Struggling homeowners driven to 35-year mortgages

The soaring cost of living, rising house prices and higher mortgage rates have forced mortgage borrowers to take out ultra-long loans to afford their monthly repayments. Average mortgage terms are generally around 25 years, but appetite for 35-year loans has... Read more

Four charts that prove the south of England’s house price boom is over

Homeowners in the South of England are most at risk of house price falls as the cost of living crisis hammers affordability, experts have warned.  Properties in the most expensive parts of the country – where prices have become extremely... Read more

Only one electric car can beat ‘range anxiety’ and make it to the North

While none of the most recent Tesla models – the 3, S, Y and X – was among the most sought after on the Auto Trader website, as a result of their high price tag, none of these vehicles could... Read more

Pensioners lose billions after a ‘catalogue of blunders’ by ministers

The Government has spent more than £1bn rectifying eight state pension mistakes, after repeatedly underpaying pensioners and keeping taxpayers in the dark. There has been a “catalogue of blunders” made by the Department for Work and Pensions, according to former... Read more

Should you join the Tesla club? Nine things to know before you buy

Tesla bucks the car-buying trend by doing away with traditional dealerships. Instead, Tesla has 27 “Stores” in the UK. Rather than glass-and-metal palaces crammed with cars, Tesla Stores are intimate spaces with a couple of cars on display.  But you... Read more

One in two news cars must be electric by 2028

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said that new rules “must encourage consumers to purchase, not just compel manufacturers to produce”. SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes said: “The danger is that consumers will lack the incentive to purchase these... Read more

How tinned fish became the trendy choice

When it comes to fresh ideas for dinner, you’ll be best off reaching for the tin opener. According to the new Good Fish Guide, a round-up of the most, and least, sustainable seafood compiled by Marine Conservation Society, tins are... Read more

Kinder Surprise recall widened over food poisoning fears

A recall of Kinder Surprise eggs has been extended to more products, including Kinder Mini Eggs and Kinder Egg Hunt Kits because they might be contaminated with salmonella, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) said. The extended recall follows the 20g... Read more

The very best white wines to drink with British asparagus

British asparagus season usually kicks off on or around April 23, St George’s Day, but thanks to a relatively mild winter, and early picking varieties it is upon us already – and hurrah for that. Which wine to drink with... Read more

Tom Watson: How my father’s death almost brought my Type 2 diabetes back

It had been a relief to leave the artery-hardening stress of dealing with the likes of trades unionist Len McCluskey. Yet when I stood down as an MP in 2019, I didn’t have a job and didn’t have a plan.... Read more

Top tips for looking after an aloe vera plant

Aloe vera is a widely grown houseplant and rightly so; it is also known for its medicinal properties – the juice, from a cut stem, for example, can be used to soothe burns and is also available as a health... Read more

Range Rover L460 review: the king of the luxury 4x4s is sleek, comfortable and stunningly capable

Anyway, we very nearly didn’t get to drive the new Range Rover, even though it’s built in Solihull, because the company decided to launch it in California (North America is a massive market for parent company Land Rover), which proved... Read more

It’s gross folly for Britain to give up on tanks

Ukraine’s armed forces may have performed heroically in their efforts to thwart Russia’s unprovoked invasion of their country. But their hopes of inflicting a decisive defeat on their Russian adversaries are being severely hampered by their lack of firepower, notably... Read more

Beware of holding Rishi Sunak accountable for his wife’s actions

The phrase “non-domiciled” first entered the public consciousness in 2009, when Zac (now Lord) Goldsmith, then the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Richmond Park, was reported as holding that status. Labour, then in government and desperate to reverse its slide in... Read more

As malnutrition spirals, we cannot turn our backs on the children of north west Nigeria

This is partly due to the UN’s approach. Its analysis of needs in Nigeria admits that the north west has seen more deaths than the north east in recent times, yet it says that a humanitarian response is not needed.... Read more

Biden will never be able to step out of Obama’s shadow

Barack Obama’s triumphalist return to the White House this week was a massive Washington media event. The cameras were out en masse as the two-term president was mobbed by Democratic congressmen and presidential staff on his former turf, as though... Read more

A ‘no-fault’ divorce? Playing the blame game can fuel a marriage

What I take away from this is that you can talk about “no fault” as much as you like, but, trust me, everyone, absolutely everyone, is keeping score from day one – even if they don’t know it yet. Bill... Read more

The truth about Rome may be too brutal for the young to handle

Some 50 years after its original publication, it has suddenly occurred to writers of the Cambridge Latin Course (CLC), which depicts happy slaves singing and dancing their way through life, that slavery is a bad thing. As a result, the... Read more

A balancing act on transgender rights

Boris Johnson has sought to chart a careful course through the increasingly heated debate on transgender rights. Yesterday, the Prime Minister said that he was immensely sympathetic towards people who wanted to transition, but that he did not think children... Read more

Joe Lycett’s debut brought comedy – but no errors – to the House of Lords

Lycett convulsed his listeners, recounting how he had set up fake social media profiles for Ross McEwan, the then CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland, after a viewer complained that the banking group had refused to refund £8,000 she... Read more

Britain could be Europe’s energy powerhouse – if ministers really deliver

“Nobody is going to touch blue hydrogen with a barge pole at current gas prices,” said Lord Adair Turner, chairman of the Energy Transitions Commission. Blue hydrogen has a role to play, provided the CO2 capture rate is above 95pc... Read more

Beware, Remainers are regrouping

The Brexit battle seems long over. The titanic debates after the referendum, in which both Remainers and Brexiteers played to sweep the board, seemingly ended with near-total victory for the advocates of a real Brexit. With a supreme effort, Britain... Read more

I’m not anti tweakments – but why do already gorgeous young women get their lips filled?

Red hair. Pale skin. Academically smart. Uh oh. In terms of desirability in my teens, this wasn’t a good mix. I remember being in a biology class on genetics; because my hair colour indicated a double recessive gene, I became... Read more

How to renovate your garden shed into an affordable office pod in 2022

2022 sees many of us continue to work from home, due to companies maintaining a flexible working attitude. Therefore, the way we think about our home work spaces has changed. The kitchen table or tiny desk crammed in next to... Read more

The Great British spring clean ⁠— how to declutter your home in 2022

Spring cleaning is a trend many of us jump on as we approach the warmer months – but there’s no denying it’s an effort. Who can tolerate the idea of whole days given over to the task? As we slip... Read more