Time to take the heat out of the trans debate

The concept of equality and human rights enshrined in law for all is a relatively new one. In Britain, it took until the mid-1970s for wide-ranging protections to be put in place to prevent discrimination on the grounds of sex... Read more

Germany must change if it is to assume leadership in Europe

Whenever the former German chancellor Angela Merkel visited Britain, the sycophantic welcome she received reflected her then reputation as one of the world’s most respected leaders. Mrs Merkel was viewed as the wisest stateswoman of her generation, a bulwark of... Read more

Now is the time for the West to decide if it wants Ukraine to win this war

I start with a question. Do we want Ukraine to win? This might sound stupid. Of course we want Ukraine to win, most people would say. No national leader in the EU or the rest of free Europe – except... Read more

Mira Calix, experimental electronic musician and sound installation artist – obituary

In 2012 she erected Nothing is Set in Stone, a singing stone shaped like a mammoth egg, on a grassy hill at Fairlops Waters, near Romford. Made up of thousands of round stones, it emitted a melody that varied depending... Read more

Pilgrimage, review: this batch of faith-finding celebs were nice – but where was the interrogation?

So far, Pilgrimage (BBC Two) has sent mismatched bands of celebrities on the long road to religious enlightenment in Santiago, Rome and Istanbul. Now it’s back, and this time their spiritual path is rather more familiar, leading them through Ireland, Northern Ireland... Read more

Britain will send armoured vehicles to bolster Ukraine’s fightback against Russia

It is expected Britain will provide Ukraine with a range of armoured vehicles, some of which were previously deployed on operations in Afghanistan. They include the Mastiffs, which can carry eight troops plus two crew and are typically used for... Read more

Pay more for power at peak hour under surge pricing plans

Kwasi Kwarteng has endorsed plans to charge households higher energy bills if they charge their phone or boil the kettle on a Friday evening, in a scramble to prepare Britain’s creaking power network for the end of fossil fuels. The... Read more

Pressure mounts on Rishi Sunak as he admits he held a US green card while Chancellor

Sir Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat leader, called on Mr Sunak to resign and accused the Chancellor of breaking the ministerial code by failing to declare his green card and his wife’s tax status.  Sir Ed wrote to both Simon... Read more

Labour MP’s aide paid £400,000 by oil firms linked to Kurdistan

An MP’s aide has been paid £400,000 by oil companies linked to a regime accused of human rights abuses, amid concerns over foreign influence in Parliament, The Telegraph can reveal. Gary Kent has been paid by Kurdistani oil and construction... Read more

How do you get a green card – and can you give one up? All your questions answered

How do you get a green card? There are several ways to obtain a green card. You can apply on the basis of US-based employment, as a result of asylum status, or if you have an immediate relative who is... Read more

Rishi Sunak’s wife to pay UK tax on all income

Ms Murty is the daughter of Narayana Murty, an Indian billionaire in whose IT company Infosys she owns shares. Last year she was entitled to receive a dividend of £11.6 million, according to company filings. Under her non-dom arrangement, she... Read more

Rural Britain forced to accept solar farms and wind turbines in planning revolution

The time it takes to approve an offshore wind farm will also be reduced from four years to one year, including by setting up a fast-track consenting route. Listed buildings will be able to install heat pumps – a green... Read more

‘Owning defence stocks isn’t unethical – we’d be at the mercy of Putin without them’

How do you pick stocks? I aim to invest in good-quality companies that can grow their profits and dividends over the long run – and I like to pay a reasonable price for them.  It’s also no good being in... Read more

When can I retire? How big a pension pot do I need?

Carla Morris, of Brewin Dolphin, said anyone planning to retire early would need to ensure they had made informed financial decisions, which include maximising their pension contributions and saving prudently. Those who fall short of the large pension required should... Read more

Five tips to save maximum money for your pension

The coronavirus crisis has had an impact on everyone’s finances over the last two years – for better or worse – and many over-55s have been forced to turn to their pension to plug the income gap.  “Drawing down” from your pension, however,... Read more

How to avoid inheritance tax and save your family £140k

Bereaved families face paying up to £140,000 in avoidable inheritance tax due to bewilderment over the death duty’s “most confusing” rule.  Since 2018 homeowners have benefited from extra tax breaks on their main home when passing it on to a... Read more

Questor: our VCTs continue to offer valuable diversification in a tough environment

Notable realisations included Pho, the chain of Vietnamese restaurants, whose sale generated an investment return of two and a half times its initial cost, and online teaching specialist Wey Education, which returned the trust’s highest ever multiple of 13.6 times... Read more

British Airways is the ultimate ‘because of Covid’ villain

Do you remember the glamour of air travel? The free magazines, space to stretch your legs – even a coaster for your Bloody Mary. It wasn’t that long ago when flying felt like a treat, that feeling of being a... Read more

Customer service at energy firms has plummeted, warns Citizens Advice

Energy suppliers have been accused of leaving households in the lurch and offering poor customer service, just as bills soar and the cost of living crisis bites. Customer service amongst energy companies is at a five-year low, according to charity... Read more

‘A reckless lorry driver smashed into my grade II listed home and Aviva won’t cover the £22k damage’

Has a company treated you unfairly? Our Consumer Champion is available to help. For how to contact her click here.   Dear Katie,  One morning in March last year my partner was studying in our home office when our house was hit... Read more

‘My neighbours are renting out their garage as a home without permission. Can I stop them?’

Dear Property Doctors, Our next door neighbour’s garage is attached to ours, and our drives are side by side. They have converted their garage (without planning permission) into self-contained accommodation, and the up and over to their garage has been... Read more

Solar panels take decades to pay off – but demand has quadrupled

British households are being ordered to go “green”, yet high prices means solar panels will still take decades to pay for themselves. Interest in solar panels has reached a five-year high as internet searches for the technology rose by 316pc... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Should I trade my used car for a new one to take advantage of high values?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more

Why the affordable family car is an endangered species

Car makers’ shift to more profitable models amid higher costs, a crippling shortage of parts and the push for electric vehicles is threatening the death of the budget family car.  Volkswagen, the German pioneer of the people’s car, is slashing... Read more

UK’s rarest cars: 1969 Austin 3-Litre, one of only 52 left on British roads

During its lifetime and for a long time afterwards., the 3-Litre was an often-misunderstood vehicle. As the story goes, it was a prime example of how a lack of vision produced the wrong vehicle launched at the wrong time. Yet... Read more