Robot fruit pickers could be deployed to stop Britons going hungry

The strategy, due to be announced in the coming months, is also expected to promote “alternative proteins”, including beans, pulses and lab-grown meat.

The strategy follows an independent review by Henry Dimbleby, a restaurateur and entrepreneur, who warned that “eating habits are destroying the environment” and called for more eco-friendly food production methods in the UK.

Ministers have already ruled out Mr Dimbleby’s suggestion of a sugar and salt tax, but are expected to implement other recommendations, including more work on biodiversity and improving soil health to increase the quality of Britain’s produce.

Mr Eustice stressed that Britain has a “high degree of food security”, producing almost 90 per cent of its own wheat and beef and almost reaching self-sufficiency in poultry, eggs, carrots and swedes.

However, a source warned that security could not be “taken for granted” after the invasion of Ukraine.

“We will always support our farmers and food producers, and we are designing our new farming schemes in England in partnership with them to ensure they work in their best interests,” they said.

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