate cancer

As the CEO of Prostate Cancer Research, Oliver Kemp has spent the past five years supporting new therapies for advanced prostate cancer. There has long been little to offer patients for whom tumours have metastasised, spreading out of the prostate... Read more

Nine words we all need to stop using

As in physically attractive. Never liked it, always seemed too reductive and mainly it’s confusing. Fit like a butcher’s dog, or fit like Kim Kardashian? Not the same at all. 5. ‘Skill set’ Just seems you’re unlikely to have more... Read more

The truth about my raucous lunch with JK Rowling

This week a perfectly nice woman canvassing for Labour knocked on my door and I explained to her that I would not be voting for a party that does not know what a woman is. She looked utterly bewildered and... Read more

I never know where my husband is – and I like it that way

Much of the time, I have no idea of my husband’s whereabouts and what he is doing. He is not hiding, or dabbling in something suspect that could end up in the divorce courts; he’s simply doing his own thing.... Read more

How to grow an avocado from seed in the UK

Avocado trees are native to Mexico and Central America, and grow in warm, humid environments. In the UK, it is possible to grow avocados from seed, starting with a supermarket fruit, but do be aware of the conditions that they... Read more

The 20 most stylish garden updates to welcome spring

Now that spring has finally arrived, bringing with it warmer weather and longer days, many of us will be turning our attentions towards how to enhance our gardens in order to make the most of it. And, from sowing a... Read more

My 10-year old son’s swearing is out of control – and I don’t know how make him stop

You know how your children go through a series of phases, and some you want to last for ever and others you just wish would be over already? My 10-year-old has recently started swearing quite a bit at home and... Read more

New peril in Ukraine

The city of Kyiv may have been safe enough for Boris Johnson to visit at the weekend, but it would be unwise for anyone to conclude that Vladimir Putin is close to being beaten. Russia has been humiliated in the... Read more