Residents of the liberated Kutuzovka in the Kharkiv region greeted the Ukrainian defenders with tears in their eyes (photo)

The head of the Kharkiv OVA, Oleg Sinegubov, showed a photo from Kutuzovka, which was recently liberated from Russian invaders. The village of Kutuzovka in the Kharkiv region was occupied by the Russians for more than two months. Now the... Read more

Kneaded dirt in MudRunner on iPad Pro

We at Wylsacom Media love off-road. So much so that we even often go on rides, where we knead the dirt with might and main on our Toyotas, BMWs and other cars that can withstand harsh conditions. We are very... Read more

Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 9 enemy air targets in a day: what exactly

Over the past day, on April 30, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed nine air targets of the invaders. In particular, the air defense destroyed two Su-25 attack aircraft and 7 UAVs of the Russian troops. This was reported in... Read more

Evacuation from Mariupol: Zelensky assured that defenders and civilians will still be saved

Many world leaders are talking about the need for an evacuation mission from Mariupol, the President noted. In particular, President Volodymyr Zelensky discussed with the UN Secretary General the evacuation of Ukrainian defenders and civilians from the besieged city. The... Read more

5 very effective artists who prove that digital art is art

Despite the fact that adherents of traditional art forms are skeptical about digital art and NFT sales, this direction is extremely promising. And here are 5 very interesting authors whose NFT can rightfully be called real art, and not just... Read more

A review of Rivaldy mechanical watches that really wanted to be Swiss

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today I’m going to tell you a very interesting story about an obscure watch that you’ve probably never even heard of: a watch from the Rivaldy brand. I was once asked about them on other resources.... Read more

Is it possible to use one charger for different smartphones and how can you avoid buying a new gadget after that?

Is it possible to use one charger for different smartphones and how can you avoid buying a new gadget after that? / Chargers, power banks, cables and adapters / iXBT Live Read more

Teqqo Partyboost One Bluetooth speaker review: light music and karaoke

It’s time for warm days, hikes, picnics, large groups of friends. With the Partyboost speaker, you can sing along to everyone and everything, thanks to the karaoke function. Teqqo has introduced a powerful speaker (50W) Partyboost One with karaoke function.... Read more

Microphone review HIPER Broadcast Solo (H-M001) – for beginner streamers, gamers and podcasters!

In this era of content, it is important to be able to make high-quality sound for your video. And of course, you always want to do it as budget-friendly as possible, so that you have enough money for other life... Read more

Thermaltake Divider 550 TG Ultra ATX Mid-Tower with color screen unveiled

Thermaltake announces worldwide availability of the Divider 550 TG Ultra ATX Mid-Tower, Thermaltake’s first chassis with an LCD screen that allows users to monitor PC information in real time. In particular, it shows the temperature of the CPU in real... Read more

NASA's X-59 quiet supersonic jet prepares for flight testing

NASA’s new X-59 supersonic jet arrived at the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in Palmdale this month for assembly ahead of flight testing later this year. Prior to this, the aircraft had been in Fort Worth, Texas, where it had been... Read more

OnePlus 10 Pro failed the DxOMark test with a bang, losing to Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, Mi 11 Pro, Vivo X60 Pro +, Apple iPhone 12 Pro and two dozen other smartphones

The lab has published a review of the OnePlus 10 Pro camera, which says that the phone has serious problems that do not allow it to compete with modern competitors. As a result, the phone takes 27th place in the... Read more

Google Pixel Watch will get a bigger battery and mobile connectivity

Data leaks continue about the Google Pixel Watch smartwatch ahead of its likely presentation at Google I/O next month. We have already seen the prototype that was forgotten in the bar. The watch has also been certified by Bluetooth SIG... Read more

Google has redesigned the basic gesture in Android 13. “Predictable back navigation” will be shown at Google I / O

Some Android users are having a problem with the back gesture. Often they go back a page or back to the home screen when all they want to do is swipe the image. Google is working on improving this gesture... Read more

P4 3 in 1 Universal Power Bank Instant Charge Power Bank Hits Kickstarter

The P4 3-in-1 Universal Power Bank was launched on Kickstarter and was fully funded on the first day. So far, the project has attracted nearly 600 people and over $100,000. P4 3 in 1 Universal Power Bank offers you a... Read more

WhatsApp adds quick reactions

WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature dubbed “Multi-Device Support”. This feature allows users to access the instant messaging platform on a connected PC without connecting their smartphone to the Internet. In the new beta, as we previously reported , it... Read more

The 500,000th crossover of the Tiggo 8 series has been released. There are already more than 10 million Chery owners in the world

The 500,000th crossover of the Tiggo 8 series has rolled off the assembly line of the Chery plant in Wuhu, which is the Tiggo 8 Plus Kunpeng e + hybrid model. The success of the Tiggo 8 series is inseparable... Read more

Musk sold $8.5 billion worth of Tesla shares, not $4 billion as previously reported

On Friday, Elon Musk revealed additional details about the sale of Tesla shares. It turns out he sold $8.5 billion worth of shares in total, not $4 billion as reported yesterday . On April 25, the world’s richest man reached... Read more

2000 products on three floors: Xiaomi's largest flagship store opens

Xiaomi Group Vice President Lu Weibing revealed on his Weibo page that the grand opening of the largest Xiaomi Mi Home flagship store in China took place on April 30. A new flagship store has opened in the southern Chinese... Read more

The "stunning" flagship Sony Xperia 1 IV is ready to go: the charger will not be included

Sony Xperia will hold a global presentation of the new flagship smartphone Sony Xperia on May 11th. At this event, the Japanese manufacturer officially announces the new flagship Sony Xperia 1 IV, which has passed another certification. The smartphone has... Read more

Microsoft Edge will soon get a built-in free VPN

According to a document recently published on the Microsoft website, the Microsoft Edge web browser will soon offer a free VPN. The company’s new VPN service will be called the Microsoft Edge Secure Network. Microsoft Edge Secure Network will be... Read more

No notch screen, tiny bezels, unique camera system, IR and stereo speakers. This is how the creators of ZTE Axon 40 Ultra describe

ZTE continues to share details about its flagship smartphone, the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra, which will be unveiled in China on May 9 along with the standard ZTE Axon 40. In promotional statements, the developers said that this is a... Read more

SpaceX sets record for fastest re-launch of SpaceX rocket

Successful launch of Angara-1.2 rocket with military satellite SpaceX announced the successful launch of the Falcon 9 rocket, which launched another large batch of Starlink Internet satellites and landed on a floating platform. This was a record launch in terms... Read more

Honor Play 30 is ready to go: its specifications are already known

Honor is preparing to release a new smartphone from the Play series. The new device, dubbed the Honor Play 30, has been certified by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The certification reveals the key characteristics of the... Read more

iPhone 13 dropped by $185 in China

At the moment, those who wish can purchase the younger version of the iPhone 13 smartphone, which is equipped with 128 GB of non-volatile flash memory, at a price of $ 725 in China. The device’s suggested retail price in... Read more