The Covid inquiry must address misguided measures

The Government’s “living with Covid strategy” has reached a new milestone, with the end of universal free testing for the virus. Of course, it never was actually “free” but instead paid for at great expense by the taxpayer. But from... Read more

Putin may lose his war in Ukraine, but the West could still lose the peace

A year after annexing Crimea, Vladimir Putin met various leaders involved to finalise the terms of what was, in effect, a surrender. There was dinner, with a large map of Ukraine in the middle of the table. At one point,... Read more

The cult of Jared Leto, Hollywood’s oddest, most irritating star

The cult-like component of 30 Seconds To Mars fandom has actually been acknowledged by the group. Since 2015, Leto has staged 30 Seconds To Mars “Summer Camps” for fans. Activities included yoga, cooking classes and – well, there’s always a downside... Read more

How Dr Michael Mosley is going to get the nation a better night’s sleep

Let’s get the obvious joke out of the way: insomnia can be terrible but an hour of Michael Mosley doing his softly-spoken shtick works wonders. Joking aside, How to Sleep Well with Michael Mosley (BBC Two) was indeed a little... Read more

The crimes of Jimmy Savile will haunt British television for years to come

October 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Operation Yewtree, the police crackdown that put behind bars sexual predators Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall. It was too late to hold to account Jimmy Savile, who died a free man.... Read more

Rishi Sunak: Criticism of my wife was upsetting, but at least I didn’t slap anybody like Will Smith

The issue surfaced amid scrutiny about how businesses are operating in Russia given the economic sanctions on the Kremlin in the wake of the war in Ukraine. Last week, a spokesman for the Chancellor said neither Mrs Murthy nor any... Read more

MPs reject Government’s ‘unimaginative’ choice for Charity Commission chairman

MPs have rejected the Government’s top candidate to be the Charity Commission chairman, criticising him as an “archetypal and unimaginative choice”. Orlando Fraser, a barrister who served on the regulator’s board between 2013 and 2017, was named as the preferred... Read more

Laura Kuenssberg: The ‘rule-breakers’ of British politics have prospered

Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s outgoing political editor, has said “rule-breakers have prospered” in politics over the last five years. Kuenssberg, who will officially remain in the role until May, on Thursday published what she called her “last article” as political... Read more

Sajid Javid: Doctors too often ‘ignore’ women’s pain

Doctors too often “ignore” women’s pain, Sajid Javid said as he called for change in the wake of the Shrewsbury maternity scandal. Writing for The Telegraph, the Health Secretary said the wider NHS needed to do much more to listen... Read more

Chaos as Boris Johnson drops pledge to ban conversion therapy – then appears to row back a few hours later

Confusion reigned over the Government’s position on conversion therapy on Thursday night after plans to scrap a ban were confirmed only to reportedly be ditched within hours after a backlash.  A leaked briefing note seen by ITV News said the... Read more

Sir Keir Starmer says ‘biology matters’ after confusion over Labour’s trans stance

Meanwhile, Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, on Thursday said it “doesn’t make any sense” for male patients to be asked if they are pregnant before undergoing scans. The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust in Liverpool currently asks all patients under... Read more

Public should be told if Carrie Johnson gets ‘partygate’ fine, says Sir Keir Starmer

Downing Street spokesmen have said they will let it be known if Mr Johnson is issued with a fixed penalty notice, which would mean Covid laws had been broken. However, they have declined to make the same commitment for any... Read more

‘How do I get my money back from a crypto scammer?’

Dear Ask an Expert, My son recently started investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies and, after experiencing some promising wins, is encouraging me to do the same. I am increasingly tempted by the quick returns on offer, but I... Read more

Council tax to hit £2,000 a year in latest cost of living blow

Telecom companies are hiking broadband costs by around 9.3 per cent, while millions of customers will see their mobile phone bills soar by 11.7 per cent.  The dramatic increases, which are partly linked to inflation, have led to calls for telecoms... Read more

Questor: two trusts that have sailed through past market turmoil and belong in any portfolio

Around 46pc of the trust is in other investment trusts, exchange-traded funds and listed property companies.  These include infrastructure trusts, specific discount opportunities and residential property landlord Grainger.  Finally, Capital Gearing has 25pc in “dry powder” (short-dated bonds and cash),... Read more

House price growth hits 18-year high as analysts warn market has peaked

Experts warned the longer house price growth continues at this pace, the more unstable the market will become. Andrew Wishart, of Capital Economics consultants, said: “With house prices continuing to rise apace, the risk of a more dramatic correction is... Read more

Elderly ‘left in the dark’ over changes to stamps

The elderly could be left out of pocket and isolated by an impending shake up of the postal system, campaigners have warned. First-class stamp prices will rise by 10p to 95p while second-class ones by 2p to 68p, as of... Read more

Thousands of consumers risk overpaying for energy as supplier websites crash

These website outages tend to be due to dramatically increased web visits, Octopus Energy said. A spokesman said the company had added additional capacity to bolster servers. However, customers still have another two days to submit their readings with Octopus,... Read more

Five ways landlords can boost profits

“Inflation is up and interest rates have not caught up yet, so there is a window for people to take advantage of that now,” said Mr Armstrong. Landlords are betting that long-term house price growth will outstrip inflation. 2. Sell... Read more

Why everything is going up in price – and the one tip to beat the cost of living crisis

Sarah Coles of Hargreaves Lansdown, the investment firm, said: “Unfortunately, because houses all had to be valued at the same time, there may have been an element of corner-cutting, so some valuations weren’t terribly accurate. You can challenge your valuation.... Read more

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer review: this clever family car proves the MPV is down, but not out

Climb aboard and you’ll find a driving position that’s just high enough to make it appealing to the SUV crowd, but low enough that the 2-Series doesn’t feel like a van. Thanks to the big windows and low dash, the... Read more

The rise of the TikTok toddler

As with everyone, pre-schoolers are susceptible to the surge in dopamine – the feel-good chemical produced in the brain – that smartphone apps produce. “The body seeks to recreate more of these good feelings, and this is one reason why... Read more

The best bold red wines on the high street

I wonder how many people buy a bottle of shiraz without realising it is also a bottle of syrah. Plenty of grapes go under various synonyms of course, but this variety is the most high profile to be widely known... Read more

‘Like Bruce Willis, I’ve got aphasia – it doesn’t have to mean the end’

A third of the 1.3 million stroke survivors in the UK have aphasia, says Juliet Bouverie, chief executive of the Stroke Association. However, it is important to remember, says Bouverie, “it doesn’t affect people’s intelligence.” She adds: “We are saddened... Read more

Erdogan’s double-dealing will backfire on Turkey

Turkey claims to be an honest broker in its diplomatic quest to resolve the Ukraine conflict, but the military support it is providing Kyiv to help defeat the Russian invasion tells a very different story. In recent weeks Ankara has... Read more