Nadine Dorries mocked over ‘downstreaming movies’ and ‘tennis pitches’ comments in online video

She said she wanted to “make the internet in the UK the safest internet in the world”.

Ms Dorries went on to say that DCMS was also “responsible for everything to do with sport, making sure you’ve got football pitches and that you have tennis pitches in your communities where you can play and exercise your sport.”

It’s not clear why Dr Evans uploaded the video despite the errors. 

Ms Dorries is far from the first prominent politician to try to get down with the kids.

David Cameron admitted that he thought LOL stood for “lots of love” rather than its actual meaning, “laughing out loud”. 

He also once got confused about which football team he supported, telling voters he’d rather they supported West Ham, when in fact he claims to support the similarly claret-and-blue attired Aston Villa. 

Meanwhile, Gordon Brown was widely mocked after pretending to know about the Arctic Monkeys and later admitting he didn’t know the names of any of their songs. 

A series of missteps

Ms Dorries is racking up more than a few such moments. 

In January, she wrongly claimed that the Blair-Brown handover took place in the era before rolling TV news and social media to argue that a general election would have to follow if Boris Johnson was deposed.

The same week, she also mistook a satirical tweet by the comedian Joe Lycett for a genuine message of support. She retweeted and later deleted the post which read: “dont rise to it babe, im with nadine we r on ur side no matter what xoxox”.

More seriously, during a parliamentary committee hearing on the privatisation of Channel 4, she stumbled badly when she appeared not to know that the channel operates commercially and is not taxpayer-funded.

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