Central contracts need an overhaul – it’s time the ECB used them to show where its priorities lie

This is the second part of our manifesto to save English red-ball cricket. Michael Vaughan launched the manifesto on Wednesday with his piece calling for five-day County Championship matches and an expanded top tier. Central contracts serve two purposes. They... Read more

Ralf Rangnick’s shock tactics have failed to jolt Manchester United out of mediocrity

His remarks on Tuesday night that United were “six years behind” Liverpool did not go down well at the club who, even at this nadir, believe that fortunes can be changed much quicker than that. Murtough has been the driving... Read more

Novak Djokovic and Martina Navratilova lead furious backlash at Wimbledon’s ban of Russian players

The British Government has previously indicated that Russian and Belarusian players would need to denounce Vladimir Putin’s regime in order to compete at Wimbledon. But the AELTC ultimately decided that this was an unreasonable request to make, given the likelihood... Read more

Westminster’s hypocrisy over working-from-home can only damage the economy

It’s hard to reconcile Rees-Mogg’s insistence that Whitehall officials return to office buildings to “realise the benefits of collaborative working” with the government’s plans to give all employees a right to request flexible working from day one. There has long... Read more

Why are we doing a free-trade deal with India’s Putin-loving prime minister?

The little progress achieved was only made possible by studiously avoiding anything contentious, thereby rendering the whole exercise largely meaningless. Indian demands for a lot more student and work visas were off the table from the start. To have agreed... Read more

Trans women left out of female diversity targets after City backlash

Trans women should not be automatically counted as women, the financial watchdog has ruled after business backlash. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) dropped its proposals to force companies to include men who self-identify as women in female diversity targets for... Read more

P&O Ferries sacks agency workers for drinking on duty

P&O is already wrangling with a “sky high” insurance bill, the Telegraph revealed this week, with analysis suggesting that its safety performance will be deemed “very low”. P&O was previously a “medium” rating before axing the 800 employees. In March,... Read more

Cost of raw materials rising at fastest pace since 1970s, warns Rio Tinto

Mining giant Rio Tinto has reported the sharpest rise in the cost of raw materials since the 1973 oil crisis. The FTSE 100 company said the economic outlook was darkening amid soaring inflation, Russia’s war on Ukraine, and fresh Covid... Read more

The Issa brothers’ Asda takeover is the deal of the century – on paper

The billionaire Issa brothers have been unequivocal about their ambition for Asda to become the country’s second largest supermarket chain, following years of jostling with Sainsbury’s for the spot.  The brothers, from Blackburn, emerged victorious with their £6.8bn bid for... Read more

Inside the Netflix horror show

People joked they had ‘completed Netflix’. With such a vast library, the streamer had always been more filler than killer. But strip away the prestige series, the splashy true-crime documentaries and the shows people had always wanted but never found... Read more

Xi Jinping snaps up Vladimir Putin’s bargain coal

China is taking advantage of the war in Ukraine to grab coking coal at a heavy discount, with imports more than doubling in March. Imports of the fuel, which is used in making steel, rose to 1.4m tonnes in March... Read more

Ditch banks and buy energy stocks to beat this world crisis

Credit Suisse thinks that the earnings of energy stocks will be a massive 240pc higher in the three months under review than they were a year ago. That’s because pretty much all the rise in the selling price of their... Read more

Families will be forced to spend £34bn of lockdown savings on credit card bills

Goldman has downgraded its forecasts for UK economic growth this year from 4.2pc to 3.9pc, which it blamed on “significant headwinds” arising from inflationary pressures, higher interest rates, and falling consumer sentiment. The Office for Budget Responsibility expects real disposable... Read more

Slash speed limit by 10mph to beat Putin, says Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson has called for a 10mph cut to the speed limit to “save lives” in Ukraine and defeat Russia by slashing the country’s energy usage. The British billionaire said that speed limits on motorways should be reduced from 70mph to... Read more

Apple will automatically block children’s access to nude images sent to their iPhones

Millions of British children will be automatically blocked from viewing nude pictures sent to their iPhones in a major software update announced by Apple. Indecent images received by children will be automatically blurred out by the software update, which is... Read more

Tesla profits soar on record car deliveries

Tesla revealed a massive jump in sales and profits on Wednesday night, smashing Wall Street’s expectations despite supply chain problems. The company, headed by billionaire Elon Musk, said its revenues had leapt from $10.4bn (£8bn) to $18.8bn in the first... Read more