5 very effective artists who prove that digital art is art

Despite the fact that adherents of traditional art forms are skeptical about digital art and NFT sales, this direction is extremely promising. And here are 5 very interesting authors whose NFT can rightfully be called real art, and not just digital pictures on the Internet.

Eliseo H. Zubiri

Buenos Aires-based digital artist who combines photography and CGI in his work. Fantasy and reality coexist in his works so harmoniously that looking at them it is difficult to understand where truth ends and fiction begins. These metaphorical images can be interpreted in different ways, as the author deliberately creates mysterious images so that the viewer himself formulates the part of the story left behind the scenes. His images are often ambiguous, but they all leave a very pleasant, dreamy aftertaste.

Maxim Zhestkov

Maxim’s works are a true combination of art and technology . His art films (as the author calls his works) are based on the perception of nature and how small elements can form huge, integral organisms. Maxim creates virtual worlds using computer graphics. His works are always not a project created for realization, but only an image of a non-existent world without any utilitarian purpose. A universe of regular shapes and perfect colors. Spheres are a special passion of the author, and often they fill the amazing, digital worlds.

James Tralie

James’s works are like beautiful dreams – they reflect the real world, but it is complemented by a sense of wonder, magic, surrealism. The perception of James’s work gives a sense of balance, enjoyment, nostalgia. It is nice to immerse yourself in these fabulous works when you want to relax and escape from the real world.

Bruno Urli

The author is only 17 years old, and his work is already making an indelible impression! A video reminiscent of a dream – a non-existent, flooded gallery of old masters, the rays of the sun reflect from the walls and paintings, and water lilies sway on the water. Bruno is really a young genius, we are looking forward to his next works.

Jo-Anie Charland

A wonderful 3D author visualizes a world full of harmony. In these works, minimalist architecture merges with nature. At the same time, the spaces look so real that it seems as if we can now enter them. There is nothing superfluous in these works, they are balanced and timeless. All places are in their prime and it seems that no human has ever set foot here.

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