‘Running and lifting weights helped me lose three stone – and find my self-worth again’

Helen Thorn, 43, is a comedian and podcaster as one half of the Scummy Mummies and an author who lives in London   People naturally assume that because I’m a comedian I have a rock-solid sense of self-esteem, but when... Read more

You can tell a lot about a man by which platform he trolls me on

Letter writing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and even a good old-fashioned phone call to The Daily Telegraph office: broadly speaking, you can tell an awful lot about a man by the way he gets in touch. I know this because since... Read more

European leaders obsessed with continental integration are undermining Nato

Commentary on Nato “unity” against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been misplaced. Nato is not unified in seeking Moscow’s defeat, and Kyiv’s memory of the execrable Minsk agreements, imposed with French and German participation, remains strong. Ukraine stays in the... Read more

Five ways to have a slice of budget luxury

You probably saw the news that Travelodge is upgrading 60 of its hotels in its new ‘budget-luxe’ style, to meet the growing demand for… low-budget luxury. Apparently, with travellers being squeezed by financial pressures, budget luxury is set to be... Read more

Mrs Thatcher stood for something – this government exists in a moral vacuum

The thing I find most unbelievable about the latest Partygate story is not that Boris Johnson was at Lee Cain’s leaving do, but that he actually poured drinks for others. This is not the man we know. He is famously... Read more

We’re ready to make Britain the safest place for children online

One of the most heartbreaking parts of our jobs is having to hear children talk about the awful harm they’ve suffered online. In our roles as Digital Secretary and the Children’s Commissioner, we’ve sat down with the parents of young... Read more

Is it the Church’s job to conduct a running political commentary?

Political statements by Church leaders during religious festivals have become almost as familiar as the liturgy. Bang on cue, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, used his Easter Sunday sermon to condemn the Government’s asylum policy as “ungodly”.  He said... Read more

I don’t care about partygate. It’s time for a lockdown amnesty

Boris Johnson is expected to explain his partygate fines to Parliament tomorrow, in what some are calling a “constitutional crisis”. Strangely, I just don’t care. Not a hoot, nor a fig, nor a tuppenny damn (don’t know what that is,... Read more

Dear Richard Madeley: ‘Living with my daughter is a strain – should I move back to my old town?’

Dear Richard, A year ago, I sold my house and moved in with my daughter and her family, with a plan to buy my own place nearby. (They live in a rural area, while I come from a large town.)... Read more

I threw away all of my clothing, and learned my true style in the process

Ellie Nap Dress, £115, Hill House I started slowly, buying outfits as I needed them. When my brother-in-law hosted a birthday lunch in December, I nearly froze in a long, floral dress and ankle boots; cue a dash to Zara... Read more

How to update your home with new paint and colour interiors trends for 2022

The USP of the Heritage range is that it’s luxurious yet wipeable, and more practical than most matt finishes. Marianne suggests using it in a relaxed and grown-up setting like a bedroom or living room, ‘any room in which you want... Read more

Ukraine lunchtime briefing: Five developments as ‘powerful’ Russian strikes kill at least six in Lviv

The first images emerged on Monday purportedly showing the damaged Russian cruiser Moskva soon after it was ‘struck by Ukrainian missiles’.  The Moskva missile cruiser sank in the Black Sea in the early hours on Thursday, reportedly after being hit... Read more

Captured Britons paraded on Russian TV asking Boris Johnson to swap them for Vladimir Putin’s friend

Mr Medvedchuk is a close friend of Putin, who is godfather to his daughter. He led the most prominent pro-Russian political coalition, Opposition Platform – For Life until he was arrested and charged with treason in May 2021. The charges... Read more

Ukraine evening briefing: Five developments as Putin honours brigade accused of Bucha war crimes

The videos were released at the same time as the SBU, Ukraine’s security service, released a video of Mr Medvedchuk appealing to Vladimir Putin to exchange him for soldiers and civilians in Mariupol.  It was not clear how freely the... Read more

Russia bombs 18 residential buildings in Easter Sunday attack on Kharkiv

Russian missiles also hit Lviv, killing at least seven people, according to Maksym Kozytsky, its regional governor. “At the moment, we are able to confirm that seven people have died. We also know that 11 people are injured. A child... Read more

Pictured: First images of damaged Moskva emerge as Russian families claim dozens dead

There appears to be only one confirmed death from the Moskva. The wife of sailor Ivan Vakhrushev said on Sunday that the ship’s commanders had officially informed her of her husband’s death, but said they gave no details. A channel... Read more

The return of cattle raiders: Uganda’s parched borderlands face a renewed ‘security crisis’

Insecurity is creating turmoil in villages. In November the Telegraph visited Loyoro sub-county in Kaabong district, where Mr Lomoe is now a councillor.  Locals gathered in the thin shade and discussed the three groups of intruders that stalk their lands:... Read more

The secret history of the Galapagos – featuring murder, cannibalism and nude Germans

But the pyros got their comeuppance: after leaving the smouldering island, a sperm whale scuttled their vessel, forcing the crew to abandon ship. For months, the sailors drifted helplessly in lifeboats, sunburned and starving, before turning to cannibalism to survive.... Read more

Portugal’s best-kept secret: The pretty seaside town you’ve never thought to visit

The Hotel Guadiana is now the Grand House, its light-filled rooms recreate the glamour of its past and its bar delivers the best Martini in town. Last year saw the opening of a Pousada within four of the historic 18th-century... Read more

10 things I learnt about Britain after two years exploring every corner

When the pandemic hit, my life came crashing down around me. I lost my job, two close friends and – very quickly – my entire life savings. How could fate be so unfair? I wondered. When, if ever, would I... Read more

For Harrison Birtwistle, composing was a voyage to the unknown

The death of Harrison Birtwistle feels like the passing of an era. He was our very own modernist, the last living link back to that heady post-war era when it seemed possible to reinvent music from first principles. Except that... Read more

Gnomes, grottos and tame hermits: the weirdest English gardens in history

Lamport Hall is one of Northamptonshire’s nicer mansions. Remodelled in the 1650s by Inigo Jones’s acolyte John Webb, and again by the Smiths of Warwick a hundred years later, it stands serene and resplendent in rolling parkland, the epitome of... Read more

Recluse, prophet, madman: who is the real Cormac McCarthy?

The 88-year-old American writer Cormac McCarthy will return later this year with not one but two novels, in perhaps the highest-profile comeback since David Bowie broke a decade’s silence in 2013. Those who regard McCarthy as the most influential novelist... Read more

‘Don’t pretend the Vikings weren’t violent’: the grim truth behind The Northman

Written with Icelandic poet Sjón, The Northman is Eggers’s third film. It follows The Witch (2015) and The Lighthouse (2019) which, like The Northman, blended psychological intensity, historical verisimilitude and a lavish enthusiasm for supernatural strangeness. The Witch, for instance,... Read more

What’s on TV tonight: Yorkshire Midwives on Call, House of Maxwell, and more

The RisingSky Max, 9pmGhost. DOA. Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). The high-concept idea of investigating one’s own death has been around a while, and this adaptation of the macabre Belgian thriller Hotel Beau Sejour (whose fans included Stephen King) doesn’t depart... Read more