For sale: a £9m flat where Mick Jagger was trailed by private detectives

As might be expected of a cabinet minister known to make the occasional, suit-jacketed appearance on an Aberdeen nightclub dancefloor, housing secretary Michael Gove has a mischievous streak.

After all, he did start his career as a journalist – in the old, more civilised days, when lunches were long, and liquid. 

During the 1990s, while he was working on the BBC politics show “On the Record”, he was a regular diner at the Halcyon Hotel in west London with his friend John Nicolson, according to the Daily Mail. But one day they were deterred. The new wave band Duran Duran were holding a press conference and the restaurant was closed.

“That sounds like more fun than lunch, shall we stay?” whispered Gove. They informed the doorman that they were there to interview the musicians and were ushered through.

Gove was “all tweeded up with his little round glasses”, according to Nicolson. He seized the opportunity to gaslight Duran Duran.

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