Vladimir Putin can be put on trial, and he will be convicted

It may seem a hypothetical too far to imagine the trial of the Russian leader – an exercise in wish-fulfilment at a time when barbaric war crimes in Ukraine have sickened the civilised world. But Vladimir Putin, at 67, could... Read more

Punishments mustn’t play into Putin’s hands

Evidence continues to emerge of the atrocities committed by Vladimir Putin’s armies in Ukraine. The images of mass graves, murdered civilians and other outrages in Bucha, outside of Kyiv, have prompted a strong response from Western leaders, rhetorically at least.... Read more

The EU can’t win in its eternal battle against Hungary’s PM, Viktor Orban

Viktor Orban’s victory in the Hungarian elections on Sunday has sent shivers of revulsion through liberal Europe. The self-proclaimed illiberal democrat has won a fourth successive term despite the opposition uniting to try to defeat him. His conservative “alternative model”... Read more

The Split, series 3 review: glossy, implausible, ridiculous… but totally addictive

A lot has happened to the characters in The Split (BBC One) since we first met them four years ago, but some things never change. Nicola Walker will always be filmed crossing a Thames bridge while wearing block colours. She’ll... Read more

House of Maxwell, review: yet another Maxwell and Epstein documentary – and the revelations are few

Truly, the world does not need another documentary about Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. Who knows why the BBC waited this long to deliver one, when Sky produced a good programme last summer (Ghislaine Maxwell: Epstein’s Shadow) and ITV broadcast... Read more

Planning hurdles for solar panels set be lifted under energy strategy

It was also reported that Mr Johnson may drop a planned target to treble onshore wind capacity by 2035 amid a rebellion in his Cabinet. It had been suggested that this week’s energy security strategy would see a new target... Read more

‘Boozy’ leaving do for woman who wrote Covid rules leads to ‘partygate’ fines

She declined to comment on the issuing of fines. It means that fixed penalty notices have been issued to attendees of three of the dozen “partygate” events investigated by the Metropolitan Police. The other two events were the drinks held... Read more

Emmanuel Macron has failed to steal London’s financial crown for Paris

But Paris has its disadvantages too. Insiders at banks that have opened new EU hubs in the city because of Brexit admit that there has been “lots of reticence” from those told they have to relocate.  The selling point for... Read more

Eight of Channel 4’s most controversial moments

4 Jon Snow ‘white people’ Brexit claim investigated by Ofcom  The veteran presenter got himself in further difficulty in March 2019 when he said he had “never seen so many white people in one place” when describing a pro-Brexit protest... Read more

Bucha is not unique – Russian invaders are experts in collective punishment

The murder of civilians in Bucha sparked outcry around the world. For the Ukrainian military, however, it was what they had been anticipating. Ukrainian intelligence were aware prior to the conflict that the Russians planned to hunt down Ukraine’s civil... Read more

Debunking Russia’s Bucha massacre conspiracy theories

Russian propaganda said that the pictured bodies “are not stiffened”, the underlying claim being that a real dead body would be affected by rigor mortis. As has been pointed out on social media, rigor mortis is a temporary condition and... Read more

Pictured: The Bucha mass grave that is so large it can be seen by satellites

Anatoly Fedoruk, Bucha’s mayor, said the corpses of men, women and children had been found littered across the town’s streets on Saturday.  Accounts of civilian killings have been reported by numerous witnesses in areas recently abandoned by Russian forces, which... Read more

Liz Truss: We must inflict ‘new wave’ of punishments on Vladimir Putin after Bucha atrocities

Mr Kuleba invited those reluctant to impose sanctions for economic reasons to visit Bucha, after Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, blamed the refusal by Angela Merkel, the former German chancellor, to let Ukraine join Nato in 2008 for the atrocity.... Read more

Ukrainian refugees trying to get to UK left in limbo by missing emails

Ukrainian refugees seeking to come to the UK under the Homes for Ukraine scheme are being left in limbo after emails granting their applications went missing. Tetiana Bilous, an HR professional, and her daughters, Zlata, aged 11, and nine-year-old Mariia,... Read more

Rishi Sunak’s popularity plunges after Spring Statement

Mr Sunak was a popular figure in the Cabinet during and after the pandemic, often being one the three most popular ministers, according to ConservativeHome polling. He was often second only to Liz Truss, seen as a rival to potentially... Read more

Government’s former ethics chief Helen MacNamara apologises after lockdown party fine

Ms MacNamara was in charge of propriety and ethics across Whitehall when she attended the event, held in the Cabinet Office, on June 18, 2020. It took place to mark the departure of Hannah Young, a Downing Street private secretary,... Read more

Channel 4 to be privatised, Government to announce

In an internal email to staff, Alex Mahon, Channel 4 chief executive, said her priority was to “look after all of you and the wonderful Channel 4 spirit”. She said: “In our engagement with government during its extended period of... Read more

How big should my pension pot be for a comfortable retirement?

A life of luxury would cost a single person £31,000 every year or £41,000 for a two-person household, the Which? report found.  Someone who could take that income would be able to afford both the “essential” and “comfortable” standards of... Read more

The best small cities in England to buy a house in 2022

For great schools but lower prices, Lichfield in Staffordshire ranks highly. Here, homes cost that cost roughly half those in St Albans, at £322,437. It has become newly popular with Londoners. Five years ago, the average buyer in Lichfield came... Read more

Landlord loopholes: how to sell your buy-to-let property and pay less tax in 2022

She added that HM Revenue & Customs would quickly disqualify someone from Private Residence Relief if it seemed as though they had simply moved into the property to pay less tax. Chris Etherington of RSM, another accountancy firm, said moving... Read more

For sale: a £9m flat where Mick Jagger was trailed by private detectives

As might be expected of a cabinet minister known to make the occasional, suit-jacketed appearance on an Aberdeen nightclub dancefloor, housing secretary Michael Gove has a mischievous streak. After all, he did start his career as a journalist – in... Read more

I never thought it would be this hard to be a landlord

On the face of it, incorporation sounded an ideal solution, but when you dug into the details – the mortgage deals already held that would need to be changed, the legal implications, the potential tax bills (capital gains and stamp... Read more

Double tax charges if you buy goods from Europe

Online shoppers are being overcharged, often paying double tax on goods they buy from Europe, as a growing number of people have been caught out by complex customs duties. Since Brexit, goods or gifts received from the EU have been... Read more

‘My dying Godmother left me £135k but the paperwork has gone missing’

Has a company treated you unfairly? Our Consumer Champion is available to help. For how to contact her click here.   Dear Katie,  On a beautiful spring day two years ago, my beloved godmother sat me down and told me she was... Read more

Money Makeover: ‘Should I cash in my £284k final salary pension?’

Planning for a comfortable retirement can be stressful enough without the worry of falling into a punitive tax trap. But that will be the reality for millions of people after the Treasury maintained the freeze on the lifetime allowance last... Read more