The UN is impotent in the face of horror

It has never been so easy to gather evidence of war crimes. Satellite images now achieve such a level of detail that they can show individual bodies on the streets. Smartphones have been used by the Ukrainians to capture photographs... Read more

Can’t-be-bothered Britain will turn on the do-nothing Tories

We’re entering an acute economic and energy crisis; but where is the sense of urgency? One of the pandemic’s after-effects has been a universal shrug of the shoulders, a retrenchment into union militancy, HR wellbeing culture and flexible working. Many... Read more

Should we try to cure dwarfism? Ellie Simmonds’s documentary asked a vital question with no easy answer

“Do you want to be taller?” That’s the loaded question that 27-year-old Ellie Simmonds asks an eight-year-old boy receiving growth hormones on the NHS. The triple gold medal-winning paralympian swimmer is, understandably, concerned that we’ve been putting our energy into... Read more

Government plans to ‘send migrants to Rwanda’ could be blocked

Plans to send migrants to countries like Rwanda for processing could be blocked after a Lords rebellion. Amid signs ministers are close to agreeing the “offshoring” of asylum seeker processing to Rwanda, the Lords have amended the proposed laws to... Read more

Emmanuel Macron under fire for TV no-show as poll shows Marine Le Pen in strongest position yet

Ms Le Pen’s ratings have been buoyed in recent weeks as growing numbers of voters express concern over the cost of living, an issue she has campaigned on doggedly for months.  In a sign of the pressure on Mr Macron,... Read more

No 10 cancels first LGBT conference over conversion therapy U-turn backlash

Mr Anderson described the Government’s reversal as “deeply damaging” and called for “tolerance and respect in our national conversations”. He added that he was quitting his role “with a heavy heart”. When announcing the consultation into a ban on conversion... Read more

Boris Johnson tells Russians: Use a VPN to see truth of Vladimir Putin’s war crimes

Speaking over videos of dead Ukrainians lying in the streets, Mr Johnson said: “Civilians massacred – shot dead with their hands tied. “Women raped in front of their young children. “Bodies crudely burned, dumped in mass graves, or just left... Read more

Fracking ‘unlikely’ to be a major earthquake risk for UK

The earthquake risk from fracking is no worse than coal mining and can be mitigated, a government review that could see the ban on the industry lifted will be told. Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary, announced on Tuesday that he... Read more

We’ve been giving Ukrainian refugees wrong guidance, admits Home Office

The Home Office has been forced to rewrite guidance for Ukrainian refugee call handlers after giving families the wrong information that stopped them flying to the UK. Officials also admitted that “technical issues” prevented travel forms being sent to refugees... Read more

Rishi Sunak blocks green homes plan that would have lowered energy bills

Plans to spend hundreds of millions of pounds to reduce bills by making homes more energy efficient have been blocked by the Treasury. The Telegraph can reveal that Number 10 and the Business Secretary’s team were pushing for an expansion... Read more

Volodymyr Zelensky tells UN: Act now to stop Russia or dissolve yourself

Mr Zelensky was speaking at a UK-convened meeting of the UN’s most powerful body in New York, days after the discovery of hundreds of murdered civilians in the Ukrainian town of Bucha. Russia has a veto on all UN resolutions... Read more

Top 10 most expensive UK towns for council tax in 2022

People living in the London boroughs of Westminster, Wandsworth and the City of London, however, pay £829, £845 and £1,049. A 5pc rise in council tax would therefore cost a homeowner in Nottingham £111 per year. This is 170pc more... Read more

Questor: a lender the banks won’t compete with at a valuation that catches the eye

However, S&U manages risk in a disciplined manner, as you would expect of a company that dates to 1938 and can point to three generations of management by the founding family, which still has a major shareholding. Moreover, the market... Read more

Savings deals have failed to beat inflation for 12 months

Rachel Springall, of Moneyfacts, said: “The top deals today can either match or beat the market-leading deals seen this time a year ago, but sadly rising inflation is taking its toll.  “The Bank of England predicts inflation will be beyond... Read more

Doctors forced into retirement after receiving £9,000 pension tax bills

NHS doctors have been “unfairly targeted” by extortionate tax bills on their pensions, as the system penalised health care workers more than any other profession.  One third of savers who breached the “annual allowance”, the yearly amount you can pay... Read more

Homeowners turn to new builds to beat the gas price rise

Rising energy prices have driven homeowners towards new-build properties as older and wealthier buyers spurn properties that have become too expensive to run. Applications for unbuilt properties was 50pc higher in the first three months of 2022 compared with the... Read more

Rishi Sunak is raising taxes without you realising – but he will come unstuck

There is something insidious about taxing by stealth. Gordon Brown was frequently accused of raising taxes by freezing personal allowances, in preference to increasing the headline tax rate, and letting inflation do the hard work for him.  By adopting a... Read more

Vauxhall Grandland review: a plug-in hybrid that’s claimed to cost as little to run as a petrol for private buyers

So where does Vauxhall get its price parity claim from? Delving into the press kit that accompanied the Grandland’s launch reveals the answer: from its predicted monthly ownership cost figures. To obtain these, Vauxhall has added its monthly PCP (personal... Read more

What’s really in Britain’s favourite crisps?

I went to the local supermarkets and gathered a selection of different flavours of crisps all from different manufacturers and invited 12 colleagues for a blind taste test to see whether the crisps’ flavours would shine through.  Interestingly, it seems... Read more

Are we right to be looking at images of dead civilians?

There is the worry, too, that somehow we will become desensitised. Dead Syrians, dead Afghans, dead Iraqis. We saw those pictures. We saw the incredible cities of Syria reduced to grey rubble. We saw the effects of chemical weapons. We... Read more

Help! My husband and daughter have started ganging up on me

A worrying new theme has developed in our family and it’s threatening my role of mother and wife. My husband and teenage daughter have joined forces and I seem to be their target. Until she hit puberty, my 15-year-old and... Read more

We are racing to document war crimes in Ukraine

Seven Ukrainian civilians executed by Russian soldiers in two separate incidents. A case of repeated rape. These are just two of the many Human Rights Watch findings on apparent war crimes committed by Russian forces in recent weeks.  They show... Read more

Channel 4 could thrive under private ownership – it should seize the opportunity

At a time when heavyweight issues hog the headlines, it is perhaps surprising that a half-forgotten promise to sell off Channel 4 should re-emerge as a priority. Many commentators assumed that Boris Johnson, having removed both the ministers associated with... Read more

Putin is exposing the fatal flaw at the heart of the UN

The Bucha killings have prompted renewed and urgent calls for Vladimir Putin and his cronies to be “held to account”. The problem is, by whom? The various international bodies set up since the Second World war, notably the United Nations... Read more

Let rainforests keep their parrots. Britain’s unflashy birds suit us just fine

Excuse me, but are we boring? This is the accusation made against British birds by scientists from the University of Sheffield, who have found that our avians are less vibrant than those of the tropical rainforest. Well, knock me down... Read more