Catching Covid was worth the joy of being reunited with my family on the Italian slopes

Alas the fun had to stop somewhere and for my entire family that was two little lines confirming us positive for Covid-19 when we got back to Switzerland two days later. Was it the spa? Or was it the buffet? Or was it that après-ski bar? Chances are that it could have been any of them and we were not the only ones – it didn’t escape our notice that the hotel became rather short-staffed as the week went on. 

Any regrets about going on a ski holiday (and subsequently catching Covid)? Absolutely not – it’s important to reunite as a family and have fun, plus these resorts need our business. I was just lucky we only tested positive in the comfort of our own home, rather than when out in resort. Given that omicron could infect half of Europeans in the next two months according to the World Health Organisation, it seemed like we were on borrowed time anyway. 

Need to know: skiing in Italy right now

Visitors to Italy now need a ‘super green pass’ to prove their vaccine/recovery from Covid status to access many venues and modes of transport, including ski lifts, hotels and restaurants. The NHS Covid Pass QR code is acceptable.

Carry your documents for travel and Covid status on your phone, but paper copies are handy, too. Note that print copies must date from November 1, 2021.

Before travelling, you must show evidence of a negative PCR test within 48 hours before entering Italy or a negative lateral flow test taken within 24 hours before entering Italy.

Allow extra time for travel (airport check-in can be lengthy) and if you’ve not yet been abroad, create an account and set up a Passenger Locator Form before you leave home to save time on holiday.

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